#PadresTwitter – Meetups & Trivia

#PadresTwitter – Meetups & Trivia

FanFest 2020 is approaching, players take the field for real on March 26, and #PadresTwitter meetups are likely to grow in popularity and notoriety. We are now “a thing.”

Actually, we’ve been a thing (meetup-wise) for about a dozen years. Ballpark meetups resembling the current ones started in 2008, according to Ken Gartin‘s recollection. It began with Ken and his friends hanging out with Neil who ran the Brickhouse Deli for eight years in the Western Metal Supply Co. building.

“You had to see me for the good beer,” says Neil.

2012 – @GhostofRAK, @crazycharisma + friend Danielle
“Every 4th inning Padres fans on Twitter (originally MySpace) would gather and share a beer and fellowship.” – @neilthebeerman

Charisma has one of the earliest meetup pictures from 2009 that includes a few OGs from the blogging community.

Photo includes: @Steve_Adler, @JonnyDubSD, @timsd, @crazycharisma + friend Christina, jbox, @matthewverygood

Eventually, the meetup location changed to the concourse behind home plate known as The Spot (coined by Ken).

Incudes: @RedTheTrucker, @gdarklighter , @KrissySD, @WonkoSD, @edgarbautista

Throwback meetup slideshow

Clearly, we enjoy meeting up both IRL and on Twitter. It’s probably safe to say that our grassroots fan meetups lead the MLB in this regard.

But how well do you know the folks (and their tweets) that you see in the current meetup pictures posted during every home game? That’s right – it’s time for the first ever edition of #PadresTwitter trivia!


We’ve got ten questions for you. At the end, you’ll be asked how many you guessed correctly.

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