A Deadline Diary of Nothing

A Deadline Diary of Nothing

This was a long week. I decided on Monday to record all my thoughts through the 1pm PST MLB Trade Deadline today. The Padres were rumored to make moves all week. Nothing and everything happened.

Monday July 27th


The Padres are the same as they were yesterday. First look at Twitter was uneventful. Mostly it’s the same speculation that has been going on for weeks. Apparently, Lee Hacksaw Hamilton’s son got into seminary. Does he want me to react to him? Um, congrats

1:42pm –

Just checked in with The Mighty 1090AM and caught Bill Center talking about AJ Preller. He thinks the Padres have an idea of what they want their nucleus to be. Sure, that’s comforting, but what is going to happen? Regardless, it’s nice that 1090 took time off from talking about the stadium issue. There’s a stadium issue downtown. A baseball team that plays there is 5 games under .500.

6:12pm –

Rumors heating up about James Shields going to the Cubs for Starlin Castro. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for Castro. Shields has quietly been underwhelming. All he did was help to get Bud Black fired. If this happens the sun will come up tomorrow.

9:55pm –

Tulowitzki goes to the Blue Jays. I feel nothing.

Tuesday July 28th 

8:11am –

Just tweeted from the TKF Twitter account BREAKING: #Padres interested in Cole Trickle. Willing to trade paint. #Sources. No retweets yet. Too early for Days of Thunder jokes? I need coffee. No Padres trades reported.

3:10pm –

Just listened to the Baseball Tonight Podcast where Buster Olney and Jayson Stark talked a little bit about the Padres possible moves. They seem to think Tulowitzki being moved from Toronto to San Diego is ridiculous. It’s hard to disagree. Stark thinks that James Shields could get moved to the Giants and the Padres would have to eat a large part of the contract in order to be able to be more flexible in the offseason.

No retweets of my Days of Thunder tweet from this morning. I thought that was fire. Whatever, our podcast with @padreshaiku just posted. I hope people like it.

7:56pm –

The Padres lost to the Mets. Could we get some of that pitching? We need a hard throwing Viking like Syndergaard. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow to find things have changed. Good luck, Preller…if you’re listening.

Wednesday July 29th

8:27pm –

People are saying that today will be the day the Padres do something huge. I’ll believe it when I see it. Friday can’t come soon enough. I want my life back.

9:13am –

The Dodgers got Mat Latos. I guess they needed an underachieving 4th starter. I hope his locker is next to Adrian’s so they can sit there and not be interesting together.

3:04pm –

Game 2 of the Mets series is an hour away. It doesn’t sound like anything major is coming. Tyson Ross is pitching tonight. Hopefully it’s not his last start as a Padre. I always wanted to see him in a playoff series wearing our uniform. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen this year. REM’s Everybody Hurts would be perfect to listen to right now but I don’t have it on my iPhone.

8:55pm –

Padres win. People freaked out over Justin Upton and Tyson Ross leaving the game. Then the Mets went Mets and screwed over a player, making him think he was traded when he wasn’t. I guess #Hugwatch is a thing. The Mets are dicks. Still no trades.

Thursday July 30th

10:16am –

Morning baseball is the best. Uncle Teddy ripping the New York media for making fun of the Wilmer Flores’ crying induced debacle went well with my morning coffee. Still no trades. #Hugwatch is in full effect.

11:52am –

The Old Testament is happening at Citi Field today with one out to go. People are saying the Pads are going to explode with trades over the next 25 hours. We will see.

2:10pm –

I just heard on the radio that the Pads/Mets game will resume in an hour. After the first rain delay in the Top of the 9th, Justin Upton hit a 3 run home run. The rains came again and stopped the game. Then it resumed for Solarte to be the 3rd out. The game is now on hold with three Mets outs to go. If they call the game, Upton’s home run will not count. His possible last memorable moment will not matter. These are my 2015 San Diego Padres. Still no trades. We are through the looking glass.

3:45pm –

The game resumed and the Padres won. 21 hours left to make a trade.


8:53am –

Twitter is on fire. I can’t keep up. Every few seconds a new rumor pops up. Who do I believe? Last night was a shitshow. There is a thirst for movement in this city.

Kimbrel, Ross, Cash, Upton, White Sox, Red Sox, Astros….AH!!

What ever happens this better not turn into a questionable passing of the physical thing like what happened with Kemp. I need a weekend and a few hundred cigarettes.

10:30am –

2 and half hours until the deadline. The strongest rumor is a Cubs, Red Sox, Pads three team deal. Details are muddy. I might never trust Ken Rosenthal ever again.

11:22am –

Almost an hour and a half left. Preller is taking heat nationally for not making a move. It just feels like he shouldn’t make a move to make a move. Appeasing assholes like me is no way to run a smart modern baseball team. Maybe the “Non-trade” is the new “blockbuster”. I should tweet that.

12:07pm –

No trades.

12:17pm –

Still nothing. The Preller backlash is starting to take shape. Reports have Kimbrel and Benoit playing Ultimate Frisbee on the field in Miami. #Chill

1:00pm –

People are tired. The waiver wire talk is trickling in.

The Padres stayed put. Preller is still a mystery. Let’s beat the Fish.

After the deadline passed reports trickled in that the Padres traded Abraham Almonte to Cleveland for Marc Rzepczynski. That was and is in fact something.

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