Last Week In Faith: May 2-8, 2022

Last Week In Faith: May 2-8, 2022

Life can get a little confusing at times. A regularly scheduled reminder is very convenient. So here’s a refresher of what happened during the last week in faith.

Padres vs Cleveland Guardians @ Progressive Field

by Scott Dunsmore

Game 24 – May 4

Padres 5, Guardians 4

San Diego Padres starting pitcher Mike Clevinger celebrates after striking out Cleveland Guardians’ Owen Miller during the third inning in the first baseball game of a doubleheader, Wednesday, May 4, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

The Padres (16-8) defeated the Cleveland Guardians (10-13) by a score of 5-4 in what was originally scheduled as the finale of their two-game series at Progressive Field. It became the first game of a doubleheader after the first game was rained out on May 3 and rescheduled. Mike Clevinger (0-0, 5.79) pitched four and two-thirds innings in his first appearance since 2020 after a second Tommy John surgery, allowing three runs on four hits and three walks with four strikeouts.

Eric Hosmer singled in the first inning to drive in Jake Cronenworth. Manny Machado hit a two-run home run in the third inning. In the sixth inning, Austin Nola‘s double scored Ha-Seong Kim and Matt Beaty scored on a Cronenworth sacrifice fly.

Mike Clevinger’s 4 strikeouts

Manny Machado’s two-run homer

Game 25 – May 4 (Postponed from May 3)

Guardians 6, Padres 5 (10 Innings)

San Diego Padres starting pitcher MacKenzie Gore throws against the Cleveland Guardians during the first inning in the second baseball game of a doubleheader, Wednesday, May 4, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

The Padres (16-9) lost to the Cleveland Guardians (11-13) by a score of 6-5 in ten innings to split their series at Progressive Field. MacKenzie Gore (2-0, 1.71) allowed one run on four hits and three walks with two strikeouts in five and two-thirds innings.

Eric Hosmer‘s double drove in Trent Grisham & Manny Machado and Hosmer scored on a single by Ha-Seong Kim in the first inning. Jurickson Profar doubled to score Machado and C.J. Abrams drew a bases-loaded walk to bring Profar home in the eighth inning.

Eric Hosmer’s two-run double

Ha-Seong Kim’s RBI single

Podcast of the Week

by Nick McCann

This is a column about Padres Podcasts. The Kept Faith has a podcast and we would like to inform you about some other ones. Each week we will introduce or check in with a different show. More Padres content is better for everybody.

Padres Hot Tub

The Padres Are a Good Team (With Some Problems)

This podcast is one that I constantly measure our own podcast against. If I’m behind on it, I usually try to catch up on eps before we record. Hosted by John Gennaro and Craig Elsten, Padres Hot Tub is always at the forefront of the most honest and elevated perspectives on where the team is currently at.

Last week Elsten was out of town because our beloved San Diego Sockers were on their way to WINNING THEIR 16th CHAMPIONSHIP! Congrats Craig! We’ll come back to this pod with the usual lineup later in the season.

In Craig’s absence, HJ Preller from the Gwynntelligence podcast filled in for a sobering discussion on where the team actually is despite the hot start. 

HJ’s gift as a Padres podcaster is that he always has a deep understanding of the conventional beliefs that the average fan is holding on to at any given moment, while always being able to tear them down in a brutally honest and entertaining way. 

John and HJ were able to set this up perfectly by going through the obvious pluses and minuses of what we’ve seen so far and then forecasted what we should look for as the team will likely come down to earth. This involved breaking down the bullpen and certain holes in the lineup. They joked about what Craig would say if he was there and made fun of themselves for having similar sounding voices.

However, the high point of this episode was towards the end when they dug into the apparent directionless approach the team is taking with former Cy Young finalist Dinelson Lamet. They were able to really map out our history with the player and tie it to some overall issues that this front office has struggled with. Then they critiqued the UT’s Kevin Acee’s coverage of it all.

Gennaro and Elsten, having professional experience working in local media, are all always strong in this area and it adds a useful layer to all of their discussions. Craig, John, and HJ are three of my favorite podcasters and I honestly don’t settle on my San Diego Sports takes until I at least hear what they have to say.

We’ll check in with Gwynntelligence if they ever record again, but Hot Tub is a must listen for Padres fans who want to stay plugged into the team week to week.

Miami Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

by Scott Dunsmore

Game 26 – May 5

Padres 2, Marlins 1

San Diego Padres’ Manny Machado gestures after hitting a home run during the fourth inning of the team’s baseball game against the Miami Marlins, Thursday, May 5, 2022, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The Padres (17-9) defeated the Miami Marlins (12-13) by a score of 2-1 in the first of four games at Petco Park. Nick Martinez (2-2, 3.38) pitched seven innings, allowing one run on four hits and a walk with four strikeouts.

Manny Machado hit two solo home runs, in the first and fourth innings, to account for all of the Padres runs.

Padres’ bench coach Ryan Christenson took over as interim manager after Bob Melvin bowed out due to an undisclosed non-COVID-related illness.

Manny Machado’s solo homer

Manny Machado’s 2nd solo homer

Ryan Christenson on Padres’ win

Game 27 – May 6

Padres 3, Marlins 2

San Diego Padres shortstop Ha-Seong Kim throws to first for the out on Miami Marlins’ Miguel Rojas during the seventh inning of a baseball game Friday, May 6, 2022, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The Padres (18-9) defeated the Miami Marlins (12-14) in the second game of four at Petco Park by a score of 3-2. Yu Darvish (3-1, 4.05) allowed two runs on five hits and no walks while striking out three over seven innings. Steven Wilson closed out the game for his first Major League save.

Manny Machado scored on a first inning double by Eric Hosmer. Matt Beaty drove in Trent Grisham with a double and Machado singled to drive in Beaty in the fifth inning.

Yu Darvish’s dominant outing

Eric Hosmer’s RBI double

Matt Beaty’s RBI double

Manny Machado’s RBI single

Bob Melvin on Darvish, more

Game 28 – May 7

Marlins 8, Padres 0

San Diego Padres starting pitcher Sean Manaea walks to the dugout at the end of the fourth inning of a baseball game against the Miami Marlins, Saturday, May 7, 2022, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Derrick Tuskan)

The Padres (18-10) lost to the Miami Marlins (13-14) by a score of 8-0 in the third game of four at Petco Park. Sean Manaea (2-3, 3.75) allowed three runs on seven hits and a walk with eight strikeouts in six innings.

The Padres offense just couldn’t figure out Pablo López (4-1, 1.00) over his eight shutout innings, going 0-for-3 with runners in scoring position. López gave up five hits and two walks while striking out five.

Matt Beaty injured himself in right field on a diving attempt for a line drive in the second inning and left the game.

Sean Manaea’s eight strikeouts

Broadcasters react to Kim’s stop

Bob Melvin on Matt Beaty injury

Game 29 – May 8

Padres 3, Marlins 2

San Diego Padres’ Ha Seong reacts after flying out to left field against the Miami Marlins during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, May 08, 2022, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Mike McGinnis)

The Padres (19-10) defeated the Miami Marlins (13-15) in the finale of their four-game series at Petco Park by a score of 3-2. Joe Musgrove (4-0, 2.08) pitched seven innings, allowing two runs on five hits and a walk while striking out eight.

Jorge Alfaro hit a pinch-hit, walk-off three-run home run in the ninth inning on the only pitch he saw from Marlins pitcher Cole Sulser.

Joe Musgrove fans eight batters

Alfaro’s walk-off 3-run homer

Tweet of the Week

by Dallas “Nolan Arenado is Overrated” McLaughlin

This tweet is actually from last week, but it’s just too damn good and since I couldn’t write anything for last week’s post it’s now in this week’s post SO GET OVER IT! It comes to us from futbol legend Craig Elsten:

It really does capture in a sentence how most of us feel. There isn’t one person who DIDN’T want Hosmer to work out, but he hasn’t. Sure, yes, this season he has come out of the gates as blazing hot as Machado’s political takes. But, he’s also started to simmer a bit. Regardless, anywhere in the middle of shit and blazing hot would be just fine. Of course we prefer what he’s been doing, but this is not sustainable, and THAT’S OKAY.

Just don’t be shitty.

We’ve had enough of shitty Hosmer. We’ve always wanted him to to best version of himself, and we may just be getting that. Crazy. Married life made him try. It’s usually the opposite. Speaking from experience.

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