Andy Keatts and Coach Lew – TKF Pod #91

Andy Keatts and Coach Lew – TKF Pod #91

This week the guys discuss the Petco Park in-game experience with Andy Keatts and Scott Lewis from Last week the two co-hosts of the VOSD Podcast went to a game together and made certain choices that left one of them cold. Then they discuss the Padres’ $99 “5 Wins in June” deal that has some fans upset. Other organizations have a similar promotion, so are the Padres not handling it well, or are San Diego fans just using it as an excuse to spew vitriol on the Internet? Regardless, the Padres are the worst team in baseball and it’s shaping up to be a complicated summer. Goofy giveaways and some exciting young talent can only go so far to placate a fanbase that is growing tired of “rebuilding.” Later, the guys take a look at Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s legacy when it comes to sports, and the city as a whole. Could he have handled things differently to smooth over the now burgeoning SoccerCitySD vs SDSU blood war? Scott and Andy share their thoughts having covered his entire administration from beginning to end.

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