SoccerCity, Cubs, and Bryce! – TKF Pod #92

SoccerCity, Cubs, and Bryce! – TKF Pod #92

San Diego’s most popular sport is fighting about stadiums. This week the guys unpack as many aspects of the SoccerCity vs SDSU mess as they can with friend of the pod Dike Anyiwo from and the Soccer Nation Podcast. They dig into the recent declarations by city council members David Alvarez and Chris Ward that they will not support a special election this November. What kind of blow does this mean for the future of MLS in San Diego? It could be devastating if the city delays the vote to 2018 and operates outside the crucial timetable the MLS has designated for expansion. Then they talk about SDSU’s confusing position in all of this. Was the university naive to think this would all work itself out and things would be fine when the Chargers left? It’s hard to believe this is shaping up to be another summer arguing about what the city should do with Mission Valley and the potential sports options that come with it. The guys also celebrate the Padres sweep of the World Champion Chicago Cubs, make fun of the rest of the country’s obsession with San Diego’s connection with the Will Ferrell film Anchorman, and share their thoughts on the Bryce Harper fight.

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