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Craig Elsten Returns! – TKF Pod #73

This week the guys chat with Craig Elsten from Mighty 1090 and the San Diego Gulls. Also, Andy Keatts stops by to discuss the Padres’ new uniforms and then they talk about the place hockey occupies in the San Diego sports landscape.

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Hacksaw Returns! – TKF Pod #72

This week the guys talk to their British friend Hugh John Noble from the band Slum Summer about his first experience attending an NFL game at Qualcomm. Then they have a fun chat with local legend Lee Hacksaw Hamilton about the Measure C result and the future of the Chargers.

Link to Hacksaw’s piece

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Dear Mr. Gruepner

The Padres have committed to thorough transparency regarding their medical records. This may include some sort of “Medical Records Tsar.” @padreshaiku kindly submits his qualifications.

Here’s why I’m perfect for the medical records manager job with the Padres.

A. I’m a librarian and I deal with complex databases all the time.

B. I’m a baseball fan, and I respect the integrity of the game.

C. I like working in a highly competitive team-based environment.

D. I understand HIPPA requirements and how to enforce them.

E. I will slip NyQuil into the opposing team’s water cooler before the game.

F. I’m a motivated learner and I like to take on challenges.

G. I’m getting pretty good at stealing signs.

H. I’m comfortable around a training room AND a board room.

I. I can deliver the lines “No Comment” and “I don’t comment on ongoing investigations” with real aplomb.

J. I already understand the freeway system in San Diego so I won’t get lost  on the way to work very often.*

K. Me and ownership seem to see eye to eye on former executives.

L. I will totally run the office NCAA tournament bracket contest AND any Super Bowl pool.

M. I know all the words to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.” *

N. I will work for peanuts, literally. Just toss a couple bags on my desk every week or so and I’m good.

O. I’ve seen every episode of Pitch.

P. I feel like I’d be really good friends with Derek Norris.

Q. I secretly despise Derek Norris.

R. I got over the whole Rizzo trade thing pretty quick.

S. I will look the other way when it’s best for the club.

T. I don’t mind people slapping my butt at work. (I get that a lot at the library I work at right now actually.)

U. I have a license to drive and a clean record

V. I will keep myself steroid free just in case someone needs a clean sample.

W. I promise not to microwave fish in the break room.

X. I can administer performance enhancing hugs

Y. I am ready and willing to be thrown under the bus if another trade gets reversed.

Z. I have advanced skills in the Microsoft Office suite as well as Photoshop and Quickbooks*

I could go on but I’ve run out of letters.

Padres HR department: please direct offers/benefit packages to @padreshaiku on Twitter.

*not really but I promise I’ll learn them

Measure C Salon – TKF Pod #71

This week the guys get all the Measure C out of their system with the help of friends of the pod Andy Keatts and John Gennaro. They talk about all the ins and outs of what’s at stake for future of San Diego with or without a football team. Then they get into it about different regional coffee chains. It’s a big discussion, one that needed to be had.

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