Friars #NoFilter – Logan Allen

Friars #NoFilter – Logan Allen

A couple minor league pitchers threw a combined no-hitter for the San Antonio Missions. Logan Allen is 21 and threw 105 pitches before Jason Jester (Under-rated Baseball name) finished the job in the last two innings. Jason has a private account and has yet to allow me the follow. In the meantime let’s grade Logan’s Instagram account before he needs double Tommy John surgery and an artificial hip.

If they weren’t minor league pitchers, I see them opening an insurance agency somewhere in the American southwest, and killing it at that as well!!  Also, who keeps the ball? Do they cut it in half?

As far as baseball mug shots go, this one’s a snoozer. Logan, you’re named after Wolverine, try to look tough.

Looks like the dude threw out everything that didn’t spark joy.

Surprised Logan got this picture, Cena has told us on many occasions that we cannot see him.

That’s a fine sunset pic. Paints a better picture than Thomas Kinkade.

“Hands-up. Who thinks the Padres should DFA Mitchell and call me up?”

A pile of peanut-butter is not an optimal food pic.

Oh, Hi Angela! you really ARE everywhere. #GoldenAgeofPadresShoutOuts

Probably sees better than half the Umpires in Double A.

This is, perhaps, the only acceptable alternative to a dog pic.



Throwing a no-hitter from the mound is spectacular, but not having any hits on your IG is sad. C-
Logan, step up your IG game before you get called up.

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