Shawn Chatfield from Mega 64 – TKF Pod #90

Shawn Chatfield from Mega 64 – TKF Pod #90

Shawn Chatfield from the gaming website Mega 64 joins the guys this week to talk about his favorite baseball video games and what they’ve meant to him. As early YouTube sensations, Shawn and his friends have built a content empire (videos and podcast) in the gaming world, but he doesn’t usually get to talk about anything related to sports. The guys dig deep into the baseball video games that shaped their formative years and their appreciation for the game in real life. Then they look at the Padres season so far, after playing each division rival twice. Is this tanking season fun for everyone yet? It hasn’t been for Jered Weaver. From the highest levels of team management on down, all signs are indicating that the Weave Era will soon be undone. Lastly, they talk about Matt Bush returning to Petco for the first time as a player since being the most disastrous 1st overall draft pick in team history. The guys explore the feelings that his presence brings up and look at what might have been.

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