Friars #NoFilter – Franmil Reyes

Friars #NoFilter – Franmil Reyes

Franmil Reyes has been called up to the major leagues. I won’t bore you with his ridiculous recent minor league hitting numbers but let’s just say he’s getting into Bill Brasky territory. Is his Instagram game Major League ready? Let’s find out.
A single gold chain with a huge gold watch is a decent look, but did you do that to your eyebrow on purpose? If it’s a scar from a fight with a wolverine or something I apologize but we’ve seen this look before, tread lightly.
Franmil and his Mom. Look at these two! Adorable!

The caption below says, “Always Active.” Mole! you are literally just inactively standing there in this shot.
It’s a simple look at first, then he hits you with some fire kicks. Brings new meaning to the term sneakers.
Show up on the first day of school like “Hey bro! You take my advice and stay cool this summer? LOL! Yeah man, see you in homeroom!”
Oh Hell Yeah! And it gets better! See below:

My man has a set of Pipes
This isn’t Franmil it’s Vlad Jr. But watch the whole thing. It’s spectacular.
Someday I hope they make a jersey with gold chains already embroidered on. Save everyone a lot of time.
These two are gonna have more hits than Joan Sebastian and Juan Luis Guerra combined.

Franmil has a decent Gram. Lots of style selfies, good action shots and some nice whip pics too. Solid B. If the dude makes it, I think he might be the first famous person named Franmil.

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