Friars #NoFilter – Dinelson Lamet

Friars #NoFilter – Dinelson Lamet

Dinelson Lamet is getting Tommy John because of course he is. What are the Padres doing differently with their pitchers that everyone gets hurt? Is there some sort of chemical reaction in the elbow that causes it to fail when you add French fries to a burrito? Dinelson is going to have plenty of time to post on his Instagram over the next 12 months while he recovers from surgery. Maybe he’ll get a picture with Drake! We’ll check in on him then. In the meantime, let’s peek at his ‘Gram game so far.
Nice Gucci belt. Where have I seen that before? Maybe Dinelson threw out his arm holding that phone for all these selfies?
Solid action shot. Lamet has a good “pitcher face” going here. Kinda like “guitarist face.” Dude is so locked in it looks like he’s soloing over a fifth chorus of Free Bird.
There’s only two reasons to were sunglasses to a press conference. You’re either cool as hell or you’re high as hell.
Cash those checks! Or at least get free stuff from your agent. Magnus Sports is the agency owned by Marc Anthony, yeah that Marc Anthony.
“Yeah, I had a barbecue joint right there in Petco park, and these Johnny come lately twerps on the internet want to pretend like #PadresMeatTwitter is some kinda new thing. Really gives me the red ass you know what I mean? Anyway, here’s how you throw a sinker and keep games under 90 minutes.”
I love how Clayton Richard fills the costume out. I’m not sure he needed padding in that thing. Also, check out Clayton’s shoulder. It looks like he does that cupping thing.
It seems like Padre players have all adopted a senior citizen this year. Heartwarming.
Technically this is a sunrise pic not a sunset pic but I’ll take it.

All around standard ‘Gram. Again, I’d like to see some food pictures. Maybe while he’s recovering from surgery he can take a picture of his hospital food…on second thought don’t do that that sounds gross.

Solid B


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