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A couple of days ago it was reported that Adrian Gonzalez would not be joining his beloved Dodgers during the World Series. Dodgers’ fans were left confused, a little concerned, and some hurt. For Padres fans the reaction was less worry and more joyous. It felt like maybe Adrian was a true Padre after all, and used one of his last Baseball moves to insult our hated rival.

We know that’s not true, but we don’t know for sure that it’s not true.

It’s not.

Regardless, the emotional reason Adrian decided to skip his first World Series seemed to be a mystery, even down to where he’s going. First the LA Times said he’d be traveling to Europe with his family, then Adrian tweeted a picture of himself joining the local Dodger broadcast team on the first night of the Series.

Adrian has since returned to the Dodgers and was on the field with them during batting practice for Game Two. This fact is actually what some writers are blaming LA’s dramatic loss on last night. And, it’s been confirmed the reason for his trip to Italy was to help move his family there for five months while his wife takes a shoe designing class – oh, that LA life.

For a player who is known throughout both leagues as a standup guy and a clubhouse leader, this seems to be an odd choice for a final curtain call.

Back in 2011 when the Padres let Adrian go most fans weren’t surprised. We figured it would happen at some point. All our relationships fail, and all good people leave us. However, with Adrian it almost felt like if Tony had left. A-Gonz was a kid from Eastlake, his career blossomed with the Padres, he became a star with the Padres, and he was the best player on some fairly relevant San Diego squads. His swing was a thing of beauty. He was our guy.

Then he left. To the Red Sox. The fact that in his first year with the Sox he hit .338 with 117 RBI, a league leading 213 hits, and an OPS of .957 didn’t make anything easier to swallow.

In return for Adrian the Pads got Casey Kelly and Anthony Rizzo, plus two other guys. At the time this was a great haul: a top pitching prospect in Kelly, and an elite-hitting prospect in Rizzo. Unfortunately both never came to fruition for the Friars as Kelly only appeared in seven games before needing Tommy John surgery and eventually being traded to the Braves in 2015, and Rizzo…well…shit.

Rizzo was called up in 2011, and everyone viewed him as the savior. He was the great hope to replace the production we lost when Adrian went AL. Rizzo would bring us into the new decade a winner. After only 49 games the Padres traded the scuffling power bat to the Cubs for Kyung-Min Na and fucking Andrew Cashner. For whatever reason we weren’t patient with Rizzo, and while he went off to become a superstar, we watched Cashner do his best to be interesting, and Na…well…shit.

After only one strange year in Boston, where Adrian told the Boston media that they didn’t make the playoffs because God didn’t want them to, he was traded to the Dodgers in one of the craziest and largest trades in modern day Baseball history. Along with Josh Beckett, Nick Punto, and Carl Crawford, A-Gonz hit Chavez Ravine with a ton of expectations and the pure elation of playing for his favorite team since he was a little kid.

This didn’t make Padres fans any happier. In fact it only made it worse.

While we watched Yonder Alonso hit meaningless doubles, Adrian became one of the most popular players on one of the most popular teams in Baseball. He started appearing in huge playoff games and that sweet swing of his was now featured everywhere. Our little boy was all growns up.

Over the next four seasons his stats slowly declined, but his position in the Dodgers clubhouse increased. He had fun, enjoyed himself, seem to enjoy his teammates, and his smile could be seen from Santa Monica to Diamond Bar. He belonged to Los Angeles now, and everyone south of the 76 knew it. Adrian’s Friar days were long gone and he just became another Dodger to hate; it was like watching Christian Bale’s character in Swing Kids.

Now, after having a terrible 2017 season in which he only appeared in 71 games, and lost his starting job to rookie phenom Cody Bellinger, Adrian took off.

The ultimate clubhouse guy ditched the clubhouse and by all accounts will call it a career before 2018, that is if the Padres don’t inquire about him for one last trip around the diamond.

We know they won’t, but we don’t know for sure that they won’t.

They won’t.

And, I don’t want them to. I can remember season after season I quietly wished Adrian would find his way back home. That we could once again watch him hit one into the gap, and slowly stride into second. As his career with the blue up north continued I could see that he clearly didn’t think about San Diego the way we thought about him. He embraced LA, lives in LA, raises his family in LA, and will more than likely stay in LA no matter where he plays.

That’s why this little disappearing act didn’t make me happy that he shafted the Dodgers, and it didn’t make me sad that it looked like he would miss his only World Series appearance. It just made me feel weird. I felt nothing. It was like watching Kyle Chandler in Bloodline: “Hey! It’s Coach Taylor! I love Coach Taylor! Oh, wait that’s not Coach Taylor; he’s that guy now. This show is fine. I’ll watch the first season. He’s a good actor. Criminally underrated on Friday Night Lights. I miss Coach Taylor.”

Adrian moved on from us and never looked back. Don’t expect him to pull an LT and come back trying to earn a cheap paycheck helping the Padres build a new stadium. He’s not a part of this place anymore. He’s not a part of any place anymore. He’s moved on from Baseball.

He’s gone.

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Pitch Production Designer Dave Blass – TKF #68

This week the guys had a special a co-host. Colleen Stevenson teaches 11th Grade at High Tech High Chula Vista and her students have a project to create their own podcasts! We talked about what sports her kids are interested in, the Chargers loss, and her troubling love for the Dodgers. Then we have Dave Blass call in from the set of Pitch! Dave is the production designer on the show and shared with us the intricate ways he recreated our beloved Petco Park.

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30 Innings

By Nicholas McCann

The first Padres home series of the year against the Los Angeles Dodgers was a disaster. As an entertainment product, it was a horrendous roll out. The only thing that could’ve made it worse is if the Padres had ditched Fox Sports SD and forced fans to stream the games on Tidal. San Diego’s team didn’t score at all for three days and wore different uniforms each time out. They looked like a team that didn’t know what they wanted to be.

Then it rained.

Going into Friday’s matchup against the Colorado Rockies, the Padres were a national joke. And after the 30th frame of scoreless hell, they finally exploded and beat the Rockies two games in a row by huge margins. Everyone exhaled, but probably no one more than first year manager Andy Green. Last year at this time the central storyline to the team’s entire package was the emergence of the “Rock Star GM” framing of AJ Preller. It allowed us to believe we had a Bobby Fisher/Steve Jobs character operating three moves ahead of everyone else. We thought we had an edge. This year the focus is on Green and the hope that he can do something remarkable with a team that is building (not rebuilding) to something greater. Sure, it was just the first three games of the year that mirrored the sensation of drowning, but the fact still remains that the 2016 San Diego Padres are a team capable of going 30 straight innings with out scoring a run. There’s no way around that being a significant red flag. And to make matters worse, this truth was revealed to the other first year manager in the division.

The Dodgers’ new skipper Dave Roberts and Andy Green will always be judged against each other. It’s basically a race to see who can stay employed the longest. There’s no other way to look at it. The first franchise to reboot will be the loser. Most Padres fans are fond of Roberts. He played a short stint in San Diego and was a respected coach under Bud Black. More importantly, he has the type of personality that usually works here. He’s non-threatening and always seems like a stoic introvert up until the point when he needs to say the right thing. Then he flashes his million dollar smile and people say, “I like that guy.” Green is different publicly, but all signs point to him being just as savvy. People who are already over the moon on Green are drawn to his personality first. He projects youthful energy with every word that comes out of his mouth and it seems to be winning with those who desperately need a persona opposite of Bud Black’s.

The Padres play the Dodgers in LA at the end of the month and it will be interesting to see how or if Andy Green addresses the first series of the year. The main criticism that always came from Bud Black detractors was that he didn’t project enough fight outwardly in the media when the cameras were on. Green likes to craft sound bites about process and consistency, but we haven’t yet seen him get ejected from a game or clearly direct a pitcher to throw at an opposing batter. Do we need him to feed the rivalry and address the current state of it when the next series comes around? Dave Roberts most likely will not engage in this for two reasons: (A) he already has proven he has our number this year and (B) he comes from the school of Buddy. Black’s role in this dynamic is symbolic, but it still matters. Preller fired him and didn’t give Dave Roberts a real chance to be his replacement. Now the man who was Bud’s right hand man is at the helm of the hated rival and he’s got exponentially more talent than was ever given to Black to work with.

Over the next few years the Dodgers will be contenders and the Padres will be developing a young core. Roberts will need to get to the World Series and win while Andy Green will be defined by how fast he can get his franchise to the point where Dave is starting from now. They both will say the right things in their own ways. Dave is up three and Andy needs to come home and win. If the Padres need an identity, they can start by never again being what they were out of the gate.

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MLB Predictions 2016

by Dallas McLaughlin

Well, it’s time for a time-honored, time-sensitive, timeless piece of work known as my 2016 Major League Baseball Predictions! I spend countless time researching and reading and more research and more reading of things, and of course tons of insider information (I know the guy who cleans the Phillie Phanatic costume, so that’s something) that all is equated, tested, and scientifically reworked to provide the closest outcome possible to what might end up being the outcome.

The analysis may sound off, but the picks are always real. And timeless.

Let us start with Alexander Cartwright’s National League:


Philadelphia Phillies: This season the Phillies try something new – and kill Ryan Howard. Not for anything specific, just because. Unfortunately, no one knew that Howard had a direwolf named “Subway”, which goes on a rampage and attacks any Phillie under 25 years old. They play bandaged and bloody, but play well and finish in 3rd.

New York Mets*: Add eight more stud pitchers to the team while forgetting about 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Shortstop, Catcher, and all three outfield spots, but, man that rotation is sweet!

Montreal Nationals: Trade Daniel Murphy after he hits six homeruns in the first week, and no homeruns for the next two months. This opens a spot for Trea Turner who immediately becomes the best second baseman in the history of the game and the Nationals still can’t make the playoffs.

Florida Marlins of Miami: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fof40yqaW1U

Atlanta Braves: Atlanta does everything it can to garner interest in a team that is fielding…Freddie Freeman! They introduce “So, There’s That Night” where any fan who can name the starting outfield wins Freddie Freeman for a day.


Pittsburgh Pirates: Continue to tease fans like your 10th Grade English teacher. Sure, she made it seem like there was a chance, but you knew deep down it would never happen. I mean it might. It totally could, but won’t. Ever. Not until she’s 45 and your 23 and by that time it won’t even be worth it.

St. Louis Cardinals: Who gives a shit?

Chicago Cubs*: The Cubs begin season two of The Riz Goes Mads, and it’s a mess. Anthony Rizzo has left the show due to creative differences (socks), and is replaced by Kris Bryant. However, The Bry Goes Mads never catches on, and the show is cancelled three episodes in. Joe Maddon resigns, Rizzo is busted for steroids, and Kris Bryant gets engaged to Tila Tequila. This leads to a new reality show called The Bry Digs the Hard Stuff, and it runs for eighteen seasons. Somewhere along the way the Cubs do not win the World Series.

Milwaukee Brewers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJzF8_df1R8

Cincinnati Reds: Realize that Brandon Phillips was always on the team, and will always be on the team. He’ll never play anywhere else, and he will never retire. He is the beginning and the end. Genesis and Revelation. He is. Jay Bruce is murdered.


San Francisco Giants* (guest written by Sean O’Donnell): The Giants buy into the “even-year” theory so hard that they declare themselves World Series Champions on Opening Day. They don’t show up to any games, and go 0-162. Somehow they still come in 3rd in the NL West.

Colorado Rockies: Totally forgot they had Jose Reyes. When they remember why he was gone everybody kinda gets the heebie jeebies. Like, ehhhh. You know? Gross. They finish last in the division and DESERVE IT FOR NOT RELEASING HIM WHO CARES ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS AND RESULTS GROW A FREAKING SPINE HE IS NOT WORTH IT!

Arizona Diamondbacks: Despite the high profile acquisitions and “go for it” attitude, nothing seems to work out right. Goldy breaks his leg in May. Greinke goes into hiding after a fan calls him “incendiary” and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to take it. AJ Pollock starts making weird splatter paintings with spit in the outfield grass. They lose 83 games, and Pollock doesn’t sell one piece at his first art show “Grass Works”.

San Diego Padres: Andy Green brings a new attitude into the clubhouse, and surprisingly the team finishes in second place in the West. The celebration is cut short when in a ‘happy rage’ Mark Maguire eats Andy Green whole, and all the ghosts that Fernando Rodney has been shooting all these years with ghost arrows enact their revenge on the unsuspecting San Diego public.

Los Angeles Dodgers of Anaheim (guest written by Q): Hit with so many injuries that they sparked a M.A.S.H. reboot—delighting white people everywhere! The Dodgers decided to just go with Kershaw, A-Gonz, and Puig in the field. Unfortunately, Puig was injured riding an actual bull in from right field and Adrian left to model Doublemint gum.  So Kershaw played on. Alone. Somehow, the Dodgers still finished 13 games ahead of the Padres.

WILD CARDS: Dodgers, Pirates


Now, on to Ban Johnson’s load of bull, American League:


New York Yankees: On “Old Timers” Day, the team tries to bring Yogi Berra back to life using jumper cables. Amazingly it doesn’t work, and the results are horrifying. The whole fiasco curses the Pinstripes and they lose a record 145 games. They still finish in 2nd place.

Baltimore Orioles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLaM1d383eg

Boston Red Sox: In the grand tradition of not letting the Yankees outdo them, they try to bring Curt Schilling back to life. Everything was going smoothly until someone realized he wasn’t dead. This caused the Red Sox brass to claim the experiment a success, and that they are once again better than the Yankees. David Ortiz explodes from all the steroids.

Toronto Blue Jays*: At the beginning of the season John Gibbons brings a life-size cardboard cut out of Goose Gossage into the locker room. It’s covered, and every time the Blue Jays win, a piece of the cover is removed revealing more and more of Gossage. The strategy works and the Blue Jays win 120 games. When all the pieces are removed, the Toronto Blue Jays become 35 of now only 63 people who know why Gossage got the nickname “Goose”.

Tampa Bay Rays: Evan Longoria is still playing on this team.


Cleveland Indians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpZ3LODBK7E

Chicago White Sox: After a very strange Spring Training, to regain the love of his players, Jerry Reinsdorf decides to sign Drake LaRoche to DH in his father’s place. Surprisingly he hits for a better average, but unsurprisingly he’s a little brat. They immediately release him, and sign the pop star Drake to pitch relief. Unsurprisingly he is booed during every appearance.

Kansas City Royals: Chasing the dragon, they start the season by winning 45 games in a row! However, it all comes to a screeching halt on ‘Mike Moustakas Bobble Head’ night when George Brett brings an actual moose to the stadium and it tramples Sal Perez to death.

Detroit Tigers*: Verlander almost makes a comeback. Miggy hits 36 homeruns. Upton has a great year. JD Martinez strikes out a lot. That’s all.

Minnesota Twins: If you listen hard enough, you can hear the faint sounds of every fan in Minnesota softly chanting, “Kumite, Kimute, Kumite…”


Anaheim Angels of Dodgers: Completely shocked he still manages the team; Mike Scioscia decides its time to test the limits. He benches Pujols and starts CJ Cron, trades Garrett Richards and Huston Street to the A’s for Eric Sogard and Josh Phegley, starts Trout at Catcher, and re-signs Josh Hamilton to do absolutely nothing. They win 64 games and he signs a contract extension for $30 million over seven years.

Oakland Athletics*: With Richards and Street now on the roster, they win the division and lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Houston Astros: Springer gets hurt in the first week, Gattis retires after they make him shave his beard, and oddly, Doug Fister does not work out. They still show a ton of effort, and everyone is just really very proud of them.

Seattle Mariners: The Mariners re-sign Ichiro for one more victory lap, and he amazingly hits .320 for the season and the team begins to compete for a wild card birth. This ignites the city, and all the fans that claimed to always be Seahawks fans, have once again shifted back and now always claim to have been Mariners fans. Marshawn Lynch sings the National Anthem on opening day.

Texas Rangers: The Rangers are forced to trade Joey Gallo and Jurickson Profar when all the other teams enact a long forgotten rule called the “But, It’s Not Fair” rule. They trade Gallo for Steven Matz from the Mets, and Profar for more sunflower seeds.

WILD CARD: Astros, Yankees


WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS: San Francisco Giants (in 6)

That’s it! That’s the prediction. I wish I could have picked some fancy winner, but it’s an even year and what do you want? I was the only one who picked the Giants to win back in 2012, and hot damn I’ll do it again!

Thanks for reading, now go watch some Baseball you idiot!

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A Short Play by Padres Haiku

Setting- a luxury office overlooking downtown LA. Don Mattingly has just been fired.

Dodger Exec: [to Magic Johnson] Mr. Johnson, the Dodgers and Don Mattingly have…parted ways. We have started to look for a replacement. The front office thinks-

Magic Johnson: [Interrupts] Pat Riley. Call Pat Riley!

DE: Uh…He’s a basketball guy, and anyway he’s busy with the Miami Heat.

MJ: Call him!!! He owes me!

[15 minuets later]

DE: So we uh, called Mr. Riley. He politely declined…Dodger brass suggests hiring-

MJ: Bill Parcells, he’s old school. I like that. He’ll toughen up that outfield!! He’s turned around teams before. Call him.

DE: Again, Mr. Johnson, Bill Parcells doesn’t have experience in the baseball world.  Plus, we’ve been to the post-season three years in a row, so a rebuild isn’t really necessary. It would serve the organization better to-

MJ: Call him!!

[10 minuets later]

DE: Mr. Parcells has passed.

[Magic stares out his window]

DE: Mr. Johnson, our best option might be to let the basball operations people find a new manager. Zaidi and his guys can find a…

MJ: You want a baseball guy? How about Lasorda? He’s available.

DE: Right…Well…Uh…

MJ:Call him!!!

[five minutes later]

DE: Mr. Lasorda said no.

MJ: He did?

DE: Well, he used a few magic words, but after asking us to trade for Willie Keeler, he hung up. It might be best to go a different route. Maybe someone with an analyitic background?

MJ: No, let’s stay on the path that we’re on right now. I got an idea. Can we hire…

-Smash cut to-

Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier, and Chase Utley spray champagne on a bag of money sitting next to the Commissioner’s Trophy.

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Another Dodgers Series: The End

The Padres and Dodgers played again last weekend and it was pretty much the end of the Padres season. San Diego does not have a good team this year. The experiment didn’t work. It’s time to look forward. If the Pads can’t beat the Dodgers with their secondary pitching, it’s sadly a lost cause. Our old Dodgers fan friend Q helped me through this.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 3rd 2015 2:45pm PST


So the Dodgers are in the driver seat to win the division and the rest of the teams in the NL West are looking at themselves bewildered at what happened. It’s really not that confusing. Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw are allowing everyone with a keyboard in LA to write the “This is the next Koufax and Drysdale” pieces. Have it. It’s earned. We all want what you have: Blondes who have more fun…on the mound…on the highest level of the sport.

The Padres are in a heated battle for 3rd place with the Diamondbacks and it’s getting ugly. You don’t even know. Preller built a team and it didn’t lead anywhere definitive. They aren’t good and they aren’t a trainwreck…they’re just there.

That said, it’ll be nice to see Mat Latos and think back to all the non-memories.

Can you tell I’m not happy about the current state of Padres Baseball? How was your Summer?


Q September 3rd 2015 4:45pm

My summer has been fine, I appreciate you asking.

Existing in the middle is worse in football and basketball, where the loss of draft position might be meaningful.  But you guys are going out with an emotional whimper, no doubt.  If you’d hit the cellar and bottomed out, at least you’d have some catharsis.  I certainly thought the deadline would have some kind of movement for the Pads: either a sale to reclaim some value or another desperate shot at glory. Instead, you got a LOOGY who’s name wins every Scrabble tourney. Turned out you were what we thought you were; a strangely constructed .500 team.

I think what should be most alarming is feeling like you don’t know where you’re headed. The Astros and Twins have sucked for a few years….and we didn’t know if it would work…but we knew what they were trying to do. AJ went from maniac to mouse so fast that I don’t have any idea who he is.

But that’s enough about 3rd place don’t you think?

I’d love to take joy in our success. But Im starting to feel ’90s Atlanta Bravish and that doesn’t feel good. Yes, logically having (arguably) the best two starters in baseball in a short series should feel like a huge advantage. But we have a lot of ingredients for another early exit. Our biggest strength on offense is our depth and while that’s useful over 162, it’s less valuable over 7 ( or 5).  Our bullpen is shaky before Kenley, we need meaningful contributions from Carl Crawford and Chase Utley, and our cleanup hitter is Justin Turner. With the caveat that anything can happen once you get to the playoff dance, it doesn’t exactly feel like a team of destiny.

Enjoy watching Latos on TV. Someone should.


The Padres beat the Dodgers 10-7.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 4th 2015 10:32am

The Top 5 Dodgers That I Hate The Most Right Now:

1) Greinke
2) Grandal
3) Kershaw
4) Joc
5) Ethier

Honorable Mention:

Mat Latos

Look, I have no reason to hate Mat Latos. He didn’t do anything to jeopardize the success of my team. He was a class act, and then he got traded. I think my hate for him is an extension of my hate for all blonde Dodgers (see: list above.)

Last night was fun. Mat displayed the same problems that have held him back his entire career and it warmed my heart to see them hurt your side.

This series is an odd experience. My Giants fans friends texted me with thank you sentiments last night. This should be a spoiler role for us, but it’s not. Can you remember being in a position like this where the outcome of the game hurts one rival but helps other?

Q September 4th 2015 2:49pm

First of all, I’m impressed with any “hated Dodger list” without Puig. Everybody hates him, which says more about them than him. Thanks for looking deeper.

I can’t remember a game like that, where hurting one helps another enemy… but it must happen all the time, right? Especially in football. I mean, right?

Last night added cells to the ulcer, no doubt. I did take some solace in watching Corey Seager.  As underwhelming as the Latos and Alex Wood acquisitions were, at least we kept our future All Star shortstop instead of trading him for Wil Myers.

Spoil all you want; I just hope you’re an Equal Opportunity Spoiler when you see the Men in Black from up north.

Dodgers beat the Padres 8-4.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 5th 2015 1:14pm

I left Adrian off my list because I’m trying to stay positive, but man that hurt. He killed us last night and my sweep jokes were again shoved back in the sadness folder. He is so visibly comfortable as a Dodger and he should be. A-Gonz is making what the market was for him and he is executing in a consistent way.

It hurts. It really hurts.

Despite LA’s win last night, I completely agree with you on the blind spots of your team. Besides Greinke and Kershaw the rest of the staff would scare me. They should get to and through the divisional series but the NLCS likely against St. Louis could be a real issue.

A few weeks ago on the podcast our other Dodgers fan friend Robert Pouder was on and we talked about Don Mattingly’s job security. What scenarios do you see where he keeps his job? Does he have to make the World Series to stay?

Q September 5th 2015 3:21pm

I sort of felt like that watching Piazza in the series with the Mets in ’99.  Trading him made zero sense; I don’t even remember what the point of it was supposed to be.

So….I am not a fan of Mattingly. At all. I kind of hoped he’d be gone when the new regime came in.  When I heard that rumor about him going to Florida…man I hope it’s true. I’d like to go ahead and let the guy who first hired Joe Maddon go ahead and do his thing. But I honestly don’t know what to expect. Mattingly is, tactically, an awful manager.  But other than a handful (Maddon, Hinch. Bochy, maybe Bannister in Texas or Melvin in Oakland), it seems like every manager in the league costs their team more games than they win according to advanced stats and win probability numbers. So, as bad as Mattingly is, he’s probably about middle of the road. Long story short, if the Dodgers win the series, I guess he has to stay. If not, I think I’m ready for a forward thinker instead of a throwback.

Serving the ball back to you….any idea what kind of guy the Pads go after? Wanna trade us Trea Turner or Matthew Wisler for him? Oh wait….

The Dodgers beat the Padres 2-0 and the beat then won 5-1 on Sunday, winning the series.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 7th 2015 2:12pm

I had to really think about this. The season is over. When our local idiot middle reliever Nick Vincent threw the ball over Wil Myers head into foul territory for a three run error all hope of turning this thing around was lost.

If the Padres aren’t careful they could end up with the same record as last year. That would be embarrassing. I would probably start the argument that Bud Black’s 2014 season was actually a masterpiece.

Whatever, nobody cares.

Looking at the ocean of Dodger blue at Petco this weekend, I realized we are taking a knife to a gun fight. Back to the drawing board, Prellz. We need some new toys to at least show off at the next All Star Game.

This was a rough weekend and is turning out to be a rough year. I guess I should turn my attention to a team that really cares about me. Go Chargers!

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Padres Canon: Adrian vs. Garvey

This is the second conversation in the important series #PadresCanon by Nicholas Burmeister AKA @padreshaiku and I. Again, we are not trying to decide who should be in the Padres Hall of Fame. This is more of a discussion of who/what represents the most Padresness. It’s a work in progress, like the rest of lives. Help us out and tell us what you think!

NICHOLAS MCCANN (August 3rd 2015 9:30am)

Dear Haiku,

We have a problem. It’s pretty clear Adrian Gonzalez and Steve Garvey are worthy of being in the Padres Canon. However, I can’t have them both in. I won’t allow it. They are both significant Padres, but with the way things are going they will both share a majority of their careers with the Dodgers. They both played five years with the Padres. Adrian, the local boy who couldn’t stay, never had a significant post season moment. Steve Garvey on the other hand did, but we all know that if he were to make the Hall of Fame it would be as a Dodger. I’m torn. Help. This is important.

NICK BURMEISTER (August 3rd 2:39pm)


It’s taken me awhile to respond to this both because this match-up gives me strong feelings, and…you know…work and the baby and stuff.

Remember when we had a great bullpen? One of the best I can remember was 2010, Gregorson, Adams, and Bell made a nine inning game a six inning game which kept the Padres in contention until the last game of that year. The Padres lost that game to the Giants who would eventually win the World Series. (The Padres owned the Giants that year but couldn’t win when it mattered) I remember that game really well, I remember Adrian Gonzalez not getting too many chances to be a hero, but not having a stand out moment either. For me, that’s the game that cemented what Adrian was for the Padres. He couldn’t be a scapegoat, but he wasn’t a hero. Let’s be real, if he wasn’t from south bay and TJ we’d be having this conversation about Garvey and Nevin. I know he’s number two in home runs for the Padres behind Colbert (100% Canon) but does Adrian have anything but a bunch of homers on his Padres resume? I’m a hard no to Adrian.

Garvey is a Dodger.

Choosing between the two is hard for me but if I have to pick one it would be Garv. “Home Run Garvey! And there will be tomorrow!” is one of the most exciting calls in Padre history. I’d say number two. He made that happen, he was the hero, and San Diegans loved him for it. He was our guy, if but for a little while. I’m not sure about his number on the batters eye, but he’s canon. If he’s not canon, I’d like to nominate Steve Garvey’s tree trunk forearms! Honestly, they’re huge, like Popeye size.

NICHOLAS MCCANN (August 4th 1:32pm)

I agree with you. There really isn’t any way around it. It seems that if things play out as they are now, Garvey has to be in over Adrian. If Adrian makes a few more postseasons with the Dodgers (assuming Kershaw doesn’t keep choking) this conversation will drift away from even being close to in play. However, the only chance Adrian has to take the Padres Canon away from Steve Garvey is if he ever came back to the Padres later in his 30s and was part of some kind of magical run. I could see this happening. It’s actually something that I think about a lot. The We Get Adrian Back When He’s Busted narrative is still in play.

Garvey has the moment but Adrian has the significance of the trade that sent him away and what that meant at the time. Steve just finished his career here, had some fun times, and got a bunch of people pregnant. Adrian’s departure meant we were going nowhere. If he ever came back he might have a chance. And there will be tomorrow.

NICK BURMEISTER (August 4th 5:54pm)

I’d rather not put either in the Canon really. That Gonzo/Rizzo trade was so bad for the Padres.

That Hoyer-Byrnes era really devastated the team… a team that can’t really have devastation like that. It’s one thing when the Yankees blow a quarter billion on some bust or when the Dodgers went through the McCourt divorce. Those are big cities with plenty of money, they can recover quick. The Padres don’t have that luxury.

NICHOLAS MCCANN (August 5th 10:01am)

The Adrian trade was the pinnacle of misery that has come this way since 1998. It was dark because it wasn’t surprising in the least and it had nothing to do with the fans. I think he still has a shot at the Canon because historically the Padres sign over the hill players that they can sell to the fanbase. Adrian is still local and it would mean something if he returned.

But for me, Garvey is in. I don’t really remember anything before 1984. When I started to get interested in baseball, Garv was the guy. Tony was just starting out and Goose was dark and cool, but Steve was the guy all the kids on my block in Clairemont wanted to be.

Both of these guys are Dodgers and the bulk of their importance in the overall baseball historical landscape might support that, but Garvey had the home run and Adrian never did.

NICK BURMEISTER (August 5th 8:52pm)

I think you hit the nail on the head with at least one aspect of this discussion. I loved Garv because he represented the pure love and enthusiasm that a 4 or 5 year old has for a baseball team. When you’re a kid the business of baseball means little more than “can I get dad to buy me nachos in a helmet at the game?” Every year I thought we were going to win the World Series and every year I was shocked that we had lost 100 games. I knew Adrian was leaving because by the time we got him from the Rangers I was already a Padres cynic and conspiracy theorist. Perhaps nostalgia clouds reason.

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TKF Podcast #11: Molly Knight & Brady Phelps

This week Dallas is joined by Brady Phelps from Lobshots.com as they both interview Molly Knight about her new book “The Best Team Money Can Buy: The Dodgers Wild Struggle to Build A Baseball Powerhouse”. They talk about Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Adrian Gonzalez, and way too much about Zack Greinke. Molly brings some of her behind-the-scenes knowledge and storytelling to the podcast, with fantastic insight on where both the Dodgers and Padres might be headed this season. This is a must listen for Baseball fans.

Download the episode here:




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The Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep 4

The guys try to figure out if the explosion of runs against the Dodgers is a turning point, or a fluke. Did Bud Black showing emotion help? Will he last? How close could we come to extending Upton? They also talk about Nick’s latest post on keptfaith.com and how we should act if the Chargers do leave. Follow us on twitter @thekeptfaith and visit the site: keptfaith.com Also subscribe on iTunes! NOW!

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Another Dodgers Series

My friend Q and I got back into it. He is still a Dodgers fan living in Texas and I am still a Padres fan trying to deal with the ups and downs of the season while somehow being-what feels like-the only person defending Bud Black. Enjoy.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Friday May 22nd 11:34am PST

Dear Q,

The Padres are two games under .500 and five games back of the Dodgers. This is where we stand. As a whole, the NL West has pretty much kept itself under the radar in the national baseball conversation. The current standings are about what most people thought they would be and little change is anticipated. It looks like it will be LA and SF battling it out for the Division and one of them will likely get a Wild Card.

I’m sure you love this.

Matt Kemp is scaring people down here. We puffed our chests out and now he looks old. There is obviously a hole in his swing because something is ailing him. It’s tricky because Bud Black doesn’t want to sit him or move him down in the lineup because of what it will mean symbolically to the team and the fan base after our December to remember.

I hope he bounces back against his old team. It’s only May, but the clock is ticking.


Q Friday May 22nd 4:45pm PST


Strange to start this way, but can we talk about the Giants?  Have you seen the guys on their team?  Angel Pagan is batting 3rd!  Other than Bumgarner, they have no one who would even be a good 4th starter.  Bullpen is fine, but meh.  How do they do this?

Ok, back to your therapy.  Kemp gon’ Kemp.  He was hot garbage the first part of last year, then had 6 weeks or so of MVP Kemp.  I expect the same, following his 2nd DL trip, which will likely end approximately August 18th. This isn’t your most pressing issue.

It’s the defense, dude.

Sabermetrics is, admittedly, behind a bit when it comes to measuring defense. There are different metrics that measure different things.  DRS measures “runs saved,” ARM measures how well runners are kept from advancing, UZR measures how many balls hit into a players ‘zone’ are played correctly and so on.

By pretty much any measure, the Padres outfield is last.  Like, dead last.  Historically, only 10% of these teams make the playoffs and only one has won the World Series. Add that to the fact that Petco’s biggest strength is holding fly balls in and, probability-wise, you are likely dead in the water already if nothing changes.

And, yes, I’m talking about your shortcomings to avoid saying that the Dodgers are limping home after being swept AGAIN by the Giants, Kershaw isn’t Kershaw (and it’s been long enough that it at least might mean something), and we haven’t scored a run since Fatboy Slim was the future of EDM.

On the other hand:


Zach will be accepting your first born sons in exchange for a quick death.

Welcome to Doyertown.

The Dodgers won Game One 2-1.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Saturday May 23rd 1:22pm PST


I agree with you on the Giants. I don’t know how they do it, but they are going to be around until the end of the race. Will the Padres poke their heads in to that conversation? It feels still in play, but we’re worried.

The defense is the biggest problem. The infield hasn’t been solidified and the outfield is worse than I thought it would be. All signs pointed towards being one of the worst defenses in the league, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. It’s pretty jarring to watch because every ball hit can be a problem.

People down here want Bud Black’s head for being 3 games under .500. I’m not ready to go there yet, but the torches and pitchforks are out for most people. I think there are glaring problems with the roster that have created this result. I don’t see the in-game-managerial decisions to be the big factor.

Zack Greinke got us last night. Hopefully we’ll avoid the sweep. Feel free to send me broom pics if it happens.

Q Saturday May 23rd 4:43pm PST


You need to exorcise that Greinke demon. One way would be to figure out a way to do more charity work; I’m thinking doing household chores for people with broken collarbones. Or if you don’t want to go the karma route, cover Carlos Quentin in chicken blood and symbolically flog him with his favorite crutch, chanting “Plate Crowder! Plate Crowder!”

Of course, the fan base at large wants the manager’s head. One cursory listen to callers on sports talk radio tells you that most people are unrealistic. Two things can happen when a starving fan base is thrown a bone. One, they are so beaten down that the think the bone is a trick and refuse to embrace it, in fear of more disappointment (see Manziel, Johnny). The other more common reaction is to think that bone is a filet mignon and that the championship is now in the bag. Sounds like y’all are the latter. Bud Black is who he is. He wasn’t a great manager when he won once in a while with crap talent and he’s not bad now. I mean what is he supposed to do, sub in Venable in the 2nd inning every time the Pads lead? Rub Kemp’s knees himself between innings? Clearly, this is not his fault. If he is fired, this will tell you a lot about this Preller guy, none of it good.

I never heard of our next two starting pitchers. So if you’re gonna win the series, I’d start now.

The Dodgers won Game Two 2-0

NICHOLAS MCCANN Sunday May 24th 10:37am PST


Are you aware that the Padres drafted Johnny Manziel in baseball? You don’t have to answer that. Look, I just think people are used to some much losing with Bud Black navigating through it. I think he deserves this season to prove what he can do.

Justin Upton got ejected last night and Buddy stuck up for him with out getting tossed. What are your thoughts on that? Was it pointed? Was it a message?

Congrats, you won the series.

The Padres smashed the Dodgers 11-3

Q Monday May 25th Memorial Day 10:21am PST


Well, if they gave series wins based on total runs, you’d have it. Might want to spread those out next time.

Ejection-wise….I mean…..would you want to hang around and watch your team get one hit by someone named Ballslinger? Has there ever been a name that is both so appropriate for a pitcher yet inappropriate for a human being? I mean besides Mark Grant. But hey, Justin Upton killed us yesterday by himself , so I suppose you could say it worked.

As far as Bud, you gotta fall on the sword for your best player. Really, your only player. I mean, imagine your season without Justin Upton on a 20/20 pace and batting .300? You really should lock him up long term, so he will go into a 6 week slump.

I wanted your expectations to be higher for the year, but maybe you hit it right on the mark. It’s an exciting year relatively, right? Just happy to be here.

Dodger-wise….I’m worried. Both the staff after Greinke and the bottom of the lineup look pretty bad. And Mattingly ain’t exactly up for the Joe Maddon Strategy Award. Luckily, we can trade for any expensive pitcher that we want and buy at least a playoff spot. Someday that will be you, too (it won’t be).

Good luck with the Chargers. Everything coming up roses in SD!

Dodgers won the series 2-1. We will meet again.

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