Saturday In the Park, I Think It Was the (Storm Promotions) of July

Saturday In the Park, I Think It Was the (Storm Promotions) of July

We’ve (almost) made it through another month. This is cause for a celebration. Let’s have a big party on July 4th. You bring the food and I’ll bring the fireworks.

Once again, I’ve noticed a few people finally taking in a ballgame up in Lake Elsinore for the first time. Once again, I’m taking full credit for this. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

Anyway, here’s the preview of the Storm’s July promotions:

Independence Day Celebration

Wednesday, July 4th

Don’t miss the biggest postgame fireworks display of the season! Take in, or participate in, a Joey Chestnut-style hot dog eating contest!

As the sole unlucky participant in the Jesse Agler Hot Dog Challenge, I will happily disqualify myself from the hot dog eating contest.

Lucky Loser: Part Two-Zer

Thursday, July 5th

Bad report card, college rejection letter, court summons, traffic ticket? Turn that bad luck around! Bring it to the ticket window for discounts as we celebrate bad luck and poor performance!

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

Used Oil Night (Presented by WRCOG)

Friday, July 6th

WRCOG will be out to give away oil collection containers to fans after the game! Enjoy great in-game entertainment as we relive our Top 25 promos of all-time!

Much better than what I originally thought this promotion was:  Free used motor oil for all attendees.

25th Season T-Shirt Giveaway (Presented by John Hine Temecula Subaru)

Saturday, July 7th

The first 2,000 fans will get a 25th Season t-shirt, presented by John Hine Temecula Subaru!

T-shirts are always a great giveaway. And, if you get a sponsor who will put a big enough logo on them, they’re almost free.

Nothing Night

Monday, July 9th

No tickets, no promos, no concessions, no PA, no music and no in-game entertainment of any kind! Just pure baseball!

I’ve attended this night in previous years. It’s a little weird at first, especially if you’ve been up there for a normal game before, but you get used to it pretty quickly. It’s baseball in its purest form.

Groundhog Day Night

Thursday, July 12th

Join us as we pay tribute to the classic Bill Murray flick…Groundhog Day!

I have not yet received confirmation that Ned Ryerson will or will not be making an appearance. Over and over again.

9 Inning Fiance

Thursday, July 19th

A play on the popular reality TV show, 90 Day Fiance, we will see if two currently unknowing fans can find love in nine innings!

I have no idea what TV show this is based on. Whatever.

HOFfman Jersey Giveaway & #EyesOn25 Social Media Night #3

Friday, July 20th

25 lucky fans will be chosen via a Storm Instagram social media contest to participate in a unique behind-the-scenes Storm game experience!

In honor of Padres great Trevor Hoffman’s Hall of Fame Induction, the first 1,551 fans will get a HOFfman Storm jersey! (Presented by Lake Elsinore Casino)

The Storm love them some Trevor Hoffman. They gave out a Hoffman bobblehead a couple of years ago. But, here’s the weird thing: He never played for them (Save a game or two during an DL rehab, maybe?). Strange. He does show up there quite often in his role as Padres Special Assistant to the GM, so that’s something.

Thunder & Mini-Thunder Double Bobblehead

Saturday, July 21st

The first 1,000 fans will get the first-ever Thunder & Mini-Thunder double bobblehead, presented by Copia Wealth Management!

No, Rick, I will not get you one this time. Get off your lazy butt and get to The Diamond. That goes for the rest of you, too.

Faith & Family Night

Friday, July 27th

Join us in a night of fellowship and listen to player testimonials and hear a postgame sermon!

Throwback Storm Replica Jersey Giveaway

Saturday, July 28th

Limited to the first 1,500 fans.

Not to be confused with the Hoffman jersey from the week before.

Adjust Your Attitude Night

Sunday, July 29th

A mood ring giveaway with ballpark discounts based on your color mood ring!

Far out, man.

Daily Promotions

Giveaways and themed nights are fun enough, but the Storm do something every home game. Each day of the week has either discounted tickets, food & drink specials, autographs, or post-game fireworks. Sometimes all of the above.

Salute to Soldiers Sunday Fundays

Bark ‘N Brew Mondays

Fiesta Tuesdays


Thirsty Thursdays

Fireworks Fridays

Signature Saturdays

Will I see you there this month? Probably not, as I’m usually in the press box and it’s the middle of summer. It’s air-conditioned in there and the WiFi is more reliable. But, perhaps I’ve said too much…

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