Doubleheader: Courtney & Aileen

Doubleheader: Courtney & Aileen


Courtney (age 28; manager at a software company) was raised in East County. Here’s her take on the ongoing #PadresTwitter debate about Poway.

It is not East County. Anything north of Miramar is North County in my book. It’s another world, might as well be Temecula.

Courtney and her dad

At the tender age of seven she experienced the full glory of the 1998 season, including going to the NL pennant parade in downtown San Diego. She describes it as a “magical year” that sealed her fandom.

Her brother is PDX Padre Fan @Tyler_J_Skaggs

My favorite player was Ken Caminiti because of his raw power and defensive prowess! I also loved watching Jake Peavy take control on the mound. He was a bulldog out there, a true competitor. It was always fun seeing the K’s line up for JaKe.

Courtney has also racked up some – well, let’s call them “unusual experiences” as a Padres fan.

When I was a young girl we went to a game at the then-Qualcomm Stadium. I must have been 9 or 10. We were down near field level and close to that big walk that you can take around the whole infield.

Well I’m there with my glove just taking in the scenes of the yard and see some commotion with kids running to my right. I hop up to investigate to find that they’re following a rat scurrying along the walkway!

So I get my glove ready to field him like a ground ball. I end up scooping up the rat with my glove and holding it for a couple seconds. The boys all yelled in shock! I put the little pest down and proudly bounded back to my seat.

These days her dog Chula rides shotgun with her.

As for #PadresTwitter, here’s what she had to say about a few of you.

I always enjoy interacting with Liddy [@liddyloree] because I can just hear her excitement and enthusiasm through each tweet.

Tim from Puyallup [@TimFromPuyallup] is funny, and he has cute dogs. No one knows if “Puyollap” is real.

This is her rookie year participating in #PadresTwitter but clearly she’s got game.


Aileen was born and raised in Hawaii. Now 35 years old, she has always loved sports.

After graduating from New York University with a music business degree, she moved to San Diego in 2008 and says she “began following the Chargers religiously with the Padres close behind.”

Oh, and look who shows up in this 2013 picture of Aileen and former Charger nose tackle Antonio Garay. She did not know Gavin (@CT2SD) at the time, but we all know that he is essentially the “Forrest Gump” of #PadresTwitter, showing up anywhere and everywhere!

Aileen regards Fernando Tatis Jr. as “the most exciting athlete I have ever had the pleasure to watch play baseball,” and she hopes that the Padres give him a lifetime contract.

She also enjoyed Franmil Reyes during his time with the team and wore her customized t-shirt proudly.

Aileen and her rescue dog Leia are regular attendees of the annual Padres “Dog Days of Summer” event.

Aileen also describes herself as “a bit of a Marvel nerd” who loves Comic-Con and enjoys creating and wearing cosplay. And, of course, she got us a picture of a #PadresTwitter meetup at #SDCC19.

Number 19, the common bond

Both Aileen and Courtney expressed their admiration for Tony Gwynn, one in words and one with a picture.

Tony was an incredible role model, someone who treated others with kindness, and was committed to the community. I remember going to Petco Park the day he passed and I could feel all of San Diego grieving together.

Tony just felt like home.

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