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Carlo and Hacksaw – TKF Pod #107

This week the guys wrap up on the 2017 Padres. They look at the state of the rebuild and what to expect with the team moving forward. Then they call frenemy Carlo Cecchetto for News 8 San Diego. He’s a Dodgers fan (one of the good ones) and going through what all Padres fans hope to someday experience with his team in NLCS. Will Clayton Kershaw and his squad finally get it done? We hope not! Finally, they check in with Lee Hacksaw Hamilton to see where he’s at with the Padres organization, the Spanos family’s NFL introduction to LA, and the catastrophe that has become US Soccer.

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Which Former Padre is Going to The World Series?

The end of the season is here. So, it’s time to think about which former Padre is going to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy over their head, and hopefully drop it on themselves. Let’s start with the National League.

The Colorado Rockies, the sure-fire winner of this year’s World Series:

It’s been ten years since the Rockies slipped through the cracks. Matt Holliday missed home plate (undisputed at this point), and Denver had their stupid run to the World Series called Rocktober. I will never forgive them for breaking Milton Bradley, albeit, by extension, ruining Trevor Hoffman, and allowing the Red Sox fans to become the most self-congratulatory group of chowder eaters to crawl from the sea. A pox on them and that purple dinosaur they call a mascot. I hope some robber baron turns him into gasoline.

Bud Black– One time Padres Manager and our current baseball ex-stepdad. It’ll be fun watching Bud manage in the playoffs. He’ll crash and burn, for me that’s fun, heck, that’s baseball.

Alexi Amarista-We called you The Little Ninja. Just like real ninjas, I hope you go unnoticed for as long as possible and make as much big league money as you can.

Pat Neshek– Remember him? No? Just me? Ok. Well he throws crazy side arm. He’s all arms and angles. Pat might be pitching or doing a Martha Graham routine who can say?

The Arizona Diamondbacks, the consensus lock for the title:

There was a time not long ago that Padres fans could look at the team from Arizona and say “At least we’re not run by Tony La Russa.” Those days are over. Well known head-case, and Carlos Quentin tackle dummy, Zach Grienke is the true #1 ace on a team known mostly for hitting, which must really irritate him. Good.

Fernando Rodney-La Fletcha has been closing games for the snakes and launching arrows into the dry desert air, bless his crooked hat wearing heart. The whole arrow thing doesn’t bug me he’s just a goofball. Is this how people feel about Manny Ramirez?

Adam Rosales-Wait, That Adam Rosales? Our Adam Rosales? Yeah, old crazy legs Rosales is sprinting around the bases in Phoenix now. I’d ask how he keeps getting work but then I remember there is a place on a playoff team for Alexi Amarista and I’m reminded that baseball is the weirdest/best sport.

The Cubs of Chicago, the team most likely to repeat for the crown:

You know how when you buy a car and suddenly you start to see that car everywhere? That’s what Cubs gear is like now. I don’t remember seeing all these Cubs shirts before they won the World Series. I suppose they could have been there but I’ve never noticed it, but juuuuust maybe there might be a handful of bandwagon Cubs fans that came out of the wood work once the team kicked the curse.

Jon Jay-He was kind of good for the Padres when he was on the field. He spent the lion’s share of the season on the DL and moved on. He never insulted San Diego or the Padres so locals don’t boo him. That’s how that works FYI.

Rene Rivera-He had his best year playing in San Diego in 2014. He was and is a great pitch framer and was a big part of why the Padres pitching staff was so good that year. Seems like a good dude, like John C. Reilly would play him in a movie. A bad movie but still John C Reilly…pretty good.

That’s it. No one else on the Cubs was ever a Padre; Kris Bryant played at USD but aside from that no one else. Oh, I guess they have some low level 1B journeyman that never gets playing time I think his name is Risso or Rizzuto or something whatever.

The Washington Nationals the smart money pick for the crown: 

You’d think the Nationals caught a case of the Padres with as many injuries as they’ve had this season. They’ve managed to stay competitive because the Mets have been equally snake bitten and everyone else in the NL East stinks out loud. Plus, having Max Scherzer’s arm and Bryce Harper’s hair doesnt hurt.

Trea Turner– I’m not sure if he counts as being a former Padre but he certainly feels like one. Anyway, I never learned how to pronounce his name. Now I never will.

Edwin Jackson– Thought I’d forget about him? Nope. Dude pitched in 16 games for the Friars last year so that counts. Bonus, his Baseball Reference page has him in the 2016 Padres blue and yellow. I hope it stays that way for-ev-er.

Finally, The LA dodgers, the Long Shot:

If you thought putting up with your friend the Giants fan was a harrowing experience these past few years, just wait until the dodgers win the World Series.

Adrian Gonzalez: El Titan has been sidelined much of the season which has given Bellinger a chance to play first and he’s done so well that he’s stolen the spot from Adrian. There’s not going to be a chance for AGon to ground into an inning ending double play in this year’s postseason because he’s out with back issues. Whatever team picks him up this off season will enjoy his non-presence in the locker room and 8 home runs.

Yasmani Grandal– The Ex-Padres clubhouse cancer has somehow managed to avoid getting suspended for PEDs and is still on the roster in LA.

Logan Forsythe-His career really seemed to take off in Tampa, and I was glad he found success until he came back west. I hope he falls into the La Brea Tar Pits. Sorry.

Brandon Morrow– Of course who can forget about Brandon Morrow HAHAHA JK we’re all trying to forget about Brandon Morrow.


Moving on to the Junior Circuit-The American League


The Boston Red Sox, the safe bet for the belt:

Boston hasn’t won a championship in like seven or eight months so they’re due. This might be the year New England finally has something to cheer for. Think of the long suffering New Englanders huddled in their one room cabins in the woods, don’t THEY deserve happiness?

Craig Kimbrel-Man, I hated that whole falconer arm thing. Then I loved that whole falconer arm thing. Now I hate that whole falconer arm thing. Life comes at you fast sometimes.

Drew Pomeranz-He’s been better than David Price but I’m sure Dombrowski is still whining somewhere about Advil or something.

The New York Yankees, a little team looking to make a name for themselves:

Never count out the evil empire. Just as the original Evil Empire from Star Wars was destroyed by a small band of rebels but came back as the First Order the once tanking Yankees have evolved into a “smart” team that uses analytics and stuff. Also, they rely heavily on pure power and intimidation and will eventually lose.

Chase Headley– Oh Savior. Oh Savior. Wherefore art thou savior? Chase had a scorching hot month near the end of his time in San Diego that got him traded to NY. San Diego got Solarte, I still think the Yankees would rather have not paid Chase to disappoint them this much. Too Bad, So Sad.

The Cleveland Indians, the Prohibitive Favorite:

Cleveland set records for winning. Yes, Cleveland. I get to make that joke because I have Cleveland roots.

 Cory Kluber: Again, I’m not sure he counts because the Padres traded him while still in the minors but every time I hear his name I see Ludwick grounding out to second and it makes me see red.

Abraham Almonte: The padres picked him up from Seattle and traded him to Cleveland. The only thing I remember about him is that Bud Black asked him what the name of the 16th president was. I guess he got it right because he started that night. That’s baseball.

The Houston Astros, the assured victors:

Look I had this whole thing planned where I was going to make fun of Paul Wall and the lack of zoning restrictions in the city of Houston but then a Hurricane hit the city so I’ll just say if Houston makes it to the World Series most of the country will be rooting for them.

Luke Gregerson: he was a key part of the stellar 2010 bullpen. Gregerson Adams and Bell. That was a fun year until …well things got dark.

Camron Maybin– It must suck to be one of the finest defensive outfielders out there and be rendered superfluous by Mike Trout. Well lucky for him he’s an Astro now. Hey, when did Maybin get dreads? Lookin’ good Cam! For reals.

The Minnesota Twins, the dark horse candidate:

Wasn’t this team selling at the deadline? These guys were done but now we’re here watching the Twins use Padres pitching like batting practice. Huh…Well the Twinkies really are the dark horse because as we know you can’t win the world series without a former Padre on your team and they don’t have one so they’re out.

In the absence of a former Padre on their roster let’s adopt Adalberto Mejia as a former Friar. I’ve eaten at Adalberto’s a million times and I honestly never thought anyone has ever been named Adalberto so Adalberto, welcome to San Diego, kinda.

There you have it. I might have missed one or two. If I did miss one put it in the comments.


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Take A Knee – TKF Pod #106

This week the guys have no guest and decide to mix politics and sports. Hey, it’s the thing to do! They talk Colin Kaepernick, the Chargers, Donald Trump, and the NBA. It’s fun, scary, and necessary!

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Paul Reindl – TKF Pod #104

This week the guys chat with Paul Reindl from the Mighty 1090. Paul is the producer of the Dan Sileo Show and hosts his own podcast The Reindl Report. They dig into the experience of watching the first game of the LA Chargers by discussing the outcome and the reaction from fans in Los Angeles and San Diego. Will this be a disaster for the NFL moving forward? It’s too early to tell, but it’s not off to a good start and it’s amazing to watch.

Then they talk about the winding down 2017 Padres season. What will happen in the offseason? Does the franchise have a clear vision on what they’re going to do throughout this building (not rebuilding) process? Paul produces the weekly segment called Padres Wednesday for the Sileo Show where Ron Fowler and other team officials come on and explain the team’s position. He gives the guys insight into what it’s like to experience that first hand on a regular basis.

Download the episode here:

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James Clark (EVT) – TKF Pod #102

This week the guys have a fun chat with James Clark from East Village Times. Before talking Padres, Dallas goes on a rant on the problems he has with the Chargers still being a part of the San Diego Sports conversation, while Nick tries to calm him down. Then they talk about the Padres 2017 Tanking/Building/Rebuilding/Developmental season and the different factors that have gone into the results so far. They look at the Hunter Renfroe demotion, the Andy Green extension and the overall future of the farm system that needs to shine through in order to have success come San Diego’s way.

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TKF Duets: The Hand Deadline (Part 2)

The MLB Trade Deadline is a difficult time for all baseball fans. Nicholas McCann and Nick Burmeister AKA Padres Haiku wrote to each other for an entire week about it. Here is part two.

PADRES HAIKU – July 28, 2017 at 2:37:28 PM PDT

So the Rays got their guy from the Mariners. This might mean that Brad Hand stays put. A last-minute deal is still possible and exciting. However, I don’t think Milwaukee has made a move yet but they’re 2 yrs early on their rebuild so parting with a prized prospect is unlikely. There might be a quantity over quality move on their part to get Hand. This weekend’s series with the Cubs will clear that up. Speaking of the Cubs, they might want the lefty but might be leaning starter. Verlander is my guess for them.

Hand is closing games. This is for sure an interview for him. I’ve seen articles that say that Hand has never pitched in playoffs or a pennant race. This is true but if you’re Hand and you know every contender in the majors is scrutinizing every pitch right now. that’s a lot of pressure too. Not the same but still. I guess AJ wants a Miller/Chapman type return. Does that seem reasonable? It does for Britton. Maybe not Hand. What do you think would be a good return for Hand? Do you think it still happens?

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 9:14 AM

I was at the game last night. Brad Hand is our closer. It’s crazy they keep putting him out there and he keeps delivering, almost daring the rest of the league to not take him.

Sure, he’s not pitching in high pressure situations, but I think they can get a haul. We know how these playoff series play out. It becomes so much about the bullpen and how managers navigate those low scoring high pressure games.

Also, Pirates fans need to remember that 6burgh doesn’t apply to baseball. Calm down.

PADRES HAIKU – Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 11:19 AM

I guess AJ was taking calls and walking around the field last night [tweets] Hand might still be on the move but he pitched three nights in a row. Do you think he pitches again before the deadline?

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 3:15 PM

He shouldn’t pitch tonight just because we don’t want to over work him. Andy Green has made his point. I think Hand might go in on Sunday, but that’s it. The case has already been made. He’s an asset and this could go to the wire.

Monday will be fun. After the deadline the San Diego sports conversation will be centered on whether or not media and twitter heads should talk about the LA Chargers. SAD!

PADRES HAIKU – Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 7:29 PM

Oh for sure local media centers it’s coverage on the Chargers. San Diego still loves Rivers and Gates, but it’s not that weird to support an LA team (see Lakers/Clippers/Kings/etc) and local honks need the content to fill time. It’s gonna be weird. Radio guys will convince you that you’re still Chargers fans and watching Gates break that record will help make their point. It’s gonna feel really really weird-get used to it.

I don’t think Hand pitches again at all. Unless he stays put, he’s done in a Padres uniform. The Nationals made an early move and might want a second helping from the deadline pool. With all the chatter I’d be surprised if Hand DOESN’T get moved.

Travis Wood was pretty good last night; we should try to flip him. That would be amazing. I’d make t-shirts.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 1:55 PM

I had fun last night at Sycamore Den. Thanks for inviting me out. That place is hella Mumford and Sons. I wish we could transcribe what we talked about, but it was mostly yelling over loud music between well whiskey shots and High Life (the way geniuses drink). The Dodgers fan at our table needs to get over Verdugo.

24 hours left and we can all exhale. The Padres are finishing their series with the Pirates and our good (possibly great) reliever Brad Hand is still a Padre.

This time tomorrow it will all be over. What do you think we’ve learned so far? For me, the anxiety of the fan base being ramped up is probably more fun than we realize. After the deadline the Padres will fade away into what they’ve been all along: just another bad baseball team

Chargers training camp started. I’ll get mad about that next week. This is Brad’s time.

PADRES HAIKU – Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 6:24 PM

Thanks for coming out. I’m pretty sure A Bourbon with a Beer-Back was Einstein’s order.

I get that people fall in love with prospects but our friend having “Verdugo” tattooed across his knuckles was…unsettling.

Midnight deal for Hand is still on the table. Never doubt Preller. Once the deadline is done we’re gonna see the tank in full force. It’s gonna be ugly. Those players that thought they could get traded are gonna stop caring. They weren’t that good before and they’re gonna be worse now.

Once the Padres are buyers the feeling this time of year will be more intense. I remember getting excited when Tejada and Ludwick got added to the team. I want that again. What I don’t want again is a night of drinking Rusty Nails and the Champagne of beers.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 8:03 AM

We’re coming in hot this morning. Will AJ wait for the winter to deal Hand? We’ll find out soon. Astros might be in I guess. Mets got three good prospects for Addison Reed!

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 8:45 AM

That’s a lot of arms for a Reed rental. If that’s the market, Hand should bring back a number of quality prospects. Feeling cautiously optimistic about this…

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 9:20 AM

The team is definitely trying hard to make it look they’re totally fine waiting for the winter. I don’t know what to believe. Nothing is real.

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 9:59 AM

Outwardly I’m fine waiting for a winter deal. Inwardly, this is pure torture. If Cersei Lannister was going to kill me, she’s just stack the Padres with lefty relievers and make the trade deadline last until my mind finally crumbled before her.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:24 AM

I’m really feeling her hair this season.

If Hand stays the reaction will be mild. If he then has elbow tightness next week, I’m deleting my Twitter app.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 12:39 PM

I need a cigarette.

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 12:48 PM

My. Heart. Is. Beating. So. Fast. Right. Now.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Let’s savor this time when Hand could still get traded.


PADRES HAIKU –  Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 1:11 PM


NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 1:51 PM

Darvish is a Dodger. If Dave Roberts doesn’t take them to the World Series he should be fired.

The Padres didn’t do anything with Brad Hand, but if Esteury Ruiz works out this could be a good deadline. I can’t look at Padres Twitter right now. People want to fight about things they can’t control. Oh well, I guess we just have to watch this team now.

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 4:19 PM

UGH! Darvish as a dodger seems scary. They’d have to go to the World Series for this to be a successful season. Maybe someone makes a move at the waiver wire. If Chacin gets moved I bet it’s on waivers. Did the Cubs make a move? I can’t remember. This has really been…something. I know I said I’d fine with an off season move of Hand but now I’m less sure. I wanted it now. I need to not care about football for another week. I hate life.

I wonder if we need to look at the Hand non-deal in relation to other trades this year. Would you rather have gotten very little back like the Sonny Gray trade? Beane kinda blew that one didn’t he? Is no deal better than a really bad one?

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 5:49 PM

I think if Hand finishes strong and healthy it’s all going to be fine. It’s also possible they just want to keep Hand and start competing for real next year. The next two months are going to be big for the franchise. If they get to 75ish wins, what will that mean for ownership moving forward?

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 5:52

No move at deadline/ action-less activity/ no one is happy


TKF Duets: The Hand Deadline (Part 1)

The MLB Trade Deadline is a difficult time for all baseball fans. Nicholas McCann and Nick Burmeister AKA Padres Haiku wrote to each other all week about it. Here is part one.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 8:17 AM

Dear Haiku,

I’ve missed your letters. Having just returned from the east, I’m thinking a lot about Pandas. Few things will ever bring me more joy than listening to Boston sports talk radio the day Pablo Sandoval was DFA’d. The entire region will hate him forever and he doesn’t care. A big deal was made about how close the Padres were on signing Sandoval. He could have been part of the sizzle this ownership felt pressured to try and sell us. This week the team is under pressure as well. It feels like they have to attain assets before the trade deadline to keep the hope of the rebuild alive. This will be a long week. It won’t be a Sandoval sized splash, but we need something to get excited about before the team likely really starts tanking in August and September.

If they do nothing, how will you feel?

PADRES HAIKU- Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 9:54 AM


I’m always thinking about pandas–so I get it. Boston sports talk sounds like a nightmare and that’s coming from someone who has split time between Philly and NYC sports media. I remember the big story about how Sandoval turned down more San Diego money to play in Boston. Joke’s on all of us ‘cuz the Padres ended up with Middlebrooks & Panda still got a multi-generational payday. Boston fans put unrealistic expectations on their players but with Sandoval that ire seems warranted. Padre fans are losing minds because nothing has happened yet at the trading deadline, but it’s still a week away. Then there’s the waiver wire after that. A.J. has a long time to move Kirby Yates or Brad Hand or anyone else.

I think we’re just bored. We don’t want to think about football yet and actually watching the team feels like peeling Greyscale off our bodies. Honestly, Hand might not get traded this deadline, which is fine. There really is no rush. There are always buyers for good lefties out of the pen. A trade might happen during the off-season and if Hand continues to excel his value will go up. Of course that means betting on Brad Hand, but that’s a risk that’s worth it. The return on Brad Hand isn’t going to be so overwhelming that I wouldn’t be willing to try to improve it. I’ll say this though. If the Padres just on Hand and aren’t “feeling it,” it’s called “The Stranger.

What do you think Clayton Kershaw being hurt does the overall trading market?

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 5:46 PM

The Dodgers might be more aggressive with going for a Sonny Gray or Verlander or somebody like that. Kershaw is going to come back for the postseason and blow up another year. That’s what he does. I hate the Dodgers.


The Royals have officially been Prelled!

The Padres trade away Maurer, Cahill, and Buchter for Travis Wood, Matt Strahm, and Esteury Ruiz. I like this trade. The Royals will pay Wood’s salary and it adds more prospects to the soup our front office is slow cooking. I wonder if it makes it more likely that they keep Brad Hand now. Nobody could say they weren’t active at this crucial time of year for a rebuilding club. What do you think?

P.S. Maton for closer. Maybe that girl he likes will finally go to prom with him.

PADRES HAIKU – Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 7:27 PM

The Dodgers plus Darvish could be a gross combo. The Royals!! I figured that if Cahill or Maurer were getting moved they’d go to a fringy team looking for a bargain like the Brewers or the Rays, but the Royals are legit AL Wild Card contenders. AJ has to prove his trustworthiness to rest of the league following last year’s brouhaha. If all goes well it might pave the way for a better deal for Hand in the off-season. I’ve never heard of Esteury Ruiz but that’s an A+ baseball name so I’m on board. Getting Wood for free is cool. That’s the kind of guy Darren Balsley turns into an asset. Strahm is super young so well have to see, but it’s not like a team can have too much pitching. A lefty at that… I’m super looking forward to Padres Twitter hating the trade in 12 hrs, loving it in 24, and then hating it again by next week. It’s hard to grade it before we’ve seen how all these guys do in their new roles.

Does this mean Between Two Bases is over? Are there unaired episodes getting locked in a vault somewhere? Can we see those tapes, Wayne? Wayne!!! We need the tapes!! Wayne?!?!?!

Who replaces Cahill in the rotation? Bummed we didn’t get televised hugs.

Quack for closer. Really let that tank settle in.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 3:13 PM

I’ve had some time to think about the loss of Maurer Power in my life. Essentially he closed for a year and never made an impression. Buchter was finding his voice on Padres POV and I’ve basically already forgotten Trevor Cahill’s face. It seems there is some chatter that the Padres might have sacrificed getting a better prospect for the cash considerations tied to the Travis Wood salary that the Royals are eating. We’ll never know. And more importantly, who is really clamoring for the inside details of this trade? The Padres shuffled some things around and added more projects. The Hand deal is still out there though. Do you think he’ll pitch much in this Mets series?

PADRES HAIKU – Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 5:29 PM

Well the Padres *are* debuting Kyle Lloyd tonight and if things go the way most think, they’re going to have to use every arm in the bullpen tonight. So yeah, after we make him spin the Virgin Wheel of Doom & throw some bagels and toilet paper at him, I think we might see Hand for a batter or three.

I’ll be at the game tonight with my friend Ben the Mets fan. If you have any heckles send them my way. I suspect the Padres might get waxed tonight. They can still hit. The “Prospect vs Money” thing from the Gwynntelligence Podcast today was interesting. They basically said, “The team could have picked up a fourth player instead of getting Wood for free.” There might be something there, but it might not have even been on the table. So far the narrative around AJ Preller is that his asking prices are too high. Another prospect from their organization would have been asking too much. AJ didn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good and he made a deal. Padres got a prospect, a lottery ticket, and a warm body to fill a rotation spot for the rest for the year for three guys that aren’t going to help them any time in the near future. (I.e. Tank) It’s fine. Might be great-unlikely bad. You think Hand still gets moved? I’m not sure he does.

People are already declaring winners and losers in this trade. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 8:51 PM

Today has been interesting. Ron Fowler got on the radio and made it sound like they probably wouldn’t trade Brad Hand. Now is Ron being smart and trying to not give any leverage to other teams who are interested? I don’t know. As far as public perception, the Buchter, Maurer, and Cahill deal gives them cover to be able to say they did something.

PADRES HAIKU – Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 12:13 AM

Not trading Hand is only a problem if he gets hurt, which is so Padres it smells like Eric Show’s jock strap. The deadline is still a loooong ways away.

I talked to a bunch of Mets fans at Petco last night. Now there is a fan base in no-mans-land. Almost all of them (Not my friend) still think the Mets are going to the playoffs and that they should be buyers, which is crazy. At the same time none of them (including my friend) have any faith in anybody in their organization to do anything right, which is reasonable. I know they went to the World Series a few years ago, but it’s a real circus act of an organization led by our old friend Sandy Alderson. I’d never investigate, but I suspect Mets Twitter is just like Padres Twitter: Defeatist and optimistic at the same time. They have a haiku account and everything. I’m shocked at how many people think Wil Myers could get traded. There’s no way that happens, even if he wasn’t slumping.

NICHOLAS MCCANN – Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 9:33 PM

Before the final game of the Mets series tonight (Padres won and Brad Hand got the save)reports came down that Verdugo, one of the top Dodgers prospects, had been sat for his game tonight. I’ll admit I got excited that this meant the Brad Hand deal would go through and this entire deadline heighten anxiety period would be over. Then I remembered that the Dodgers are going after a starting pitcher and wouldn’t pay that much for Hand.

So we wait.

I want more prospects. I want to believe.

Haiku, I need a haiku. A strong one to take me into the weekend…

PADRES HAIKU – Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 10:43 PM

Worthy candidates/ from one hand for another / Peoria bound

Tim Spivey – TKF Pod #99

This week the guys sit down with Pastor Tim Spivey from New Vintage Church in Escondido. Tim is a big time baseball fan and contributor to East Village Times in addition to being a man of faith. They talk about what it means to have faith in the Padres during this rebuild and if the recent trade changes that conversation at all. Then they talk about what it feels like to see other people in the community forgive the Chargers after hurting San Diego. Should San Diegans cave and bolt up like nothing happened? It looks like we’ll have to #WaitForSD and see.

Download the episode here:

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AJ Cassavell – TKF Pod #98

The second half of the Padres 2017 season has started and the guys got together to take the temperature of where they’re at as fans, especially when it comes to the development of the rebuilding organization. Even though the Friars lost the series against Colorado, they’ve been playing well lately and the players are overachieving. Is this a positive that fans should be excited about, or is it dangerously jeopardizing the team’s chances of reloading with top level talent through the draft? They discuss the upcoming trade deadline and the chances of the team getting the haul they want for the players that are catching the eyes of the contending clubs. Then they call AJ Cassavell from and talk about the pressure the team is under to come away with good prospects during this complicated period in the schedule, the future of Wil Myers and his contract, and the health of Austin Hedges. SPOILER ALERT: They close out the episode with some dragon chat and talk about the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones.

Download the episode here:

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Sports Movies – TKF Pod #97

This week Nick is on vacation so we invite the hosts of Life’s A Binge ( into the studio to talk about the Cubs, Padres, what it means to be a diehard fan, and how exhausting Cubs fans have always been. We also talk sports movies! The best of all time, the most underrated sports movies of all time and of course the most rewatchable sports movies of all time. We talk Goon, Major League and he merits of Denzel Washington’s career. We look to twitter to get your thoughts and your favorites and finish it off by giving Nick a call while he watches the All-Star Game in Boston.

Download the episode here:

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