Friars #NoFilter – Travis Jankowski

Friars #NoFilter – Travis Jankowski

The somewhat recent call up of folk hero Travis Jankowski has netted some positive returns. Even if those returns haven’t equated to consistent wins, it’s still enjoyable to see the speedster at the top of the order. So, what’s the secret to Freddy’s success? Diet? Film study? A blend of punk rock sensibilities and heavy metal attitude? Maybe his IG will unlock this mystery.

Looks like @BluntlyPadres has a new godfather.

If you looking to pick up girls while running the Gravitron at the carnival, this look IS pure seduction.

The caption says he got yelled at for this hair. I should hope so. That’s a mistake.



“Hey Steve? You gonna win the finals again this year?”
“Does LeBron have any help?”
“Well, no…I guess not…”
“Then yes, Travis, we will.”
Dr. Zaius photobomb!

Counting this as a food shot. Hot Take…Reese’s Eggs are better than the regular cups. The Peanut butter to chocolate ratio is better in the eggs. Fight me. Also, notice the copy of Dumb and Dumber To. Not just a funny movie, also the Padres management strategy.

I’d wear these every day if I could! Just Kidding, I only wear sensible shoes.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!
Along with playing out field for the Padres, he was also one of the most influential musicians in American history.

Food, Sunsets, Dogs and some okay action shots, Freddy comes strong with the IG game. A-. It’s mostly pictures of him and his wife which is fine. Here’s to hoping that Freddy stays hot for the rest of the summer, or at least until another team is looking to trade for outfield defense and base stealing abilities.

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