Just What Is Actually Happening Here?

Just What Is Actually Happening Here?

Like most Padres fans I was pretty disappointed in losing Franmil Reyes for seemingly another prospect that might not pan out. We had a legitimate power hitter in Franmil, who couldn’t really field, but was a damn delight to watch.

But, just like how jokes don’t sell air conditioners, having a great time in the clubhouse wasn’t winning baseball games, and that’s what it’s all about.

We got this Trammell (pronounced TRAH-Mel-laY) kid, who may end up being great, may end up being worse than Margot, or may just be a guy who played baseball once. No one knows, and that seems to be the biggest issue going in to the second half:

No one knows what’s going on.

More specifically the fans don’t know what’s going on. We thought we did. We really believed the process was beginning, the same one we spent the last few seasons trusting. We had a nice core of position players and we were just waiting on arms. But, now were not? We may be looking for a catcher this offseason? We just traded an expendable outfielder for…another expendable outfielder?

Wait, whats happening? Why are we looking for another catcher?

WHO KNOWS. Mejia was getting more playing time, and he was actually looking pretty good. Not amazing, but we saw flashes of what we all assumed was possible with the guy.

We know what Hedges is. We do. There is no debate on that front, sorry Nick. But, Mejia has been getting better with every game. He’ll never be the defensive presence Hedges is, or the pitch framer we all want, but I was happy when our catcher started hitting over the Mendoza line.

Of course this could all be based around the Kirby Yates tirade that was seemingly aimed at Mejia…or Urias…or himself…wait, what happened?

WHO KNOWS. Perhaps that’s it? Perhaps Mejia isn’t liked by the staff? Maybe he’s not a clubhouse guy? I mean, we haven’t heard that. But, we also don’t hear anything. Also, if we really cared about clubhouse guys we’d still have the Franimal, right? I don’t know. Do you? Do we really care what a closer thinks of a possible franchise catcher? We have a new closer every year, so I doubt it?

There is a rumor that we package Mejia and Taylor Trammell (pronounced TRA-MAL-LEY-EE) for Syndergaard in the off-season, but that’s just a rumor. Just like everything else. But, at least were talking about a pitcher, right? I mean, that’s our real weakness at this point. A subpar bullpen, and spotty rotation? Or it could just be Andy Green’s fault?

WHO KNOWS. Apparently Ron Fowler and Preller really like Andy Green. Really? Wait, what’s going on? What is happening? Have they not watched the games? Green has definitely looked outmatched and outmaneuvered throughout the season. He’s a young manager with little experience, and he doesn’t necessarily have the team behind him. They don’t seem to dislike him at all, they seem indifferent. Like all of us. Is that what they want from a manager? Indifference? They do see Rod Barajas is there right? And that he’s always laughing and having a really good time?

Maybe not. If they have the MLB.tv package then the games are probably blacked out.

It just seems like we don’t know what the team is doing. We did. At least we all felt like we did, right? The smart fan knew we weren’t gonna win this season. This was a, “let the kids play” season. But, then why did we have Kinsler? Um…

WHO KNOWS. Okay, to be fair Kinsler the signing wasn’t a great idea, but it wasn’t a terrible one. The Padres have made worse signings. He was supposed to mentor Urias – I think. Who could have guessed Urias would scuffle so hard in the beginning of the year and Kinsler wouldn’t give a shit? No one really, so don’t say, “I did!” You didn’t. Get over it. However, even with that signing it was still a discovery year. We have a lot of young talent, let’s see who sticks. Some of those roles have become more clear, but others haven’t, and even then some that became clear were once again fogged up by the hot breath of confusion and the inability not to tinker.

We’ve gone through a pretty weird season, but generally Padres fans are happy, right? I mean, I don’t know. Who knows what people are thinking. We still have Manny and Tatis and honestly that’s enough to keep me engaged. I still like Renfroe, I’m a Margot apologist, and I’m all in on Mejia. I don’t like Urias as much as the avid fan, but I don’t dislike him in any way. And, maybe that’s just it.

Maybe the team brass figures Urias won’t pan out in the Majors. Or that Mejia and Hedges are both not what we need. Maybe they’re just guessing? Maybe they’re done giving Margot chances? I could see that, but then why not just DFA Myers and Kinsler? I know that’s eating a lot of cash, but budget isn’t a concern, right? Oh, wait. Preller did just say he wanted to stay around $100 million for next year. Dope.

Maybe, just maybe the team’s draft picks have performed quicker than they’d thought. With guys like Luis Patino, CJ Abrams, Xavier Edwards, Owen Miller, Luis Campusano, and Buddy Reed the Padres see that maybe they have more options than originally planned. Sure, that pushes back the “win window”, but is it worth it in the long run? I don’t know! I DON’T KNOW.

Could the team be biding time and waiting to make a splash this offseason like they did with Machado? Are we in play for Strasburg or Gerrit Cole or Kuechel (again)? As far as hitters go there’s not much to get excited about to fill the holes we have, unless your high on Marcell Ozuna, but if that’s the case we should’ve kept Franmil.

WHO KNOWS. What I do know is nothing. And, honestly neither do you. With this last deal all bets are off, and I guess that’s fine. I guess. But, as a fan I’m getting pretty annoyed and extremely frustrated. Not with the moves, but with the lack of trust in the team you fielded, and the seemingly refusal to commit more dollars or waste them by cutting guys for the good of the team.

If reports are true and we could already be giving up on Mejia or Urias or Margot (that one I understand a little more) then maybe this isn’t a process at all. Maybe this is a game of what inexpensive young guys can make the most noise the quickest?

Maybe we thought we were the Astros, but really were the A’s. I don’t really want to be the A’s.


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Dallas McLaughlin is a writer and performer for the Emmy-winning Yo! Gabba Gabba! and The Aquabats! Super Show! He's also worked as a consultant for Disney Television Animation, Nickelodeon, and Fox Sports. A diehard San Diego sports fan, Dallas has written passionately against the DH and in favor of Padre Brown for SI.com, The Sports Minute, Fox Sports, Voice of San Diego, San Diego Magazine, and is one of the founding members of The Kept Faith. A professional standup comedian who's performed with Norm McDonald, Chris Hardwick, Dave Attell, Jeff Garlin, and many more. He recently won San Diego's Funniest Person Contest, and has been featured on FoxRox, Tonight in San Diego, and was a DJ on FM94/9 for over seven years. Dallas has spent over two decades on stage as an actor, award-winning playwright and director. In his spare time, Dallas likes to eat burritos, drink beer, and talk to his wife about her dislike for Harry Connick, Jr.

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