Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton is Back! – TKF Pod #87

Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton is Back! – TKF Pod #87

This week the guys examine how many people still prefer to consume baseball on the radio. The Padres switched broadcasting stations this year, and co-host (and former on-air DJ) Dallas McLaughlin discusses his recent article on voiceofsandiego.org about the switch from Mighty 1090 to FM 94.9, the adjustment for fans, and the talent associated with the team. Later in the show, San Diego broadcasting legend Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton stops by to talk about the trajectory of the Padres organization and ownership’s ability to sell their product to the fan base. Then they discuss the huge hole the Chargers’ departure left in the community at every level, and Lee gives his thoughts on the Spanos family’s mistakes, the local sports media scrambling in the wake of the exit, and the future for the NFL in this city. From over the airwaves to on the field, the hosts also dig into their feelings on the current direction of the team. On Tuesday night the Padres allowed their starting shortstop Erick Aybar to come in and pitch. The game was a blowout and everything worked out, but was this a good look for a baseball team to project in April? Is being a weird team fun? Should fans “Embrace the Tank” and have fun with it? The guys explore these themes and their honest reactions to them while looking forward to what the future may or may not bring. Check out leehacksawhamilton.com for all things Hacksaw!

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