Friars #NoFilter – Christian Villanueva

Friars #NoFilter – Christian Villanueva

The Padres are losing, their players are hitting the DL, and you can see what little motivation the team had to win draining out of them. You know, May in San Diego. As if losing Lamet for the season wasn’t enough, now Renfroe, Myers, and Hedgers are all hurt. Margot hasn’t looked right all season, but has been especially bad since coming back from getting hit in the ribs. This team is, to absolutely no one’s surprise, kind of bad. Except, that is, for Christian Villanueva and Franchy Cordero. Christian and Franchy have been flattening baseballs lately like they were Josh Naylor. It’s fun to watch.  In fact, Villanueva was named NL Rookie of the Month for April. Let’s check out his Instagram to see how it stacks up.
Looks like Chris found the pitiable senior he’s sponsoring in Mexico. Let’s be clear though, this was supposed to be a Padres home game/series, for the padres to agree to let Fernando throw out the first pitch in a dodgers jersey was questionable.
Mmmm…Yes Vamos Padres indeed. Chris is from Mexico, but not Monterrey where the Mexico series is being held this year. He’s from Guadalajara. (Viva Chivas!)
Here’s a neat little hexagon thing from MLBMexico. Cool but a little meh.
Action Shot. Fine, I guess.
Here’s that hexagon thing again.
A tip of the hat to whoever took this hat tip photo.
Here’s a stocky team generated collage type thing celebrating the game he hit three home runs. Note that they also put the HBP on the score book graphic ‘cuz it’s the Rockies and this year we’re letting things get really petty with Denver.

And that’s pretty much it. No, food pictures, no sunsets, no cute guys/girls (Fernando is many things cute not amugst them), no labels, no dogs, nothing. Just action shots and promo pics. D.

Christian, dude, I need you to step up your game on the ‘Gram. This trip to Mexico was the perfect opportunity to take pictures of food, beautiful mountain sunsets, to go out in some sweet clothes, and to meet some friendly Mexican dogs. Help me help you.

Chris did a bunch of promo stuff for this series so that probably took up a lot of his possible ‘Gram time. Maybe he’s too busy studying tape to post on the gram? If that’s the case I implore the rest of the team to follow suit and delete their accounts. Except Maki he’s the best.

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