Friars #NoFilter – Fernando Tatis Jr.

Friars #NoFilter – Fernando Tatis Jr.

So Tatis Jr. hasn’t exactly started his season off the way most Padre fans would have hoped. Some have taken note of this. To his part, Fernando has remained silent on his critics until this past Sunday when he Clapped Back on Twitter. We will talk to him in September, in the meantime let’s check out his Instagram.
“Psst Fernando…Fernando it’s me LeBron…I’m headed to Philly, don’t tell anyone.

The color dulling or whatever it is they did with the background of this picture turned a relatively mundane action shot into one of those mall glamor shots from the 90’s. It’s great.
I’ve never wanted to be a waterfall more than I want to be a waterfall right now.
He also likes getting caught in the rain.
This Jacket is fire, seriously. Hopefully when he gets to San Diego he can help our front office with their style.
The caption says this is Fernando’s younger brother. If he swings a machete half as well as his brother swings a bat, he’s going to be the number one cause of deforestation in the western hemisphere in about a week.
Someone call @SDHatguy we got a live one!!
Sunset pic. Very nice.
Dog Pic! That’s a full letter grade toward your final score.
It’s pretty obvious that the dude hates wearing a shirt. If I had abs like that, I’d want the world to know it too. But Nando, (Can I call you Nando?) You’re going to catch a cold, find a mackinaw or something geez.

I’m going to count the Pina Colada as a food picture because I’m assuming it’s a virgin Pina Colada (He’s 19). He had a dog, a sun set and some sweet threads, plus he’s the chosen one.

Grade: A

(Update) He homered twice in a game since dunking on Barry Bloom. He might be a guy that feeds off the hate. If he is, we need to pick an order as to who will call him a bust few months.

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