A KEPT FAITH EXCLUSIVE – The Leaked Padres Hitting Coach Candidate Test

A KEPT FAITH EXCLUSIVE – The Leaked Padres Hitting Coach Candidate Test

MLB writer Jon Morosi revealed Monday that the Anaheim Angels were requiring any and all managerial candidates to take a 2-hour written test.

Using my vast connections and sources within the Padres’ organization, I learned that Andy Green is planning on using a similar test for any and all hitting coach candidates to replace Matt Stairs, who was let go last week.

After much begging and a little bribing and blackmailing, I managed to get my hands on a partial copy of that test. What follows is apparently the first page of multiple choice questions and the last page of written answer questions. The last page is numbered 26, but I was unable to find out what the ratio of multiple choice to written answers is in total. Suffice it to say it’s seems like it’s very comprehensive.

See for yourself.

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Multiple Choice Section

(Circle your answer)

How important is launch angle?

A) very important
B) somewhat important
C) a little important
D) what do I look like a nerd?


If you are hired as hitting coach, do you:

A) Buy a downtown condo
B) Buy a house in Del Mar
C) Rent an apartment in Chula Vista
D) Stay at a Holiday Inn Express
E) Sleep/bathe in the home clubhouse


Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Other: ________________________


Has Greg Maddux peed on you?

A) Yes
B) Oh yes
C) He’s peeing on me right now


What are the most important aspects to be a successful hitter?
(Circle all that apply)

Watching Tom Emanski’s Baseball World instructional videos
Exit Velocity


Your most preferred post-victory meal would be?

A) Denny’s
B) Wife’s/girlfriend’s home cooking
C) 7-Eleven Big Bite & a Slurpee™
D) Taco Bell
E) Lolita’s California burrito
F) 6-Pack of Monster energy drink
G) Scotch

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Page 26 of 26

How red is your ass?



Your manager & the bench coach both get thrown out of a game arguing balls & strikes. Do you pee yourself before or after they hand you the lineup card? Explain.



Player A hits .250 with power.
Player B hits .275 with speed.
Both are excellent fielders at their respective positions.
Which one do you recommend benching in favor of Jose Pirela and why?



Lemmy or God? Explain.



Do you have passion dripping from your lips? If so, how much?



How many percent is your brother the manager of the Red Sox?



How many years has it been since you spent your last Major League season coming off the Padres’ bench?



If he hits it, is it a double? Explain.



Why was Mike Dee fired?



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