Trevor Week and The Top 100 – TKF Pod #118

Trevor Week and The Top 100 – TKF Pod #118

This week the guys recap Trevor Week on the website. Nobody can take his induction away from us! Then they discuss the great news that the Padres got 7 players on the MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects list. Will we ever get to know these players? It’s hard to say but the guys discuss ways the team and media partners can wet the public’s appetite for getting familiar with them before they get here. Last they talk about SD as a potential XFL 2.0 destination.

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Nick was born in San Diego in 1980. He started The Kept Faith on blogspot in 2008.

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  • Friar Jack

    I really enjoyed the pod this week but wanted to comment on Dallas’ opinion about the possibility of another player strike. He said something I heard a lot during the last strike, that “players should be happy to be paid millions to play baseball.”

    Part of that is true. Players should be very happy that their talent and hard-work turned into millions of dollars. Being able to do something you love and get paid for it is a dream come true.

    My question – Why is it we never hear the same argument being applied to the owners? As in, “Owners should be happy to make billions of dollars owning a baseball team”.

    The popularity of fantasy sports certainly indicates that people really enjoy running a franchise. Not to mention the increased interest fans are taking in exploiting market inefficiencies thanks to Moneyball, Cubs, Astros, etc. We love the business side so much we even celebrate tanking! Being able to draft, develop and field a team has turned into just as much of a fantasy for fans as having a career as a major league baseball player.

    Being an owner is a dream job just as much as being a player is a dream job. So why do we only call out the players?

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