For the cycle! Guessing game – Woods, Eric, Corey

For the cycle! Guessing game – Woods, Eric, Corey

If you’re on #PadresTwitter, chances are good that you follow Woods, Eric, and Corey. You might even be able to recognize their tweets without seeing their handles. But can you guess who answered my questions in a certain way?

Let’s find out if you can “hit for the cycle” and identify the responses for four questions.

The correct answers – plus bonus responses & teenage pictures – are at the bottom of this article, so let’s get started!

Bloop single:

Which player from another team would you most like to see on the Padres?

“Mike Trout. Next question. Seriously, I want to know how someone could come up with any other name.”

If he hits it, it’s a double!

Thoughts on Ken Burns and his “Baseball” documentary film series?

Guy 1: Ken Burns’ “Baseball” is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. It was my go-to in college when I was hungover on a Sunday, which was every Sunday.

Guy 2: Is Ken Burns the guy that was the coach in “White Shadow” or the dude that owned the power plant on “The Simpsons”? I’m sorry. I get confused sometimes.

Triple to the gap!

What music did you enjoy as a teenager? And, current thoughts on Lizzo?

When I was in high school I LOVED The Game and Lil Wayne. I used to blare LAX and Tha Carter III on my way to school like a fucking poser!

I have no clue wtf Lizzo is lol sorry

Dinger off the Western Metal building!

The World Series parade in downtown SD is happening. These three guys converge. Who cries first?

Chances are I’ve been crying for days since the final out. [My wife] always gives me shit for never crying about really heavy, important shit – but baseball can absolutely do it.

Correct answers

Single: Eric would love to see Mike Trout in our beloved brown & yellow.

Double: Woods loves Ken Burns; Corey has him confused with Ken Howard and Monty Burns.

Triple: Eric was the poser who blasted rap in high school but has no clue who Lizzo is.

HR: Corey with the most WS tears.

How did you do? Anyone hit for the cycle?

More great (?) takes from these guys:


I’d like to see Gerrit Cole become a Padre. Cole would set the tone for years to come.

My first musical love was unquestionably KISS. I don’t know much about Lizzo except that my wife ADORES her.

Eric cries first [at the WS parade], no question. I’m having to hold Corey upright.


Ken Burns “Baseball” Series seems like something that would be up my alley but I’ve never really seen it to be honest.

If I could travel back in time and watch any player in person I would go back to 1968 and go to a Cardinals game with my Dad so we could watch Bob Gibson destroy everyone.

Me, Corey, and Woodsy hanging out at a Padres World Series parade? We are all definitely crying. I would be sobbing while even getting dressed to head down there so I’d say I would probably cry first. Then I would expect that the parade would end with the three of us all passed out drunk on Skrewball. Woodsy and I will be fully clothed, but for some reason Corey will be wearing only a banana hammock… but none of us will ask any questions.


Scherzer [would be] fun as hell to see in a Padres uniform and would be such a terrific mentor for the young pitchers. It would also be funny to see Andy try and take him out of a ballgame.

First car was a 1979 Ford Mustang, yellow with white and black interior. I hated it with a passion. I did get a ticket for doing 115 in it tho when I was 17. Fantasy car would be a town car with a driver a wet bar.

[At WS parade] I’m guessing Eric is just holding a beer and grinning from ear to ear like he’s eaten a bunch of mushrooms, and Woodsy is going full Donald Duck – shirt but no pants. (Poor Hannah).

Woods: “Here’s your boy at 17.”
Eric: “Valhalla’s own, Greg Garcia was 0-2 in his high school career off of me. Now he’s playing for the Padres, and I sit at a desk all day. I guess you can say I won the battle and he won the war.”
Corey: “Senior year at Granite Hills after a football game. Go Eagles. I was under 21 so obviously I’m completely sober in this photo.”

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