Friars #NoFilter Draft Round up

Friars #NoFilter Draft Round up

Draft is done. I’m sure Preller checked on the quality of this year’s class of draftees before selecting them. No stone is left unturned. Lets take a peek at a few Gram accounts from the this year’s draft class shall we?

Ryan Weathers

How much Gatorade do you think comes with being the Gatorade Player of the Year? Is it the powder or the pre-made stuff? MacKenzie Gore should know.
All I’m saying is that you could Photoshop that sign to make it say anything you want. Not that you should.
Food Shot! There’s a time and place for sheet cake, that time is always and that place is everywhere.

That’s it for the high school kid from Tennessee. His IG gets a B, but he’s still young and definitely hasn’t reached his IG potential.

Xavier Edwards

The man doesn’t really have a great IG, it’s all business, kinda like this write-up. Here’s a picture of him at his once and future racetrack, Petco Park. Gram gets a D-. Sorry, gotta be honest.


Grant Little 

In his off time, Grant writes for the Daily Planet.

Grant seems to be really into the “This guy right here? This is my guy” pose. I’m not sure how I feel about that. He also seems to be into the Marlins. I’m really not into that at all.

Grant: Guys, stop me when you think it’s enough eye-black.
Teammates *giggling*: It’s fine keep going.
*30 minutes later
Grant: Guys? More?
Another mostly business IG account I’ll give this one a C-. No food shots, no cars, no sunsets, and having a guy in a Dodger jersey is an automatic half letter grade deduction.

Jawuan Harris

Jawuan, what’s the deal with this pose? Are you trying to show off the invisible fish you just caught? I can’t wait to hear your weekly segment on Let’s Talk Hook-Up.
In all honestly, that tux is a dope look on Jawuan, everything looks put together, well done. IG get’s a B, while I love a good fishing pic, maybe mix in a different pose from time to time.

Nick Gatewood

How many stitches is that? Gross, dude!

Your Gram gets a C. Clean it up. I need a shower.

Antoine Kelly

Food Shot. I don’t know from personal experience, but I’m told this is the inside of a Chipolte. Antoine, once you get to San Diego, your burrito game will improve by 1000%.

Dog! That looks like a good doggo. 14/10 Would pet.

Antoine has a food pic and a dog on his Gram and only has 11 posts. He gets an A. This guy right here? This is my guy.

Erik Sabrowski

Hell Yeah!! That’s a dog pic and a Padres hat! 411th overall pick? Maybe we drafted him based on this picture alone.
I’ll give him a B+. Would have been better but the I think he named the dog Tulo. Which means that dog is currently rehabbing somewhere.



That’s it for this edition of the draft round-up. Are there more draftees? Oh yes! If you have a draftee you’d like graded drop their IG handle there. Keep ‘gramin y’all!



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