Friars #NoFilter – Eric Hosmer

Friars #NoFilter – Eric Hosmer

Padres Twitter is the highest form of social interaction ever created. It’s apparent, however, that save a few golden moments, the Padres players don’t interact on Twitter that much. It’s probably because they’re studying tape and working out so much they simply don’t have the time to smash that blue bird on their phone. It DOES take a lot of time for Hot Talent Lava to turn itself into Major League Rock. It could also be that these guys are all millennials and just use Instagram.

For this first instalment let’s check out and grade the Gram for new Padre Eric Hosmer.

Good looking family shot. All smiles, Fowler should love that.

Nice little spring training shot from Clubhouse Corner. Awesome that they caught Eric looking up at a ball he just hit. It might be the only fly ball he hits all year.

This might be my favorite of the bunch. On the Padres off day LeBron and the Cavs were in Phoenix to play the Suns so a few of the players went to the game. You can tell the players salary by how close they were sitting. Hosmer is front row watching the GOAT tap himself a three pointer.

This is something you’ll see a lot of from athletes: barbershop shots. Maybe it’s instead of a tip for the barber.

Little shout out to his teammate’s e-sports team. Cool-Cool.

Cute dog picture. That’s gonna add a full letter grade to his final score.

Up until I saw this I was super worried about Hosmer’s feet.

Looks like Hoss has taken a shine to some indigent senior citizen. Good on ya, Eric. Also, that jacket is straight fire.

So when do we start calling him Papo?

These colors look dreamy on him dontcha think?

I like his Gram Game but I can only give him a B+ due to a lack of food pics. At this point I’m not even sure the man eats. There might be food pics deeper down the TL but I have a day job. Maybe someone needs to key him in on #PadresMeatTwitter.


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