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The Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep 4

The guys try to figure out if the explosion of runs against the Dodgers is a turning point, or a fluke. Did Bud Black showing emotion help? Will he last? How close could we come to extending Upton? They also talk about Nick’s latest post on and how we should act if the Chargers do leave. Follow us on twitter @thekeptfaith and visit the site: Also subscribe on iTunes! NOW!

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Another Dodgers Series

My friend Q and I got back into it. He is still a Dodgers fan living in Texas and I am still a Padres fan trying to deal with the ups and downs of the season while somehow being-what feels like-the only person defending Bud Black. Enjoy.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Friday May 22nd 11:34am PST

Dear Q,

The Padres are two games under .500 and five games back of the Dodgers. This is where we stand. As a whole, the NL West has pretty much kept itself under the radar in the national baseball conversation. The current standings are about what most people thought they would be and little change is anticipated. It looks like it will be LA and SF battling it out for the Division and one of them will likely get a Wild Card.

I’m sure you love this.

Matt Kemp is scaring people down here. We puffed our chests out and now he looks old. There is obviously a hole in his swing because something is ailing him. It’s tricky because Bud Black doesn’t want to sit him or move him down in the lineup because of what it will mean symbolically to the team and the fan base after our December to remember.

I hope he bounces back against his old team. It’s only May, but the clock is ticking.


Q Friday May 22nd 4:45pm PST


Strange to start this way, but can we talk about the Giants?  Have you seen the guys on their team?  Angel Pagan is batting 3rd!  Other than Bumgarner, they have no one who would even be a good 4th starter.  Bullpen is fine, but meh.  How do they do this?

Ok, back to your therapy.  Kemp gon’ Kemp.  He was hot garbage the first part of last year, then had 6 weeks or so of MVP Kemp.  I expect the same, following his 2nd DL trip, which will likely end approximately August 18th. This isn’t your most pressing issue.

It’s the defense, dude.

Sabermetrics is, admittedly, behind a bit when it comes to measuring defense. There are different metrics that measure different things.  DRS measures “runs saved,” ARM measures how well runners are kept from advancing, UZR measures how many balls hit into a players ‘zone’ are played correctly and so on.

By pretty much any measure, the Padres outfield is last.  Like, dead last.  Historically, only 10% of these teams make the playoffs and only one has won the World Series. Add that to the fact that Petco’s biggest strength is holding fly balls in and, probability-wise, you are likely dead in the water already if nothing changes.

And, yes, I’m talking about your shortcomings to avoid saying that the Dodgers are limping home after being swept AGAIN by the Giants, Kershaw isn’t Kershaw (and it’s been long enough that it at least might mean something), and we haven’t scored a run since Fatboy Slim was the future of EDM.

On the other hand:


Zach will be accepting your first born sons in exchange for a quick death.

Welcome to Doyertown.

The Dodgers won Game One 2-1.

NICHOLAS MCCANN Saturday May 23rd 1:22pm PST


I agree with you on the Giants. I don’t know how they do it, but they are going to be around until the end of the race. Will the Padres poke their heads in to that conversation? It feels still in play, but we’re worried.

The defense is the biggest problem. The infield hasn’t been solidified and the outfield is worse than I thought it would be. All signs pointed towards being one of the worst defenses in the league, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. It’s pretty jarring to watch because every ball hit can be a problem.

People down here want Bud Black’s head for being 3 games under .500. I’m not ready to go there yet, but the torches and pitchforks are out for most people. I think there are glaring problems with the roster that have created this result. I don’t see the in-game-managerial decisions to be the big factor.

Zack Greinke got us last night. Hopefully we’ll avoid the sweep. Feel free to send me broom pics if it happens.

Q Saturday May 23rd 4:43pm PST


You need to exorcise that Greinke demon. One way would be to figure out a way to do more charity work; I’m thinking doing household chores for people with broken collarbones. Or if you don’t want to go the karma route, cover Carlos Quentin in chicken blood and symbolically flog him with his favorite crutch, chanting “Plate Crowder! Plate Crowder!”

Of course, the fan base at large wants the manager’s head. One cursory listen to callers on sports talk radio tells you that most people are unrealistic. Two things can happen when a starving fan base is thrown a bone. One, they are so beaten down that the think the bone is a trick and refuse to embrace it, in fear of more disappointment (see Manziel, Johnny). The other more common reaction is to think that bone is a filet mignon and that the championship is now in the bag. Sounds like y’all are the latter. Bud Black is who he is. He wasn’t a great manager when he won once in a while with crap talent and he’s not bad now. I mean what is he supposed to do, sub in Venable in the 2nd inning every time the Pads lead? Rub Kemp’s knees himself between innings? Clearly, this is not his fault. If he is fired, this will tell you a lot about this Preller guy, none of it good.

I never heard of our next two starting pitchers. So if you’re gonna win the series, I’d start now.

The Dodgers won Game Two 2-0

NICHOLAS MCCANN Sunday May 24th 10:37am PST


Are you aware that the Padres drafted Johnny Manziel in baseball? You don’t have to answer that. Look, I just think people are used to some much losing with Bud Black navigating through it. I think he deserves this season to prove what he can do.

Justin Upton got ejected last night and Buddy stuck up for him with out getting tossed. What are your thoughts on that? Was it pointed? Was it a message?

Congrats, you won the series.

The Padres smashed the Dodgers 11-3

Q Monday May 25th Memorial Day 10:21am PST


Well, if they gave series wins based on total runs, you’d have it. Might want to spread those out next time.

Ejection-wise….I mean…..would you want to hang around and watch your team get one hit by someone named Ballslinger? Has there ever been a name that is both so appropriate for a pitcher yet inappropriate for a human being? I mean besides Mark Grant. But hey, Justin Upton killed us yesterday by himself , so I suppose you could say it worked.

As far as Bud, you gotta fall on the sword for your best player. Really, your only player. I mean, imagine your season without Justin Upton on a 20/20 pace and batting .300? You really should lock him up long term, so he will go into a 6 week slump.

I wanted your expectations to be higher for the year, but maybe you hit it right on the mark. It’s an exciting year relatively, right? Just happy to be here.

Dodger-wise….I’m worried. Both the staff after Greinke and the bottom of the lineup look pretty bad. And Mattingly ain’t exactly up for the Joe Maddon Strategy Award. Luckily, we can trade for any expensive pitcher that we want and buy at least a playoff spot. Someday that will be you, too (it won’t be).

Good luck with the Chargers. Everything coming up roses in SD!

Dodgers won the series 2-1. We will meet again.

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It’s easy to be cynical about San Diego local government. The people involved have made that the obvious choice time and time again. However, on Monday, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and his Stadium Task Force took a real shot at pushing the city forward into the modern NFL. The Citizen’s Stadium Advisory Group (CSAG) Report is a 42 page plan that outlines a path for San Diego and its Chargers to come together and build a new football stadium in Mission Valley without asking taxpayers for money. The details are complicated and will be debated for months. All signs point to the Chargers negotiating changes in a dismissive way. It will probably get ugly and the overall meaning of the CSAG report will get more and more confusing. Is it a way for the city officials to simply save face before our Bolts bolt to the city of Carson? That’s entirely possible. We all need to prepare ourselves for it.

In the spirit of CSAG and the idea of coming up with a solution instead of complaining about the problem, I give you my proposal:

CFARP (Chargers Fans Aftermath Recovery Plan)

Phase 1: The Final Ride

We root for the San Diego Chargers while they play within our city limits. If the 2015 squad wins the Superbowl while the Spanos family is gearing up to take them from us, it will be funnier than the 3rd act of Major League. In all likelihood they won’t confirm the move until after the 2015 season because they won’t want to take a bath at the gate for an entire year. This is fine. It will be our last journey watching Phillip Rivers yelling at his teammates and/or the world.

Phase 2: When They Move

We go to Qualcomm together for Burning Stan, a three day Chargers gear burning party/rave/poetry slam that culminates in the lighting on fire of a Stan Humphries statue made of NFL licensed products. The Mayor should be the one to light it. We cry, scream, drink, crush it in the John Carney chill room, and collectively throw our middle fingers up to the North. It needs to be awful. It needs to be pure. It needs to be the first half of the Chargers/49ers Superbowl x 619.

Phase 3: The Response

If the Chargers are gone in 2016, holes will need to be filled. Sure, we can’t go to games at Qualcomm, but we can still watch NFL games on TV. Gambling and fantasy are fun ways to consume football on Sundays, but there is nothing like following a team week in and week out. I propose that as a shattered fan base, we focus all of our attention on rooting for any and every team that faces the Carson Chargers. We have the same parties with the same people we watched the San Diego Chargers with, but we root for them to lose every game. We wear the opposing team’s colors, we celebrate the opposing teams’ regional foods and we engage in a new set of rituals that mock the team that left us.


  1. When the Carson Chargers kickoff, we all say, “HEEEERRRESSS JOHNNY!”
  2. When the Carson Chargers get blown out over 55 points, we yell, “SAY OW!”
  3. Whenever the announcers mention that the Carson Stadium is filled with opposing fans, DRINK!
  4. Whenever the announcers mention that there are more Raiders fans than Chargers fans during their head to head matchups, REALLY DRINK!
  5. When the Chargers lose, we play the San Diego Super Chargers theme song and hug each other, while reminiscing about Burning Stan instead of a title because the Spanos family never gave us one.

Maybe it’s pathetic and mean spirited, but we have the right to feel that way. The Carson move could be a disaster for the Spanos family and we should all root for that to happen. More importantly, it goes beyond rooting for losses, we should all root for the Carson Chargers to come in dead last every year in both the standings and in NFL licensed merchandise sales.

Ron Burgandy told us to stay classy. This is something that annoying people who aren’t from here like to mimic when they step foot on our soil. But we are a classy people and my plan isn’t intended to change that. If the NFL leaves, we should live our lives at an even more heightened state of class…except for Sundays in the fall. If the Carson Chargers come to fruition, from the moment the ball is kicked off in their games to the final tick of the clock, we should purge all the horrible things we have inside ourselves and channel them to hoping the Spanos family fails.

Or they could stay. Mission Valley is yours, Dean. Hopefully we can come together.

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Kept Faith Podcast: Ep. 3

The guys break down CSAG, The Spanos’ family, and the impending doom of the Chargers leaving San Diego. They also talk about the Padres current struggles, the Gulls website going live, and the utter ridiculousness of Scott Kaplan.

Download Ep. 3 here.

An Open Letter To My Fellow Padres Fans

Currently the padres are one game under .500, averages are plummeting, ERA’s are exploding, and injuries have started to actually take a toll. The great work AJ Preller did in the offseason is starting to look futile, and Padres fans are starting to get restless. A little too restless. It’s in the air, and no one wants to come out and say it. The words, so thick they feel like they’re stuck in your throat forcing you to choose between vomit or pushing it back down like a freshman trying to impress. However, it needs to be said. We need to hear it, and be okay with it, so here it goes, “We’re acting like a bunch of bitches.” Not the team. Oh, no not them – the fans. You and I. We’re babies, crying for more milk. At first, I joined in. I got angry, called people out on Twitter (which is like yelling at the driver next to you on the freeway), and started to get legitimately bummed out. That all changed last Saturday.

After we got spanked by the Nationals, a Padres fan tweeted out “Meanwhile ex-Padres today…” and then went on to give the days stats from Jace Peterson, Cameron Maybin, and Logan Forsythe; pointing out how much better they played than our current Padres did that day. As if to say, “Well, we gave up on these players to have the kind of team that gets creamed?” First off, we got creamed by a team many picked to make the playoffs and be a serious World Series contender. No shame in that. Secondly:


We also gave up on Quentin, and Hahn, and Gregerson, and a lot of other players who failed to get us over the hump the last five seasons. Did you forget how terrible a lot of these guys were when they played for us? Sure, sometimes letting a player go can end up being a huge mistake (Ozzie Smith, Dave Winfield, anyone from the 80’s), but those are the risks you have to take. Who knew Maybin would finally start playing like he did in 2011, or that Forsythe could play everyday and contribute? It’s not always so cut and dry. Perhaps Forsythe is playing well because of his lineup, because of his new hitting coach, new stadium, or a dozen other little things that would have never been available to him in San Diego. It’s silly to sit around and think that any of these guys would have done what they’re CURRENTLY doing if we kept them in San Diego. If we wanna play that dumb game, I’ll also let you know that Jesse Hahn is having a less than average year in Oakland, and that Carlos Quentin retired. It’s easy to pick out the times we lost, and say this should’ve happened for that should’ve happened, but when we win no one says a word. Of course it’s fun to drink with your buddies and think of what could have been if we just held on to that ’84 team a little longer. But, to think that what could have been, would have been is just foolish and doesn’t help anybody.

Of course, this kind of internet trolling, and shit-talking always rears its ugly head when your squad isn’t playing well, and people (like me) start to get really frustrated. Just like the rest of Padres fans, I wanted the boys to come out of the gate on fire, winning every game, and mowing down the opposition with strikeout after strikeout. We always had the pitching, so all we needed were the bats, and AJ got ‘em. And you know what? Those bats kept us in every game. Down four runs? No big deal. Need a ninth-inning homerun or clutch hit to tie the game? That can be arranged. The new Padres offense looks good. But, somehow our pitching – a San Diego staple – looks bad. We haven’t been used to bad pitching all around in a very long time. We’re confused and have no idea where to put the blame. It’s not like we started this season disliking our rotation. In fact it was quite the opposite. However, something is off. Our relief core seems to still be searching for their footing. Could it be new catchers? New assignments? New faces? Who knows? However, our offense has made up for it.

Until around last week…

Our offense has become a little….thin. And, maybe our depth was never really that deep.

Most Baseball fans and Padres fans knew that from day one this team wasn’t an all-star team, it was a good team. We just got so excited because we haven’t had a good team in a long time. In our minds we got the ’98 Yankees; in reality we got the ’14 Royals, or any A’s squad from the last 15 years. A team that has a lot of question marks, that also needs everything to break right. When you have a good team, you need to have great chemistry. That’s the real problem here, and who knows what moves AJ might make or might not make to fix that, but this is something that really does need to be fixed if we plan on making a serious run now, or in the few seasons to come. Let’s just say I feel a lot better that we may be able to figure this out now, instead of in August.

I look at this season the same way I looked at it in the very beginning: It’s a step in the right direction, and it’s been a really long time since we were even looking in that direction.

So, please stop with your asinine tweets, and your ridiculous assessments. How quickly did we all become so spoiled, so entitled? It’s more embarrassing than being shutout three times in four games. We’re not Red Sox fans, or Yankees fans, we’re Padres fans – we need to start acting like it.

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The Kept Faith’s Podcast: Ep. 2

Nick, Dallas, and Travis talk the arrival of Austin Hedges, Phillip Rivers at a Clippers game, the firing of Bill Simmons, and the sale of UT-San Diego. Check it out and subscribe!

Download Ep. 2 here!

Also, here is the Save Our Boltz video:


The Kept Faith Podcast: Ep. 1

Dallas, Nick, and Travis will be talking Padres, Chargers, and all things San Diego Sports every week. This episode was recorded on Monday May 4th 2015 while the Giants almost no hit the Padres.

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Episode 1. Download Here

2nd Round With Gigantes

Sean O’Donnell and I got back into it. Our last exchange got heated. He is still a Giants fan and I am still a Padres fan. We picked it back up with more heat. Enjoy.


Dear Sean,

Our last email exchange was fantastic. It really moved the needle. Thanks for helping me build my brand: always being right.

Look, the Padres are up and down. The defense is shaky and the bullpen isn’t really dependable. Every time Bud Black brings an arm in during a game, I can feel the entire fan base hold its breath. I don’t really think Bud Black is a problem, but there are glaring issues that we have to address. Padres fans-myself included-wanted to win a championship in April, and because that is impossible, we got frustrated.

We got spanked by the Astros and then swept the Rockies. Have you seen this Arenado kid? That’s gonna be an NL West problem for a long time.


P.S. When are you going to publish your Chili Davis Chili recipe?



My dearest Nick,

I haven’t really been paying attention to your squad. As I mentioned before, the NL West is a little harder to follow now that I’m out in Jersey. I know more about the Yankees (Teixeira is gluten free!) than the Friars. What does carne asada taste like? I can’t remember.

Since our last correspondence, the Giants seemed to lose every game for what felt like a fortnight, before taking a broom to the entire LA market. Did you see Buster caught for Timmy yesterday? It was like Mom and Dad getting back together, if only for a Sunday, and with the full knowledge that it probably won’t happen again, because Dad is becoming a free agent this fall.

I’m looking forward to this series. You’re on our turf now, and that comes with some home field advantages. Steve Perry lurks somewhere in the terrace section and threatens to lead the crowd with “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Lights” at any moment! Did you see Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield play the national anthem on Saturday? People lost their minds! Tell me, does anyone give two squirts when Jon from Buck-O-Nine tries so hard to get noticed singing along to “My Town”, that he gets himself ejected, and as he is dragged from Petco, can be audibly heard yelling “I WROTE SONGS IN THE KEY OF BREE”. No. Not two squirts. Not at all. Now maybe if it was Steve from Sprung Monkey…..


(serves 2 people)


2 15 oz. cans of Chili (preferably Hormel)

1 bottle of Green Flash “Le Freak” beer

Fritos (optional)

Heat chili. Pour in beer. Watch your team become a dynasty (Fritos optional).

Good luck!

The Giants beat the Padres 2-0




Pull it back a little. Buck-0-Nine is the official 3rd Wave Ska Band of The Kept Faith. I guess you missed the meeting. Look, I know you’re all the way in Jersey, but for all intensive purposes, you are the darkness at the edge of my town…my street…give me piece of mind that can’t be beat…all that.

The Padres got Bummed last night. There is no way around it. Madison Bumgarner was dealing and he was pretty close to unhittable. The game started strong for us with Angel Pagan breaking a nail, but it was all down hill from there. I watched the game with the sound off for two reasons: (A) we were recording the reboot of the Kept Faith Podcast and (B) I didn’t want to hear the announcers go over the tired history of the Padres never throwing a no-hitter. We get no hit a lot, and when it happens, the broadcast crew has no choice but to dust off their old material and tell us about what we’ve never had.

Thankfully Justin Upton stopped it from happening. It’s too early in the season to deal with that kind of nightmare.


P.S. I’m working on a Kevin Mitchell Meatloaf. You basically get trashed on Anchor Steam and try to make the loaf with one hand.


SEAN O’DONNELL May 5th 6:20pm PST

Hey Nick,

Good stuff, man. You go ahead and find any little way to get excited, even if it’s “We broke up your no-hitter!” When Madbum is good, he’s the best. He’s a man. A real man who drives a truck. And last night he put it in gear and ran over your squad. Let me help you up.

Tonight the Giants face Andrew Cashner, being caught by his separated-at-birth teammate, Derek Norris. Tell me, keepers of the faith, what is up with these guys and that look? Do these two not go to the same barber? If Mick and Keith were The Glimmer Twins, then hereby I dub these two, “The Dimmer Twins”. Seriously though, they look like the worst waiter at Pokez.

So what? So we didn’t get the no-no. It’s like I’ve always said, “no-no worries”. We’ve ridden that horse into the ground. I don’t need a no hitter, or a perfect game. I just want Vogy to go out there and punch The Dimmer Twins in the mouth. My cup runneth over.

Yours in Boch,

Seanny Drama


The Giants beat the Padres 6-0.



That look you’re speaking of is “Deep El Cajon”. Heard of it? It works most of the time, but apparently not when we go to the bay.

I guess the Pads forgot their bats in Colorado. I really need them to score some runs today. They don’t even have to win. At this point, it’s about not completely embarrassing ourselves.

Whether or not the Padres get swept, the debut of Austin Hedges will be the dominant story in the final game of this three day undressing by your squad. It’s been rough watching Buster Posey’s career. It would be great to have something like that at catcher. I’m not saying Hedges will be anywhere near him, but on the side of my most optimistic/wishful thinking brain, I’m allowing myself to believe he could be sort of a Yadier Molina type: a wizard behind the plate who incrementally gets better as an offensive player.

But of course he could just be bust. So I ask you to give it to me straight. To close out this exchange, on a scale from Ben Davis to Buster Posey, what is your one game review of Austin Hedges?



The Padres beat the Giants 9-1

SEAN O’DONNELL May 7th 9:30am PST

Nikki Picks,

Well there you have it. You guys piled on a beauty yesterday. I wanted the back-to-back So Cal sweep special, but we can’t always get what we want.

You want to know my thoughts on Austin “Benson &” Hedges. What I want to know is, why bring this kid up right now? Norris may look like a bar back at a b-market Hooters, but he’s good, and he’s currently living up to his “good-ness”. I would think you would want to let this kid get every day squats behind the plate. Can we maybe bring up the fact that selling off your farm team for players people have heard of is just a slice of the GM pie? How is AJ “Always Jammin” Preller going to actually manage the Padres as a whole? Time will tell, but I feel like you would have to move one of these guys, and I’m guessing that’s Norris? Then that’s a lot of pressure on a rookie C with good defense and middle of the road offense.

He’s not gonna be Ben Davis, and he’s not gonna be Posey(although his AAA stat line is close to what Posey’s AAA line was when he was called up…yeah, I did some research). I think he can be successful, but remember when we talk about defensive catchers who develop some pop later on, it’s usually like 5 years from where Hedges is at. Let’s bury this in a time capsule and dig it up in 2020.

What will a “Hillary-in-her-2nd-term” Hedges look like?

See you again in June.

Forever yours,


The Padres lost the series to the Giants 2-1. They meet again in June and so will Sean and I.

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Why Do You Want The Chargers?

I posed this question to the internets last week, and got very little response. At first, I thought the lack of response might’ve been because we don’t have the huge presence other sites might have. Then, I thought maybe it’s because people want the Chargers to stay and that’s the end of it. What I finally concluded was that people didn’t know how to answer the question, and I can’t fault that.

The Spanos family can put an end to all of this. They have the power to stop this nonsense, and they continue to drag  the circus from town to town hoping to convince you that they are the real victims. They are suffering. They want to stay in San Diego, but the city leaders won’t do everything they want!

(fold arms, stick out lower lip)

The Spanos family is rich. Extremely wealthy. You kind of have to be to own an NFL franchise. Yet, all this nonsense is because the rich want to get richer. That’s it. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON. None. A new stadium means new revenue from ticket sales, advertising, new luxury suites, a Super Bowl, and of course whatever they develop on the surrounding land. And, that’s just a few of the many ways they’ll make millions of dollars – off of you. Yup. You, the fan, are the cash cow. You keep buying Chargers gear, tickets, cards, or support their sponsors, and they get it all. Sure, the players get a lot of that money, but that’s one of the reasons they’re playing in the first place.

Now the Chargers want you (and those who don’t even care about football) to help foot the bill for that new stadium. They want to tax the common person so they can make more money. We’re idiots. Not to mention that watching the Chargers the last five seasons has felt more like a chore than a good time, they’re now asking us to pay for that “privilege” from home.

Yesterday Scott Kaplan and Nick Canepa got into a fight over something that has to do with the Chargers; I don’t know exactly what any of it was about because an old man on the radio who clearly still digs Smashmouth was arguing with another old man who writes for something called a newspaper. It’s like your uncle and your dad fighting through pager code. I have no interest in figuring it out, HOWEVER, it is a step in the right direction. Why? Because, finally the media in this town is starting to back away from the Chargers teat. They’re starting to form their own opinions and then get mad at each other. It’s refreshing, it’s real, and it’s one of the few times they’ve reflected the people’s views.

The media needs the Chargers because it makes them a lot more money. They’ve been tiptoeing around hard questions, and real opinions, as to not offend anyone in the organization. They can’t say too much, cause if the Chargers do stay, Antonio Gates might not come on the afternoon show with the straight talkin’, everyman DJs. But, once the media turns on you, it’s hard to get back in the city’s good graces. (SEE: Terry Francona and Boston)

Now, it’s old media finally stepping up to what new media has been yelling about all along. San Diego is getting a raw deal and being treated like shit by a bunch of wealthy people who do not care about where they make their money. If they did care…they could put an end to it all.

People don’t know why they want the Chargers to stay, they just do. It’s not fun to lose something that you felt was a huge part of your life, but at some point you have realize it’s all futile. It’s not about us. It never was. But, the owners and media and city officials, all the people who stand to make a good deal of money off of this want you to believe it is. They’re playing your heart-strings, just like killing off Dr. McDreamy five seasons after anyone cared. They need you to feel something because if you don’t they have to start all over again somewhere else.  And, that costs more money. The rich begging the poor to make them more rich, or they’ll take their rich stuff and leave. Well, I say go. I’ll take being embarrassed, or being sad, or being forced to root for another team over spending one more dollar on an organization that is acting like I did in third grade about my GameBoy.

Bring on the Gulls.

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