Boomers & Baseball

Boomers & Baseball

We all have a tipping point.

Mine was when columnist George Will complained about Alex Bregman and Juan Soto carrying their bats to first base in Game 6 of this year’s World Series, saying it was an “infectious virus” and “a stain on baseball’s unwritten standards.”

Eyes rolled, including mine.

My only regret in that tweet is that I didn’t say “You and I” instead of just pointing the finger at him.

I’m 63 and a boomer too. You could probably dig through my TL and find some old tweets, pining away for the baseball of my youth.

I still don’t understand why a sacrifice fly to move in a run has become so rare. I still love stolen bases. And (unfollow me if you must ), I don’t even mind a bunt in certain situations.

But I also love that joy has returned to baseball in the form of celebrations on the field and in the dugout.

More importantly, it’s really not my place to say how the game should evolve going forward. I’m not going to be “that boomer.”

I also recognize that I’m probably not going to be here in 35 or 40 years, but you and your kids (if you have them) will be. The stewardship of the game is constantly being passed on because nothing stays the same.

Each generation brings something new to the table and redefines the era. Baseball is going to change – just like music, art, and fashion change.

When I was a teenager, my parents made me close my bedroom door when I played CCR. Yet they allowed me to name our family dog “Creedence.” They understood that if I loved a band that much, chances were that I would take good care of a pet because they allowed me to have a voice and stake in the “what do we call her” conversation. In other words, they listened.

That’s what I try to do as well when it comes to today’s game. I watch, and I listen. And, what I’ve heard has been a deep, abiding love for the game from fans of all ages.

The voices I enjoy the most are from those of you in your 20s and 30s. I can tell that you care about the game with all of your heart and soul, even in your fury railing against umpires, the media, Goose Gossage, and MLB itself.

You care about what’s happening to the game, as well you should because there are certainly many issues to resolve in terms of its popularity going forward.

But you’ll figure it out. The game is too beautiful not to find new wings.

Baseball will be fine.

As for George, Goose, and the rest of that crowd, here’s what I do when I read or hear their comments. I take myself over to, and I sing along with Kenny Rogers.

I step aside and leave baseball in your hands.

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