Closure With Our Closer

To this day I couldn’t recite a single quote from Trevor Hoffman. Honestly, I probably couldn’t pick out his voice if given a blind test. This is because the Trevor that lives in my mind emerges from the bullpen to ACDC’s Hells Bells, makes it to the mound, destroys three non-descript dudes, and walks away. My memory of his greatness gets distilled down to a pure cinematic language that is so much deeper than anything he could’ve said out loud. When Hoffman would come in to save a game for the Padres, he was always really saying, “You don’t have to feel like a San Diego sports fan tonight. I got this.”

All indications through the various channels that follow Baseball Hall of Fame voting say that Hoffman will likely get what he needs to enter Cooperstown. I’m not tracking it directly because I’m not going to do that to myself. However, people I trust feel pretty good about it so I’ve accepted that I should feel pretty good too. This time around the stakes aren’t as high as they could be for the process. If he doesn’t make it, we’ll live to fight for another year and this will continue to be our war. The Hall of Fame is a way for markets to take the great players they love out of their localized eco system and be evaluated on a national stage. If Hoffman gets the call next week we can enjoy the closure that comes with being seen.

The Hall of Fame debate over closers isn’t really about litigating what their value means through statistical analysis. When Padres fans are presented with math against Hoffman, we get upset because we want people to know what we felt twenty years ago without questioning it. Until you’ve had a great closer in your life for a significantly long time, you can’t understand that specific emotional attachment. Shying away from designating someone for this position and paying a premium for it in the game today makes perfect sense. But there should be a spot in the realm of baseball immortality for guys who played the role effectively when managers and front offices thought it was a bigger deal. The Hall of Fame should reflect that trend and celebrate those who held the trust of a fan base for as long as Trevor did here. Keith Law can never block that. Trevor’s career ERA doesn’t matter to us. We don’t want the wins any replacement could’ve given us.

When Jonah Keri ascended to the top of his field in baseball writing, part of the relationship he built with his readers was his ongoing case for Montreal Expos great Tim Raines to be elected into the Hall of Fame. He made all the proper valid arguments, but what really shined through in his writing was his helplessness. He needed people to understand and see what it was like to be an Expos fan, growing up in the 1980s. Of course this ended with Raines getting in and thanking Jonah in his Hall of Fame speech. But while that’s an amazing story, it’s also a position no fan from any market wants to be in. I didn’t really think about Tim Raines as a sure bet Hall of Famer, but after waiting for Trevor to get in, I would never question it because I might have only seen Raines twice a year in his prime. If Edgar Martinez meant something to you growing up in Seattle, I won’t mind if he makes it, even though I’m skeptical. Getting the second greatest Padre in next week will allow us to remove ourselves from the Hall of Fame conversation and exhale. If Hoffman gets into Cooperstown, I won’t need to care about explaining him further and there are no other Padres left to fight this fight for.

Deep down we feel sorry for our Hall of Famers in this city. We know they are champions, but San Diego Sports happened to them. There’s guilt involved that we all carry because of that. Trevor Hoffman was a great pitcher and we spent a significant amount of time being told he was a hall of famer while he was an active player. Living with the threat of that rug being pulled out from under us needs to be over. After all, we deserve to have a good experience with the Hall of Fame for a few years before Bruce Bochy goes in as a Giant.


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The Battle of the Sexists

A couple of weeks ago Dan Sileo announced he would be leaving the Mighty 1090. In the following days Sileo would make it sound like he chose to leave 1090, but a spokesman from 1090 informed that his contract simply expired. Whether 1090 or Sileo decided not to renew wasn’t clarified, and neither I nor 1090 seemed interested in clarifying it.

They aren’t the only ones uninterested in anything Dan Sileo related. The majority of San Diego AM listeners have long despised the “shock jock” and his aggressive nature on the air. His lack of sports knowledge outside of football is enough to, well…fill up a football field.

One of his more masterful moments was during a broadcast in December. Sileo believed the Padres had a chance to trade for third baseman Eric Hosmer. The problem? Hosmer plays first base and is a free agent, and cannot be traded for. That’s the most recent example in a long line of miscues and misinformed segments from the former College and Professional football player turned radio lackey.

Sileo “revived” his career here in San Diego back in 2014 after being fired from three different sports stations in Florida from 2012-2013. He was fired from one station for calling black players “monkeys”, from another for placing a bounty on a players head, and another for telling female sportscaster Erin Andrews to “go bake him a cake.”

Sileo is a throwback to an era of sports radio that most of us would rather forget. The ‘Mad Men’ era of women knowing their place and guys being guys. An era that in 2018 feels like the Stone Age, and makes Sileo a caveman.

If one person in San Diego sports radio could rival Sileo’s offensive, arcane style of broadcast, it’s longtime San Diego personality Scott Kaplan. Kaplan, a colleague of Sileos at 1090, has also had several issues over his almost 20 years broadcasting in San Diego. In 2001 he was sued by a woman for calling her a “skank” on the air. In 2011 he was fired from The Mighty XX (now 1090) for calling a female Mountain West sportscaster a “monster” and a “Sasquatch”, and continued to berate her looks.

On paper Kaplan, a former professional football kicker, and Sileo should be the best of friends. Having a few brewskis and grabbing chicks butts on the way out of a TGI Friday’s. However, for some reason…and again no one cares enough to really find out why, Sileo and Kaplan now hate each other.

First Kaplan went on a little tirade on his radio show about not liking Sileo and being glad he was gone. Sileo then blocked Kaplan on twitter. Then Kaplan spent the next five days on his radio show reaming “Big Sils” and going as far as to say he may have mental health issues. Sileo didn’t help his case any by then going on twitter and losing his mind for about two days straight. He not only went after Kaplan, but defended a Buffalo Bills lineman for making a racist remark, and backed up Donald Trump’s “shithole” comment.

Kaplan kind of fired back with some tweets of his own, but essentially they both wondered why the other was so infatuated with one another, and hoped the other would just move on and get over it.

And, here’s the thing – no one cares. It’s two guys whose views are so outdated it’s laughable vastly overestimating their own stature in this community fighting over who is the most relevant, while simultaneously making each other more irrelevant. San Diego sports fans never gravitated towards Sileo to begin with, and most people put up with Kaplan because he’s just been around forever, and it’s fun to hear his on-air partner Billy Ray Smith giggle. The feud, or as I like to call it ‘your two drunk uncles fighting over Obama’s birthplace at Thanksgiving’, seems to be over for the time being. And, thank God.

To be honest, over the years it seems Kaplan has learned from his mistakes for the most part. Outside of a blatant comment on several woman’s racks and dress fit at 1090’s annual ‘Opening Day at Del Mar’ coverage, Kaplan appears to be trying to “update” his persona. Whether it’s conscience or not, I appreciate the effort.

Sileo however…

When Sileo first announced his departure from 1090 it was quickly followed with a promise, which most listeners took as a threat, that he’d be staying in San Diego, however he has yet to announce what job or station he’ll be landing at next. Rumors floated around he’d be joining Padres Radio over at FM94/9. However, during the last week the Padres went out of their way to deny that Sileo would be a part of the Padres in-game broadcast or pre or post game shows, and Padres Radio declined to comment for this story.

This essentially means that either the Padres are lying, Sileo will be a part of Padres Radio in another capacity or he’ll be joining XTRA 1360 AM. The latter seems logical as Sileo has proved himself almost clueless when it comes to any sport other than football and 1360 is still very proud of their Chargers coverage.

One thing is for sure, wherever he goes, Sileo will stay on brand.

Just The 3 of Us – TKF Pod #116

This week the guys get together to talk about the blistering hot stove the Padres are engaged in. Will Eric Hosmer sign? Is the Brad Hand extension a good idea? The season isn’t that far away and it’s starting to look like the Padres aren’t going to be that much different than last year.

Then they discuss all things Dan Sileo! Will his departure from Mighty 1090 lead to a prominent role covering the Padres? The rumors are flying and the Kept Faith boys got takes!

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The TKF Winter Meeting 2018

A crowd formed at the Whistlestop Bar in South Park and the guys hit record. Darren Smith, Bernie Wilson, and Dike Natsai Anyiwo came down and we talked about San Diego Sports moving forward in 2018.

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Hello People of San Diego Sports!

Today we released some info and rules for THIS WEDNESDAY’s first ever San Diego Sports Trivia Championship!

For those of you who don’t like listening to things, I will write it here. Most of it. I made one fairly solid joke on the audio version that I wrote rewrite here. Sorry.

First of, it’s this Wednesday at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park.

7:30pm – Live podcast begins with guests Darren Smith, Dike, and Bernie Wilson!

Trivia immediately follows the live pod, with only a short break to set up a couple things.

TEAMS: You can play by yourself. No reason to have friends. If you do, we highly recommend limiting your team to five people. We won’t be crazy about this, but it is recommended. If you come with six then fine. Seven is pushing it, and none of us have eight friends.

STYLE: This will be packet trivia (you’ll get it when you get there), and we will be playing five short rounds. Each round will be different. General knowledge, some music, and some specific team stuff. This won’t be easy, but what part of being a San Diego sports fan is?

HARDCORE NO-NOS: Cheating won’t be tolerated. Don’t mess with me. No cell phones or smartphones, or tablets, or watches or what ever will be allowed to be taken out while a round is in progress. If we see one out during a round then your team is disqualified from that round. No exceptions. If you need to take a call then you exit the bar, and don’t come back in until the round is over.

That’s it. Pretty simple. We have no set time for the beginning of trivia. If you arrive late you are welcome to play, but run the risk of falling too far behind to win or even place.

We here at The Kept Faith will not be playing. We’ll be hosting and running the game. You’re welcome. Any questions? TWEET AT US!

We’ll see you Wednesday night!

(Whistle stop is cash only, but you can bring in outside food. Plan accordingly.)

Week 17 (& Season) Recap: Chargers vs. Raiders

My apologies for the delay, it has been almost a week since the Chargers played their final game of the season. But that was way back in 2017 when things were so hectic and horrible. We’re now living in 2018 where the only thing the Chargers can do is suck at watching football.

Brief week 17 recap:

GOOD- My friend attended the game and saw a hero in a LA Galaxy jersey holding up a sign that read “GET OFF MY LAWN” and that poet deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

BAD- The Chargers beat the Raiders handily, despite their 8th of 8 possible home games where the visiting fans equalled or outnumbered the blue and gold. They Bolts beat them so convincingly that Mark Davis mustered up 100 million dollars to throw at QB Camp Counselor and B- commentator Jon Gruden to salvage the Derek Carr era. Apparently the Raiders want to get rid of all their money before they have a chance to lose it in Vegas. Always bet against Black (and Silver).

This may be the couple glasses of wine writing this next paragraph, but looking back on the Chargers 2017 season, I’m mostly just sad. Sure I can dip into my schadenfreude that the Spanos family became a national laughing stock and the Bolts missed the playoffs for the 4th straight season. And the fact that the team’s performance had no affect on my mood each week was nice. But I am still a man without a team. An orphan. I’d have loved to love this team, but a slovenly billionaire wanted to be a big shot. Now no one is happy and that is the world we must come to accept. Last night I drank warm beer smuggled into to a karaoke bar in Little Tokyo and sang the national anthem from my knee. We’ve become a country of belligerent protestors. The NFL is a microcosm of America and I miss when that was a good thing. Or at least better than now.

On a more upbeat note, here’s a bunch of things that happened this season:

  • Antonio Gates now holds the NFL record for TD passes for a tight end. I don’t care what drugs he’s done, Antonio is a class act and is on my personal (San Diego) Chargers Mount Rushmore along with LT, Eric Weddle, and Danny Woodhead AKA the only white life that matters.
  • Four kickers. They went through FOUR of them. It seemed like a dozen. Having a bad kicker is like having a race car with bad tires. It’s really not that hard to get right and it is a true testament to organizational incompetence. I keep saying it, but there are no bad kickers, just bad teams that have kickers.
  • Keenan Allen is always open and he has a sweet beard, but he’s become a prancy piece of shit and I don’t like him.
  • Cardale Jones is a genuine character and God’s gift to sports twitter. Scroll through his timeline and smile.
  • Travis Benjamin had one of the most hilarious punt return fuckups that I can remember. What a disaster he has been. Telesco has made some decent acquisitions but he’s whiffed on some big contracts as well.
  • The top 2 draft picks did jack shit this year, and here’s to hoping they always do! Stay injured, protect your brains and get that money! NFL is corrupt and God is dead, get yours and stay on the sidelines!
  • They have 17th overall draft pick in 2018. Everyone knows they need to find their heir to Rivers, who has maybe one more good year in him. There are 4 good QBs declared for the draft, and 6 teams with a bigger need for QB drafting ahead of them. Which means they either sell the farm to move up in the draft (think Ryan Leaf) OR they take the 5th or 6th best that falls to them and languish for years and years realizing how badly the squandered Philip “flippin” Rivers.
  • Philip Rivers rides a party bus with a TV in it to watch game film on his daily commute from SD to LA. Bless his Catholic heart. He’s as dedicated to his family and craft as he is to not wearing a condom.
  • The big PR push this year was “Fight for LA!” and wow, they lost that fight pretty bad. Like Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks bad. But like if before the fight Michael Spinks had yelled out “This is for you LA!…” [punch] [canvas] [concussion].
  • Hometown activist Joseph “SD Sign Guy” McCrae expertly trolled the Spanoses with his flyover messages. My favorite: “WANT TO SEE A SELLOUT DEAN? LOOK IN THE MIRROR”
  • Dean and the rest of the Spanos family took promotional photos surveying the Inglewood site where the Chargers will eventually lose a bunch. They were wearing hard hats with lightning bolts on them like they were children on a field trip visiting people with real jobs.

That’s all folks! FUCK THE CHARGERS!

Jono Zalay is a native San Diegan and co-host of the F*** The Chargers podcast, available on iTunes and all those other places. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can hate the Chargers from close proximity.

Goodbye 2017 – TKF Pod #114

​This week Nick talks to stand up comic, San Diego native and co-host of the F*CK The Chargers podcast Jono Zalay. They go back through the year and discuss the feelings they had watching their old team play for another city. Then Nick stops by his Dad’s house to watch the Chargers beat the Raiders and miss the playoffs. It was a good time had by all!

Come to The Kept Faith’s Winter Meeting 2018 at the Whistle Stop on January 10th at 7:30pm. There will be great guests during the live pod and trivia afterwards.

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2017: The Year San Diego Grew Two Balls by Losing One.

San Diego did something in 2017 that no other city has done: they didn’t let themselves be held hostage by a professional sports team.

I’ve been a conflicted football fan for years now trying to decide if I wanted to support a league that made cities feel small, harbored abusers, and took no interest in the well-being of its players. Luckily the NFL made the decision for me and its been a great 2017.

In fact most people I’ve spoken with feel the same way about the NFL. The sport got too dirty, too political, and off the field antics started to outshine on the field accolades. Of course, these were just actual fans talking, not local sports media. If you were to hear it from the media 2017 was the year San Diego lost it’s identity. The year we became the worst city in America. They whine and complain and spout outrageous nonsense about the Chargers leaving town, and I get it. They’re the only ones who actually lost in this scenario. However, their ‘little kid with a broken toy’ act is getting real fucking old.

I thought we were starting to move on from this, but today Nick Canepa posted his yearly sports recap and spent the entire column shitting on San Diego while taking equal swipes at Dean Spanos and San Diegans for the exit of his beloved football. On the surface it was another out of touch rant from an old timey writer whose cigar ashes were probably falling in between the keys of his Royal typewriter as he plugged away one letter at a time. But, I took it personal when he commented on the recent UFO sighting off the coast and quipped that the UFOs didn’t land because essentially we didn’t have football anymore and the Padres and Aztecs aren’t great. Because as we all know San Diego is only known for sports. Thousands of folks fight tooth and nail to pay rent month after month for the privilege of skipping around the hallowed grounds of Petco. Throngs of retirees buy property along Montezuma Way so they can be as close as possible to Viejas Arena on gamedays.

For someone who has written about San Diego Sports for decades you’d think Canepa would have stopped and looked around. Apparently not. I guess anything outside of the Spanos luxury suite was too far for him to see.

It makes me laugh when members of the sports media pretend like this was a loss
for anyone but them. You think Canepa or Kaplan or any other member of the media ever paid for a ticket to a Chargers game? They have no idea why going to a football game in San Diego sucked other than the horror stories of the the press box leaking. Boo. Hoo. They had an amazing setup with incredible access to the biggest sport in America. They never paid $30 for parking and $100 a ticket to sit next to drunk people you don’t know who might challenge you to a knife fight all for the honor of watching Ryan Mathews get hurt. The media never dealt with that. They never dealt with being fans. The only thing they’ve dealt with is not knowing what to talk about because they never paid attention to anything but football and some baseball.

Of course I’m generalizing and there are folks out there like Darren Smith who talks soccer and Gennaro who talks basketball, but other than that 75% of your daily coverage is filled with members of the media sucking the scraps from Spanos’ table.

And, don’t get me wrong. You can talk about the Chargers all you want, but again don’t pretend like it’s for anyone’s gain but your own or that somehow losing the NFL hurt the city. It hurt your pride and your paycheck. That’s it. I’m still waiting for the economic apocalypse sports radio kept telling me was gonna happen once the team moved to LA. I’m still waiting for San Diego to be made fun of or looked down on for letting the team go. Still waiting.

Seems to me the only people making fun of San Diego are the members of the San Diego media.

Nationally, Spanos is the joke and San Diego has been recognized for not giving in to the greasy NFL and their schemes.

Instead of bitching about your free football press pass being taken away, or that you have to care about something other than yourself now, why don’t you take the time to write and cover the teams that are in San Diego. The Gulls seem to be packing people in, we suddenly have 76 soccer teams, lacrosse is coming to town, and the Padres are trying to remake a franchise. Figure it out. And, I know your Chargers talk gets more clicks than anything else. Well, so did Kim Kardashians sex tape and I don’t see any Canepa nudes blasting the front page. We’ll read and listen to what you give us because that’s how engagement works. You think if you stop talking Chargers and start talking Gulls some forty year old will turn the station to Smooth Jazz? If that’s the case your product wasn’t that great to begin with.

What do I know? I’m just a simple blogger who actually enjoys sports. Talk about what you want, but stop trying to tell me the city I grew up in and work in sucks now because your life is empty.

For more expert sports stuff, and things you probably won’t care about, follow me on Twitter @dallas_mc

Week 16 Recap: Chargers @ Jets

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a 35-year-old man who hasn’t had a day job in 5 years, AND I’m in peak vacation mode, so I didn’t wake up until the second half of this game. Other than the CTE epidemic, domestic abuse, and racist/power-hungry owners, the fact that games start at 10am PT on a Sunday is among the most unforgivable things about the NFL.

But this game was ultimately pretty predictable. A somewhat spunky Jets team kept it close but couldn’t pull the upset over the highly favored yet meh Bolts. This “hot,” “dangerous” Chargers team can beat anybody, but they haven’t beaten anybody good. Total wins against projected playoff teams: zero.

There is a scene in probably the last good season of The Simpsons where Homer has pounded a six-pack and hung from the bottom of a helicopter to save his kids from a forest fire. The dialogue perfectly sums up how he embodies the 2017 Chargers:

BART: You did it Dad!

HOMER (drunk): You can’t prove I did it.

LISA: No, you saved our lives.

HOMER (slurring): I could do a lot of things if I had some money…

Even in surprising success there is the reminder of lifelong failure and futility. No individual win will wash the stank off them.

Other things that happened in this game:

  • The Jets recovered an onside kick to start the game, and of course that is the kind of thing that would fool the Chargers.
  • Mike Williams is made of glass.
  • Injuries might finally be catching up with the Bolts, as Melvin Gordon suffered a high ankle sprain and apparently last week Hunter Henry lacerated his kidney. Take your money and run/hobble! It’s not worth it to sacrifice your body for a team owned by an insane moron.
  • Antonio Gates is no longer fast but he can still catch the shit out of a ball. He also knows when to go down to prevent injury. He is going to retire, but I hope he plays another year or 2 with like the Packers.
  • Middling RB Bilal Powell gashed the Bolts for two huge runs, one for a TD, and clearly had fun doing it.
  • The Chargers 12th rostered kicker missed another FG, a lasting testament to resounding organizational failure.
  • A Philip Rivers pass bounced off Keenan Allen’s face and I laughed at him.
  • Keenan Allen has some very sassy post-catch attitude. He is trying to be Odell. But he is NOT. Not even close.

The Chargers have a very real chance to make the playoffs as 6th seed. But that will require beating the Raiders in Los Angeles in week 17. And in a way it’s a win-win. Because the Raiders are LA’s team, these tickets have been sold out the minute they hit the market, and the final game will be played in an imploding ring of silver and black: a miniature Black Hole. I can think of no better way to end the season than A) the Chargers missing the playoffs because they had to play a road game in their home stadium; or B) the Chargers becoming a playoff team in their home stadium to the sound of deafening boos and threats of violence. 2017 is among the worst years in American history. But hold tight. It’s almost over.

Jono Zalay is a native San Diegan and co-host of the F*** The Chargers podcast, available on iTunes and all those other places. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can hate the Chargers from close proximity.

Winter Meetings Pod – TKF #113

This week the guys talk about the totally overwhelming mind melting 2018 Winter Meetings that the Padres had in Orlando. Ohtani chose the Angels, while Chase Headley and Freddy Galvis are coming to San Diego. Are the Padres done? It’s hard to tell with Eric Hosmer’s situation still up in there.

Then Nick and Travis have a little chat with Kevin Gossett from the popular Instagram account People of Petco Park. He talks about his process and lifelong dedication to the Friars. He will also be DJing the January 10th Live Pod at the Whistlestop: TKF’s Winter Meeting 2018!

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