Friars #NoFilter – Manny Margot

Friars #NoFilter – Manny Margot

Manuel Margot was the sexy pick to have a break out season. As is Padre tradition, he immediately fell into a long slump. What is the cause of Manny’s troubles? Maybe his IG will shed some light on the situation.

When players start posting Bring Back the Brown pics it’s time to reconsider your market research.

Caption says “Positive Mind” but this is the first picture I’ve ever seen of my dude not smiling. Fowler must be pissed.

Nice of Manny to tuck away a PG-13 music video between cute pictures of his kids and diving catch action shots.

Everyone, I think I figured how we can get Margot out of this slump…we’re gonna need an old priest and a young priest. The power of Steve Finley compels you!

“Hey, I do the beach towel promo, or I don’t do any promo, you hear me?”

Considering how arthritis riddled Kemp’s hips are, I’m surprised he was even able to stand for this picture.

This is the best food pic on Padre Instagram this season…maybe any season.

No way US Customs and Border Patrol lets Manny in with these pythons.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Margot telling the girl to cut the LA logo in half. It’s petty as hell and I’m here for it.

2016 was the best time to be a Chihuahua fan, that is until Preller triggered Order 66.

Manny, Manny no… wait no don’t…we’re were going to eat that…at least blow the candles out first…Manny!
(counting this as a food shot btw)

Hell yeah!

All around good IG. There’s a bunch of great pictures of his family but I feel weird posting those. Food pics are good, no pets which is a bummer, and no style selfies. Still, I like the overall family man vibe including the Maxim-esque music video. B+
I think this could improve, hopefully this write-up can serve as a slump-buster and Manuel hits .450 for the rest of season and starts posting shots of himself in head-to-toe Gucci holding a dachshund while eating at The French Laundry. That’s an automatic A.

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