Friars #NoFilter – Luis Perdomo

Friars #NoFilter – Luis Perdomo

The Padres and the Rockies had a regular donnybrook this week and the man leading the way was Luis Perdomo. Let’s take a peek at his ‘Gram and see what the slugger has for us?
The Chinos say “I’m here to do the updates to your work computer,” the Gucci belt says I’m listening to “Invasion of Privacy while I’m doing it.”
Remember the basketball game I mentioned last week? This is what being the #3 starter on a major-league baseball team gets you.

Randy Johnson has more style then every former Padre put together. There I said it.


According to legend if you rub Randy Johnsons moustache it gives you magic powers. Might be hogwash but I hope Luis rubbed it just in case.
Luigi Perdomo? I’ll allow it. Still not the greatest rookie costume ever created but good.
Dude looks like he’s about to take a bite out of that ball like an apple. Honestly I’d watch him do it if he tried.
You forget that Luis started his career as a Cardinal. I mean I’d like to forget.

Look, it’s not looking good for our man Perdomo’s ‘Gram game. No food shots, no sunsets, no clubs. However, THE MAN THREW A BASEBALL GLOVE IN NOLAN ARENADO’S FACE.


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