Padres Canon: Ozzie Smith

Padres Canon: Ozzie Smith

My friend Nick Burmeister AKA @padreshaiku and I started talking about the Padres Canon, what that means, and what/who should be included throughout Padres history. We want to continue the conversation over the rest of the season. The criteria (which you will see is still being worked out) is mainly based on merit, service time and overall Padresness.

This idea was completely ripped off by the popular podcast The Canon on the Wolfpop network. They talk about what films should be entered into the Canon. We are attempting to do this with the team we love. Please join in with the discussion!!! #PadresCanon


Dear Mr. McCann,

Is Ozzie Smith in the Padres Canon?

As a player, no. Not enough time here is the simple answer. Plus, when most people think of Wiz they think of him as a Cardinal. He is certainly Cardinals canon. I would argue though that Ozzie is Padres canon not for being a SS, but for his trade and the precedent that set for the next few decades.

NICK MCCANN Monday 8:43pm

Dear Mr. Haiku,

Look, Ozzie Smith has the most iconic defensive play in Padres history and that should matter. I just struggle with putting him because he is a reminder of what didn’t happen for us. I understand picking players that have significant departures, but the replacement the Padres got in Gary Templeton was hardly a scrub.

Ozzie is indisputably a Cardinal. Besides “The Play”, there isn’t a significant post season moment here. He had tons over the bulk of his career in St. Louis.

So the question becomes, can you be in the Canon for more than one team?


I think you can be canon for two teams. For example Babe Ruth is canon for the Yankees obviously, I’d argue he’s also canon for the red socks [I always spell it like this] not only for being a great pitcher and hitter for Boston, but also because that trade defined the red socks for generations. The Templeton/Smith trade did the same for SD. Don’t get me wrong I like Garry Templeton, a lot, he’s our best SS ever, but he’s no Wiz.

I’d argue for a canon that includes more than players. Jerry Colman, Jack Murphy stadium, big trades/signings, Kevin Towers’ Tommy Bahama shirts, color schemes, bench clearing brawls etc.

NICK MCCANN Tuesday 3:25pm

I agree that you can be canon for two teams. However, it has to be in cases that are a lot less lopsided than with Ozzie Smith. He is just a Cardinal. Now in a case like Steve Garvey, at least he had an iconic post season moment. Garv has the signature home run in Padres history and his number is retired. And lets be honest there is a generation of women in their 50s living in San Diego right who definitely think Steve is Canon. Now sure, this is ammo for Dodgers fans. Those horrible human beings can always make fun of us for celebrating one of their guys. He is Dodgers canon and Padres canon, but I’m okay with that because he was more significant for the Padres than Ozzie was.

Full disclosure, I don’t really remember Ozzie being on the Padres. My own personal growth in understanding baseball history really took shape after he was already established as a Cardinal. I remember being blown away that San Diego had Smith and was confused as to how they could let him go.

I will concede that the trade is part of the canon along with other things that you listed. But the man, the wizard, the most electric defensive player of the 80s, is not.

P.S. Also Canon: Nevin’s dark disposition, Khalil’s confused stare, Matt Bush and his relationship with Portland bouncers…etc.


So I’m going to say no to Ozzie but yes to the trade. You?

NICK MCCANN Wednesday 3:28pm


Let’s turn it over to the faithful readers. Is Ozzie Smith part of the Padres canon? Is the Ozzie/Tempy trade part of the Padre Canon? Help us out. This is the first attempt at making the hard decisions that matter for all of us. Be part of it!

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