Seal City SD #3: On to Toronto

Seal City SD #3: On to Toronto

This week the guys talk about the disaster that was the 2/8 Vancouver game at home. They look at the adjustments needed to be made moving forward, the new pick up of Kyle Hartzwell, and the UT profile on Austin Staats.

Then they dive into the entire scene of San Diego fringe sports that seems to have taken over the landscape. Will the emergence of the Fleet and the Landon Donovan lead Sockers make a dent in the much needed early audience of the Seals? Only time to tell with the post season around the corner. 

NEW INTRO SONG!!! Our friend AJ @AlvaroJacobo619 made a great Seals Anthem and has let us use it for the intro. Check the end of the recording to hear the whole thing and for his other music go to:  

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