Padres fans react to 2021 (survey results)

Padres fans react to 2021 (survey results)

We received over 500 responses from Padres fans to our survey about the team’s 2021 season. Here’s how it breaks down.


Selected comments:

  • Been a fan since 1969. This was the most disappointing season – including 1985, Matt Holliday not touching home, Mark Langston getting robbed on the strike call, and the hundreds of other letdowns over the years. This tops them all.
  • I wish we could bottle the talent, chemistry, and leadership we had in that 1998 team and pour it on this team. I thought this 2021 team had that and then some. But I am super pissed that the team failed us. And I’m sick of excuses!
  • It was like that scene in “Casino.” Where they beat Joe Pesci’s brother with a bat and made him watch and he couldn’t do anything about it. It. Hurt. That. Much.


Selected comments:

  • The most glaring weakness is the upper levels of the farm system. If the Padres get better next year, they will have to do it by spending on free agents. And I’m not sure there is enough talent in the minors to make any trade deadline deals next July either. Preller has to go. This was his last rodeo.
  • Would love to see Peter Seidler fire Preller because he is not only responsible for this organization winning championships but once again failed to hire a proven MLB manager. No more on the job training for our next manager.
  • MUST change the manager. What a HORRIBLE mismanagement job in the 2nd half of the season. Completely unacceptable.
  • I hear lots of calls for Jayce Tingler’s head, but I have to say that I want the players to be held accountable too.

Manager position

The good times

Ballpark experience

Selected comments:

  • Really not happy about my 2022 season tickets being raised.
  • The cost of parking around Petco has more than doubled. And the food and drink lines were bad all season. Seems like 1-2 innings just to get a bottle of water.
  • I’m hoping that next year, the folks at the entrance gates can all follow the same rules. Some allow backpacks, others refuse to let them in. It’s very confusing for fans. Get everyone on the same page!
  • More security is needed at Petco when we play the Dodgers in particular. There are too many fights in the stands, and the atmosphere is not family-friendly during those series.
  • Heartbreaking season but still enjoyed coming to the ballpark. One of the best atmospheres in baseball.



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