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The Temecula Episode – TKF Pod #111

This week Travis and Nick went up to Temecula to record with Dallas and his dad during Ohio State vs Michigan. It was a blast! Dallas’ dad told stories of going to Jack Murphy Stadium back in the 60s and the Buckeyes won!

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Week 12 Recap: Chargers @ Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott has given us the gift of exposure. And this time it is not just his bare midriff like his slutty draft day suit. Zeke exposed the Cowboys offense, which looked weak and un-dynamic. He exposed the level of play in the league, which hinges on the health/availability of about three players per squad. He exposed Jerry Jones as the psychopathic vindictive owner who would threaten to sue the NFL. He exposed Roger Goodell as a legally vulnerable bellwether coward with no scruples. He exposed the NFL for not having a clear cut way to deal with abusive assholes like him. And he exposed the legal system which favors the rich and powerful over victims of such abuse. It has become harder to stay an NFL fan each year, and now seemingly each week.

Plus let’s not forget the worst part of the week: the Chargers won. Convincingly. For the second week in a row. The former Bolts fan in me knows this win streak cannot and will not sustain. The Chargers just happened to go against 2 average teams with personnel issues in the midst of their skids. But still, these wins will give the Chargers undue confidence. And I am not happy about it.

But this is a week of giving thanks. So I will be thankful for the following reasons:

  • Nick Novak missed another field goal and injured himself doing so. The kicker quagmire continues and a reliable midseason replacement will be harder to find than the practice net was for Drew Kaser.
  • A Cowboy DB dropped an easy INT because Jerry World™ was designed so poorly that the sun screams into the stadium from a weird angle, blinding players.
  • Mike Williams continues to be injury-prone and will likely heal into another first round draft bust.
  • The Chargers play the Browns in LA next week. The 0-11 Dog Pound probably won’t travel well, which means there will be no excuse for when StubHub is at 2/3 capacity when the Bolts are technically in the playoff hunt.
  • The likely 7 or 8 win season will prevent the Chargers from getting a top-10 draft pick, unless they foolishly sell the farm to trade up.
  • The Cowboys are in disarray, and fuck Jerry Jones and Zeke Elliott.
  • Danny Woodhead is healthy again and he is the only white life that matters. He will help the Ravens lock up that last wild card spot and he and Eric Weddle can have a celebratory caffeine-free soda pop and give thanks to heavenly father.

Be thankful and keep the faith, for the Bolts will always blow it.

Jono Zalay is a native San Diegan and co-host of the F*** The Chargers podcast, available on iTunes and all those other places. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can hate the Chargers from close proximity.


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Week 11 Recap: Chargers vs. Bills

This game sucked.

That’s it.

Jono Zalay is a native San Diegan and co-host of the F*** The Chargers podcast, available on iTunes and all those other places. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can hate the Chargers from close proximity.

The Hosmer Episode – TKF Pod #110

This week the guys sit down with Eric and Dan from The 5.5 Podcast. They talk about the Eric Hosmer discussion that is apparently happening in the Padres front office. After unpacking the problems with making a move like that, they take a closer look at executive chairman Ron Fowler and the influence he brings to the delicate process the team is currently engaging in. Will the Padres angling towards a .500 record in 2018 blow up in their faces? Will the build (not rebuild) work at all? These are the questions Padres fans are left with as the hot stove season approaches.

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Week 10 Recap: Chargers @ Jaguars

Or should I say Chargers @ Chargers East… because there were some eerie similarities between these squads. Most notably: neither wanted the game to end. The Chargers out-Chargered the Jags, and Rivers out-Bortled Bortles. Remember that Saints game from last year where the Bolts gave up 2 turnovers in consecutive offensive plays to squander a 2 score lead with 2 min left in the game? It was like that except the Jaguars were also doing the same thing.

What made this game so satisfying wasn’t just that the Bolts blew a must-win game that they had in hand, but that this was the one team they could always count on to dominate each year. They are the Chargers’ Appalachian State. Their tune-up game to boost their confidence and record.  Instead they got a kick in the dick from their former big leg Josh Lambo, who I’m sure laughed about it after the game, as he is wont to do.

The Jags have long been the step-children of the NFL. Small market team short on history and accomplishments outside of consistent top 5 draft picks. A few years ago most would have assumed that if there was a team in LA by 2016, it would have been the Jags. But they somehow also lost in that contest as well. It would have made sense. But nothing makes sense in this league or decade. As a San Diego fan I always pitied Jacksonville. They were the poor kid across the street whose parents always fought. Meanwhile my football parents were secretly plotting to split the whole time and just maintained appearances for the sake of the community. Everything is a lie. God is dead.

As for the gameplay itself, here are some highlights:

  • The Jags scored on a fake punt. Which makes sense because special teams requires discipline and good coaching, of which the Chargers have none.
  • Denzel Perryman is back, and he’s fun to watch.
  • There were not only a bunch of Bortles thrown interceptions, but also dropped interceptions. Bortles. Is. Bad. The Jags should trade for Rivers this off season. Although…
  • Philip Rivers got a concussion. Get well soon Phil. In fact: retire. You’re too good for this team, and your kids miss you. And since you may be seeing double, there are roughly 28 of them. I hope your kids marry all of Antonio Cromartie’s kids and they birth a super-race that will save the planet.

I’m glad the Jags won and I wouldn’t hate it if they moved to San Diego someday.

Jono Zalay is a native San Diegan and co-host of the F*** The Chargers podcast, available on iTunes and all those other places. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can hate the Chargers from close proximity.

On Being a Dodgers Fan

Fandom is a funny thing.

I grew up in Virginia long before baseball returned to the Nation’s Capital. Friends who were baseball fans followed the Baltimore Orioles. This was back when Earl Weaver prowled the dugout and Jim Palmer was on the mound. I remember Palmer appearing in an underwear ad. This probably isn’t the best way to begin an essay on unhealthy obsessions, but there it is.

I tried to convince myself that Al Bumbry was my favorite player. It didn’t stick. I’ve never even been to Camden Yards.

Despite my love of the game, or at least the version of it we played in the sandlot, yes a sandlot, behind my friend’s house up the street, it didn’t translate to an undying devotion to a professional sports franchise. Despite the fact that my dad was born and raised in the Bronx, we were not a baseball family. We had no strong allegiances to one team or another.

I moved to L.A. in the late ‘90s and I became a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers thanks to the Clash. I’d “discovered” that the Clash’s first album was released in the UK with different songs in a slightly different order than their much inferior American debut. I listened to that tape over and over again in my truck until it wore out and the tape got stuck.

That was the day I turned on the radio. A Dodgers game was playing. Vin Scully was the broadcaster.

That was the day I became a Dodgers fan.

Although I had no great love for baseball, I was a sports fan and sports on the radio is all about numbers. No sport is more obsessed with stats than baseball and no one can spin a narrative out of numbers like Vincent Edward Scully.

I started listening to games on my way home from work. Then I learned that the company I worked for had season tickets to all the Dodgers home games that were only used when clients came to visit.

Whenever I could, I claimed all four ticket and went to games for free with friends who were all too happy to pay for parking and beer. It was a win/win situation.

Even though the Dodgers weren’t very good, it didn’t matter. Dodgers Stadium showed me a different Los Angeles than the one I thought I knew. It was one of the few places, perhaps the only place, where money and status and fame didn’t matter. It felt like the most democratic place one could be on a Friday night in L.A.

Eventually those tickets went away, and then I moved to San Diego, but I kept listening to Vin and the boys in blue.

I almost never watch the games. I’ve replaced the AM radio in that dusty truck with the MLB radio package, which is the best deal in all of sports. Every game, home and away, in English or Spanish (where available) right on my mobile phone.

I listen in the car, while working at home, even while walking on the beach. In a very real sense, baseball is always with me. And by baseball I mean the Dodgers the team that has given us one of the most amazing World Series ever.

This series had it all: long games and short games, pitching duels and slugfests, great defense and costly errors. It was a spectacle in its purest form. A feast for the senses. There were balls deflected by gloves, hats and slow umpires. Weird beards in every color of the rainbow. Outrageous haircuts. You had bat licking, coach kissing, ball jacking, and long walks around the diamond – and that’s just Yasiel Puig.

You had triumphant veterans and free agent flops. Racist gestures and cultural insensitivity trumped by the magnanimity of the human spirit.

And I soaked in every last inning. Well, almost every inning. Okay, most of the innings because that is a lot of baseball. And because the Dodgers have never gone this deep into October since I started paying attention, it’s the most baseball I’ve ever watched in October.

It was thrilling. It was heart-wrenching. But mostly it was exhausting. In addition to all the baseball I watched and listened to, I consumed almost an equal amount of reportage, criticism, and analysis. Plus, the emotional labor invested in liking posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and sending texts to similarly afflicted sports fanatics who will read things like “Someone needs to murder that umpire with a rusty dagger” and not think poorly of you as a person.

And you know something?

Even though the Dodgers lost.

Even though I put on 10 pounds from all that bar food and stress eating.

Even though no one should have to listen to that much Joe Buck…

I’d do it all over again.

Because there may not be another “again.” The Dodgers may not go back to the World Series in my lifetime. Such is the fickle hand of fate for sports fans.

Fandom is stupid.

Love what you want, but be careful what you give your heart to. It might get stomped on by a right-handed outfielder with a ridiculous on-base percentage.

On second thought, maybe I should stick to the Clash.


Jim Ruland is the books columnist for San Diego CityBeat and the host of Vermin on the Mount. Follow him @jimvermin. Or don’t.


2017 World Series Email Exchange

During the ALCS and NLCS Nicholas Burmeister (AKA @PadresHaiku) and I wrote back and forth between games. We did the same for this amazing World Series that took place between the Astros and Dodgers. It was a lot of fun and, like it often does, brought up feelings about our own San Diego Padres. Enjoy!

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 8:04 AM


How are you? The World Series starts tonight. Who you got? I’m not 100% sure, but if the LA Dodgers win, its four or five. If the Astros win, I think it goes seven. The Astros hitters are getting hot, but the Dodgers pitchers have been resting for a while. If Houston wins in LA tonight I think they take the series.

Padres Twitter is getting chippy.

Talk soon, Haiku

NICK MCCANN – Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 3:12 PM

I’m living my worst sports nightmare. The Dodgers are in the World Series and I have them winning.

I was at a wedding in Oakland when Kirk Gibson hit his iconic blast off of Eckersley. I was eight and was blown away that the A’s fan groom insisted on having a TV at his reception to watch the game. It was a big deal then, and having the Dodgers back on the biggest stage, is a big deal now. I hate this about myself. I care about what the Dodgers do and it will never change. Clayton Kershaw has to fail tonight. The universe owes me that.

Also, Padres Twitter is going to be a disaster over the next few days. I might check out.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 5:21 PM

Padres Twitter is eating itself. Remember mid summer when there was all that love? That’s over. It’s weird that some Padre fans don’t understand why they’re supposed to hate the Dodgers.

Bums are already up by one. This is going to be the longest winter.

Dodgers beat the Astros 3-1 in Game 1. Clayton Kershaw dominates in one of the great postseason performances of the modern era.

NICK MCCANN – Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 1:32 PM

I felt this way after Peyton Manning won his first Super Bowl over the Bears in 2006. We couldn’t say he wasn’t clutch anymore. With Clayton it’s basically the same thing. Sure, he’s had some strong performances in the playoffs, but up until last night he had never shined fully on the biggest stage. That’s over now. Outside of giving up a solo shot, he was virtually flawless in the biggest game of his life. He might never quite reach the heights of Madison Bumgarner in 2014 (probably nobody will), but he is now a clutch postseason performer. He did his part regardless if they win it all or not. This sucks. I’ll miss my old tortured Clayton.

Now he is without question the greatest pitcher of his generation and there really isn’t anything more to say. Step it up, Astros. Don’t give up.

Astros beat the Dodgers 7-6 in Game 2. It goes to extra innings, but Houston holds on for the win.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 9:38 PM

You’ve got the wrong Clayton as the best of his generation. Clayton Richard is the GOAT there’s no denying this. Kershaw was great in Game 1, but tonight’s game was a wild one. The Astros really tried to blow it, but eventually pulled it off.

Day off tomorrow. What am I going to do with my life?

NICK MCCANN – Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 4:19 PM

Padres hired Matt Stairs as their hitting coach. Does that seem odd? My first thought was: Beer League Softball. Tonight should be exciting. The Astros are an amazing team and their city has been thrown through the ringer. I’m falling hard for Jose Altuve.

I want that in my life. He’s almost like if Tony Gwynn and Roberto Alomar had a baby with more power than they ever had. We’re talking about doing a World Series Party edition of the Kept Faith’s Podcast (available on ITunes. Podomatic and GooglePlay). Can you stop by?

Astros beat the Dodgers 5-3 in Game 3.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 12:20 PM

Yeah I’ll be there after work.

Altuve is what’s right with baseball right now. He’s fun to watch & seems to be a good dude. He might end up with more hits than Ichiro. He’d look really good in Brown and Mustard.

This Yuli Gurriel news is a real bummer. I forget sometimes that a lot of these guys are assholes. Yu Darvish seems to be taking a very high road on this which is good. What do you think MLB should do If anything?

Anyway, see you after work.

Dodgers beat the Astros 6-2 in Game 4. The podcast was a blast. Still available on ITunes, Podomatic and GooglePlay!

NICK MCCANN – Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 3:59 PM

Sorry my son ruined the pod at the end. He’s outside running laps right now. It was a teachable moment. This World Series is blowing my mind. The teams are both beautifully constructed and exciting. Tonight Clayton Kershaw will pitch in the biggest game of his career. His game one was incredible so if he blows this it won’t be completely defining, but it still matters. He has to have a good game to stomp out ammunition for assholes like me. The drama surrounding this game is off the charts. I can’t wait to see what happens to Kershaw tonight. Something will.

Astros beat the Dodgers 13-12 in Game 5. Clayton Kershaw gave up a 4 run lead. The game went 10 innings.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 11:49 PM

Wow, what a game! If juicing balls created baseball this fun, than I suggest playing the next two games at a Fruteri­a (a real one). Kershaw is going to be the best pitcher and the best “yeah, but” target of his generation. You can make the argument from both sides:

“He’s the best pitcher ever!”

“Yeah, but he choked in the post season.”

 Or

“Kershaw was overwhelmed and couldn’t perform on the big stage”

 “Yeah, but his look at his regular season numbers.”

It has shades of the Trevor Hoffman debate and it’s delicious. Your son didn’t ruin the pod. But his takes are scorching white hot and it made the rest of us feel inadequate.

NICK MCCANN – Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 7:01 AM

I needed a day to regroup after what some people are saying was the greatest game of all time. Yeah, I’m not sure it tops Game 7 of last year. That had everything: Old Testament God, speeches during the rain, that Rizzo guy getting the last out and ending a monster of a curse. Speaking of monsters, it is Halloween and tonight could get really dark in LA. If Justin Verlander crushes it and the Astros win in it all, Clayton Kershaw and the city he plays for are going to spiral. If they lose, every conversation about Kershaw moving forward will start with “except for game 5”. The stakes are high. This is the best overall series I’ve ever seen through 5 games. I want more!

I guess what’s hardest about this is that even though I hate all of the Dodgers, I genuinely feel more connected to them as entertaining personalities than most of the current Padres. When Joc walks up to the plate, I know him and I know why I hate him. Same with Puig, Ethier, Seager, Turner etc. We don’t have that yet here. We don’t really know who the 2020 Padres will be. And we don’t really know if that’s even our year.

Dodgers beat the Astros 3-1 in Game 6. There will be a 7th game.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 1:30 PM

After the baseball fever dream that was Game Five, Game Six seemed boring. Justin Verlander pulled a Kershaw and was less than spectacular and we ended up with a low scoring game that belonged in the middle of June, not the end of October. It’s like I’ve been eating Kit-Kat’s and Reese’s for 10 days and now you just gave me a Hershey’s bar. I mean it’s good, but it’s just a chocolate bar, whatever.

What did you think of Joc’s home run trot? It’s easy to “know” these Dodgers. You’ve been watching them a lot this postseason and for the past regular season. It helps that they’re in a big market on a good team. The national media frames up all these players. Plus they’re going to be around for a while. These Padres are, with a few #Swoon worthy exceptions, temporary. I know exactly why I hate every Dodger too, and really every Giant, D-Back and Rockie, (except Amarista). The Padres lack personality sure, but who cares? These guys aren’t going to be here long, except you know who. I’ve seen Josh Naylor play. He’s got that thing you’ll connect with and so does Tatis Jr. I don’t know about Urias or Gore, but there’s time.

Last game tonight. McCullers vs Darvish. Joe Buck will be his Buckyest. Hold on to your butts!

The Astros beat the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7. They are the 2017 World Series Champions.

NICK MCCANN – Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 9:37 PM

The Dodgers are going to be a lot for us to handle for a very long time. Their front office and ownership group is smarter than ours and they can afford to make mistakes. Their core is set and piece will be added. Next year they will be highly motivated to make sure they get to the World Series and dominate. Game 7 was kind of dud after the excitement this series had already brought. Regardless, the Astros are who we want to be. They have the most exciting lineup MLB has seen in a very long time and they came to this point using smart tactics and patience.

This World Series wasn’t technically about the Padres, but everything ends up being about them anyways. It’s time for them to start winning seasons. However, the Astros took their time. Will we build the right way and #EarnHistory? You never know with #ThisTeam.

NICHOLAS BURMEISTER – Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 10:22 AM

Don’t be so fatalistic, I’m sure there were Houstonians that looked at the Rangers of 2010-2011 and thought that the tank would never work. Not every team with a smart front office and a young core wins a pennant every year ie. Cubs. Be chill. The Padres are building, with direction it seems, and things take time. Doesn’t the Astros success give you some hope?

Preller is smart and he’s dirty. That could be the right combination.

Prepare for bad baseball. Go to games in Lake Elsinore and enjoy the ride.

Now that baseball season is over, all those Dodgers fans can focus on their first love: The Chargers.


What-ifs and Yeah-buts

A hot stove to keep us warm

Winter upon us



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