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TKF Pod #23: Lee Hacksaw Hamilton

This week Nick sits down with sports broadcasting legend Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton! They talk about his career, the future of San Diego sports, and just a little bit about Homer Bush! Listen and learn from one of San Diego’s most recognizable voices!

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TKF Pod #21: The Haiku Returns

This week Nick and Travis welcome back Nicholas Burmeister AKA @Padreshaiku back to the podcast. They talk about the passing of Yogi Berra, Dick Enberg’s big announcement, and the end of the Padres 2015 season. Then they talk about the Chargers vs Bengals and the overall landscape of the hard to predict AFC West. Follow us on twitter @thekeptfaith,

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Another Dodgers Series: The End

The Padres and Dodgers played again last weekend and it was pretty much the end of the Padres season. San Diego does not have a good team this year. The experiment didn’t work. It’s time to look forward. If the Pads can’t beat the Dodgers with their secondary pitching, it’s sadly a lost cause. Our old Dodgers fan friend Q helped me through this.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 3rd 2015 2:45pm PST


So the Dodgers are in the driver seat to win the division and the rest of the teams in the NL West are looking at themselves bewildered at what happened. It’s really not that confusing. Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw are allowing everyone with a keyboard in LA to write the “This is the next Koufax and Drysdale” pieces. Have it. It’s earned. We all want what you have: Blondes who have more fun…on the mound…on the highest level of the sport.

The Padres are in a heated battle for 3rd place with the Diamondbacks and it’s getting ugly. You don’t even know. Preller built a team and it didn’t lead anywhere definitive. They aren’t good and they aren’t a trainwreck…they’re just there.

That said, it’ll be nice to see Mat Latos and think back to all the non-memories.

Can you tell I’m not happy about the current state of Padres Baseball? How was your Summer?


Q September 3rd 2015 4:45pm

My summer has been fine, I appreciate you asking.

Existing in the middle is worse in football and basketball, where the loss of draft position might be meaningful.  But you guys are going out with an emotional whimper, no doubt.  If you’d hit the cellar and bottomed out, at least you’d have some catharsis.  I certainly thought the deadline would have some kind of movement for the Pads: either a sale to reclaim some value or another desperate shot at glory. Instead, you got a LOOGY who’s name wins every Scrabble tourney. Turned out you were what we thought you were; a strangely constructed .500 team.

I think what should be most alarming is feeling like you don’t know where you’re headed. The Astros and Twins have sucked for a few years….and we didn’t know if it would work…but we knew what they were trying to do. AJ went from maniac to mouse so fast that I don’t have any idea who he is.

But that’s enough about 3rd place don’t you think?

I’d love to take joy in our success. But Im starting to feel ’90s Atlanta Bravish and that doesn’t feel good. Yes, logically having (arguably) the best two starters in baseball in a short series should feel like a huge advantage. But we have a lot of ingredients for another early exit. Our biggest strength on offense is our depth and while that’s useful over 162, it’s less valuable over 7 ( or 5).  Our bullpen is shaky before Kenley, we need meaningful contributions from Carl Crawford and Chase Utley, and our cleanup hitter is Justin Turner. With the caveat that anything can happen once you get to the playoff dance, it doesn’t exactly feel like a team of destiny.

Enjoy watching Latos on TV. Someone should.


The Padres beat the Dodgers 10-7.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 4th 2015 10:32am

The Top 5 Dodgers That I Hate The Most Right Now:

1) Greinke
2) Grandal
3) Kershaw
4) Joc
5) Ethier

Honorable Mention:

Mat Latos

Look, I have no reason to hate Mat Latos. He didn’t do anything to jeopardize the success of my team. He was a class act, and then he got traded. I think my hate for him is an extension of my hate for all blonde Dodgers (see: list above.)

Last night was fun. Mat displayed the same problems that have held him back his entire career and it warmed my heart to see them hurt your side.

This series is an odd experience. My Giants fans friends texted me with thank you sentiments last night. This should be a spoiler role for us, but it’s not. Can you remember being in a position like this where the outcome of the game hurts one rival but helps other?

Q September 4th 2015 2:49pm

First of all, I’m impressed with any “hated Dodger list” without Puig. Everybody hates him, which says more about them than him. Thanks for looking deeper.

I can’t remember a game like that, where hurting one helps another enemy… but it must happen all the time, right? Especially in football. I mean, right?

Last night added cells to the ulcer, no doubt. I did take some solace in watching Corey Seager.  As underwhelming as the Latos and Alex Wood acquisitions were, at least we kept our future All Star shortstop instead of trading him for Wil Myers.

Spoil all you want; I just hope you’re an Equal Opportunity Spoiler when you see the Men in Black from up north.

Dodgers beat the Padres 8-4.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 5th 2015 1:14pm

I left Adrian off my list because I’m trying to stay positive, but man that hurt. He killed us last night and my sweep jokes were again shoved back in the sadness folder. He is so visibly comfortable as a Dodger and he should be. A-Gonz is making what the market was for him and he is executing in a consistent way.

It hurts. It really hurts.

Despite LA’s win last night, I completely agree with you on the blind spots of your team. Besides Greinke and Kershaw the rest of the staff would scare me. They should get to and through the divisional series but the NLCS likely against St. Louis could be a real issue.

A few weeks ago on the podcast our other Dodgers fan friend Robert Pouder was on and we talked about Don Mattingly’s job security. What scenarios do you see where he keeps his job? Does he have to make the World Series to stay?

Q September 5th 2015 3:21pm

I sort of felt like that watching Piazza in the series with the Mets in ’99.  Trading him made zero sense; I don’t even remember what the point of it was supposed to be.

So….I am not a fan of Mattingly. At all. I kind of hoped he’d be gone when the new regime came in.  When I heard that rumor about him going to Florida…man I hope it’s true. I’d like to go ahead and let the guy who first hired Joe Maddon go ahead and do his thing. But I honestly don’t know what to expect. Mattingly is, tactically, an awful manager.  But other than a handful (Maddon, Hinch. Bochy, maybe Bannister in Texas or Melvin in Oakland), it seems like every manager in the league costs their team more games than they win according to advanced stats and win probability numbers. So, as bad as Mattingly is, he’s probably about middle of the road. Long story short, if the Dodgers win the series, I guess he has to stay. If not, I think I’m ready for a forward thinker instead of a throwback.

Serving the ball back to you….any idea what kind of guy the Pads go after? Wanna trade us Trea Turner or Matthew Wisler for him? Oh wait….

The Dodgers beat the Padres 2-0 and the beat then won 5-1 on Sunday, winning the series.

NICHOLAS MCCANN September 7th 2015 2:12pm

I had to really think about this. The season is over. When our local idiot middle reliever Nick Vincent threw the ball over Wil Myers head into foul territory for a three run error all hope of turning this thing around was lost.

If the Padres aren’t careful they could end up with the same record as last year. That would be embarrassing. I would probably start the argument that Bud Black’s 2014 season was actually a masterpiece.

Whatever, nobody cares.

Looking at the ocean of Dodger blue at Petco this weekend, I realized we are taking a knife to a gun fight. Back to the drawing board, Prellz. We need some new toys to at least show off at the next All Star Game.

This was a rough weekend and is turning out to be a rough year. I guess I should turn my attention to a team that really cares about me. Go Chargers!

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Padres Canon: Will Venable

On Tuesday, Will Venable was traded from the Padres to the Texas Rangers. Nick Burmeister AKA @padreshaiku and I get into it over his legacy and whether or not he should be in the Padres Canon. It’s probably too soon to have this discussion, but we had it anyways. Regardless, we both think Will was a class act during his time in San Diego! Please weigh in and use #PadresCanon.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Tuesday August 18th 4:23pm

Dear Haiku,

Maybe it’s too soon, but we should talk about it. I think Will Venable is totally Padres Canon. He needs to be because I don’t want people to forget The Venable Era. That’s what I’m calling it. It’s that post Bochy through this afternoon time period that needs a name. Sure, there is obviously an overlap with the Preller Era, but you know what I mean. Will Venable was the poster child of a franchise frozen in a cocoon of suck and his significance is important. I have no doubt that at some point Will Venable will be a coach in the minors for San Diego, then he and Nick Hundley will be together on the major league staff in some capacity of authority. It’s going to happen. I believe it. But for now, it’s really weird that Will Venable isn’t a Padre. It feels noteworthy, even though it shouldn’t. This leans me towards Canon.


NICK BURMEISTER Tuesday August 19th 9:53am

Sweet Jaded Nick,

Will Venable is not canon. Sure he’s the guy that stayed on the team though all the ownership turmoil and he was the Padres MVP a few years ago, but he’s not canon. If there was a guy that represents the era you mention, it’s Buddy Black. Plus maybe it’s too soon to tell. He had a good year in 2010 when the team was really good. I just remember feeling so frustrated with him over the years. Granted, Buddy had him bunting every time you look but still.

Did his slumps not hurt you? Did his overall blandness not hurt you?

NICHOLAS MCCANN Tuesday August 19th 11:48am


I’m not jaded now like I was when this was all happening. First, Bud Black is Padres Canon. That’s a separate discussion, but I think anyone who manages the team that long is in. That being said, Will Venable is the definitive player of the Bud Black Era. It’s all the same thing. The stats don’t matter. His smile-that “it’s so great that I’m just playing baseball” smile- is the first thing I think about when I remember the ownership insecurity, the loss of stars, and the overall perpetual below average product that whoever was in charge was convinced we would accept. Putting him in is a simple recognition that we were being insulted.

Will Venable made us believe he was a 25 year old player who had potential for 8 years. His youthful exuberance and good teammate nature was the lukewarm cup of coffee that we used to pass the time. His career in San Diego is just one long lost season. It’s part of us. He is Canon!

NICK BURMEISTER August 19th 6:32pm

The “stats don’t matter” and “I’m just glad to play baseball” points are red flags. His career was not significant from a franchise point of view. He was super boring. He had some highlights but so did Paul McAnulty and he’s not canon either.

I’m picking up on what you’re putting down about how Will represents a lost era of Padres potential. But does a boring light hitting platoon outfielder belong in the canon…generally? To me canon includes players, executives, and other phenomena that made serious impacts on the team. I just don’t think he fits that mold.

NICHOLAS MCCANN August 20th 7:16am

If Will isn’t Canon, Tim Flannery isn’t Canon. Are you prepared to say that?

NICK BURMEISTER August 20th 2:43pm

No I’m not. Are their careers that similar? Flan was always a better hitter and played on a pennant winning team. This is part of my argument. Venable is wholly unremarkable in his career save for a few spectacular catches. Guys like Benito and Flan did something of consequence, Venable not so much. Plus did will ever do anything this cool?


I definitely see Will coaching the Giants. I think Max Venable played for them. Chris Denorfia will one day be in the Padres coaching staff. Book it. Remember though it’s just too early to have this discussion. People will vote with their heart not their heads and we’re going to end up with a canon full of Jesus Guzmans and Jody Geruts.

NICK MCCANN August 20th 8:08pm

I don’t remember anything Will Venable did outside of a few bright spots this year. He was forgettable in a way I don’t want to forget. Let’s let the readers decide.

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Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep. 8 (Feat. Sean O’Donnell)

Travis is on vacation so the guys welcome back one of the original TKF hosts – Sean O’Donnell! Unfortunately he’s a Giants fan. So, the guys talk about the comparison between the two organizations, and if the Padres will ever have what the Giants have. And, since Sean moved away, Nick tries to explain to him what is going on with the Chargers.

Download the episode here!

Check out Sean’s debut solo album here!


The Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep 7

This week the guys talk about the firing of Bud Black and the memory of Tony Gwynn. It’s emotional on a lot of levels. Did Bud Black screw up? Are we better off without him? We get into it. We also talk about what Tony Gwynn’s death did to us, and why it was harder to handle than we thought.

Download the episode here!

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Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep. 5

In this episode the guys welcome FM94/9’s Woods to the show! They ask Wood’s opinions on Bud Black, the Charger’s stadium situation, Eric Weddle’s future, and then they all talk way too much about the Yankees. Thoughts on A-Rod’s steroids, and how Woods ever became a Yankee fan in the first place.

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The Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep 4

The guys try to figure out if the explosion of runs against the Dodgers is a turning point, or a fluke. Did Bud Black showing emotion help? Will he last? How close could we come to extending Upton? They also talk about Nick’s latest post on keptfaith.com and how we should act if the Chargers do leave. Follow us on twitter @thekeptfaith and visit the site: keptfaith.com Also subscribe on iTunes! NOW!

Download Ep 4 here!

Another Dodgers Series

My friend Q and I got back into it. He is still a Dodgers fan living in Texas and I am still a Padres fan trying to deal with the ups and downs of the season while somehow being-what feels like-the only person defending Bud Black. Enjoy.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Friday May 22nd 11:34am PST

Dear Q,

The Padres are two games under .500 and five games back of the Dodgers. This is where we stand. As a whole, the NL West has pretty much kept itself under the radar in the national baseball conversation. The current standings are about what most people thought they would be and little change is anticipated. It looks like it will be LA and SF battling it out for the Division and one of them will likely get a Wild Card.

I’m sure you love this.

Matt Kemp is scaring people down here. We puffed our chests out and now he looks old. There is obviously a hole in his swing because something is ailing him. It’s tricky because Bud Black doesn’t want to sit him or move him down in the lineup because of what it will mean symbolically to the team and the fan base after our December to remember.

I hope he bounces back against his old team. It’s only May, but the clock is ticking.


Q Friday May 22nd 4:45pm PST


Strange to start this way, but can we talk about the Giants?  Have you seen the guys on their team?  Angel Pagan is batting 3rd!  Other than Bumgarner, they have no one who would even be a good 4th starter.  Bullpen is fine, but meh.  How do they do this?

Ok, back to your therapy.  Kemp gon’ Kemp.  He was hot garbage the first part of last year, then had 6 weeks or so of MVP Kemp.  I expect the same, following his 2nd DL trip, which will likely end approximately August 18th. This isn’t your most pressing issue.

It’s the defense, dude.

Sabermetrics is, admittedly, behind a bit when it comes to measuring defense. There are different metrics that measure different things.  DRS measures “runs saved,” ARM measures how well runners are kept from advancing, UZR measures how many balls hit into a players ‘zone’ are played correctly and so on.

By pretty much any measure, the Padres outfield is last.  Like, dead last.  Historically, only 10% of these teams make the playoffs and only one has won the World Series. Add that to the fact that Petco’s biggest strength is holding fly balls in and, probability-wise, you are likely dead in the water already if nothing changes.

And, yes, I’m talking about your shortcomings to avoid saying that the Dodgers are limping home after being swept AGAIN by the Giants, Kershaw isn’t Kershaw (and it’s been long enough that it at least might mean something), and we haven’t scored a run since Fatboy Slim was the future of EDM.

On the other hand:


Zach will be accepting your first born sons in exchange for a quick death.

Welcome to Doyertown.

The Dodgers won Game One 2-1.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Saturday May 23rd 1:22pm PST


I agree with you on the Giants. I don’t know how they do it, but they are going to be around until the end of the race. Will the Padres poke their heads in to that conversation? It feels still in play, but we’re worried.

The defense is the biggest problem. The infield hasn’t been solidified and the outfield is worse than I thought it would be. All signs pointed towards being one of the worst defenses in the league, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. It’s pretty jarring to watch because every ball hit can be a problem.

People down here want Bud Black’s head for being 3 games under .500. I’m not ready to go there yet, but the torches and pitchforks are out for most people. I think there are glaring problems with the roster that have created this result. I don’t see the in-game-managerial decisions to be the big factor.

Zack Greinke got us last night. Hopefully we’ll avoid the sweep. Feel free to send me broom pics if it happens.

Q Saturday May 23rd 4:43pm PST


You need to exorcise that Greinke demon. One way would be to figure out a way to do more charity work; I’m thinking doing household chores for people with broken collarbones. Or if you don’t want to go the karma route, cover Carlos Quentin in chicken blood and symbolically flog him with his favorite crutch, chanting “Plate Crowder! Plate Crowder!”

Of course, the fan base at large wants the manager’s head. One cursory listen to callers on sports talk radio tells you that most people are unrealistic. Two things can happen when a starving fan base is thrown a bone. One, they are so beaten down that the think the bone is a trick and refuse to embrace it, in fear of more disappointment (see Manziel, Johnny). The other more common reaction is to think that bone is a filet mignon and that the championship is now in the bag. Sounds like y’all are the latter. Bud Black is who he is. He wasn’t a great manager when he won once in a while with crap talent and he’s not bad now. I mean what is he supposed to do, sub in Venable in the 2nd inning every time the Pads lead? Rub Kemp’s knees himself between innings? Clearly, this is not his fault. If he is fired, this will tell you a lot about this Preller guy, none of it good.

I never heard of our next two starting pitchers. So if you’re gonna win the series, I’d start now.

The Dodgers won Game Two 2-0

NICHOLAS MCCANN Sunday May 24th 10:37am PST


Are you aware that the Padres drafted Johnny Manziel in baseball? You don’t have to answer that. Look, I just think people are used to some much losing with Bud Black navigating through it. I think he deserves this season to prove what he can do.

Justin Upton got ejected last night and Buddy stuck up for him with out getting tossed. What are your thoughts on that? Was it pointed? Was it a message?

Congrats, you won the series.

The Padres smashed the Dodgers 11-3

Q Monday May 25th Memorial Day 10:21am PST


Well, if they gave series wins based on total runs, you’d have it. Might want to spread those out next time.

Ejection-wise….I mean…..would you want to hang around and watch your team get one hit by someone named Ballslinger? Has there ever been a name that is both so appropriate for a pitcher yet inappropriate for a human being? I mean besides Mark Grant. But hey, Justin Upton killed us yesterday by himself , so I suppose you could say it worked.

As far as Bud, you gotta fall on the sword for your best player. Really, your only player. I mean, imagine your season without Justin Upton on a 20/20 pace and batting .300? You really should lock him up long term, so he will go into a 6 week slump.

I wanted your expectations to be higher for the year, but maybe you hit it right on the mark. It’s an exciting year relatively, right? Just happy to be here.

Dodger-wise….I’m worried. Both the staff after Greinke and the bottom of the lineup look pretty bad. And Mattingly ain’t exactly up for the Joe Maddon Strategy Award. Luckily, we can trade for any expensive pitcher that we want and buy at least a playoff spot. Someday that will be you, too (it won’t be).

Good luck with the Chargers. Everything coming up roses in SD!

Dodgers won the series 2-1. We will meet again.

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Kept Faith Podcast: Ep. 3

The guys break down CSAG, The Spanos’ family, and the impending doom of the Chargers leaving San Diego. They also talk about the Padres current struggles, the Gulls website going live, and the utter ridiculousness of Scott Kaplan.

Download Ep. 3 here.

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